The Best Lightweight Sweaters for Men

Five examples of the best men's lightweight sweaters

In warmer months, the weather can be a bit unpredictable, so it is nice to have an extra layer in the form of one of the best men’s lightweight sweaters. Or, when stuck in a chilly office that has the A/C cranked a bit too high, a thin sweater will help keep you warm without making you feel overdressed for the weather. Lightweight knits also make a perfect layer of warmth for transitional seasons when you aren’t sure what to wear.

We have found a few of the best lightweight sweaters for men, including some of the best men’s cotton sweaters that can give you coverage and warmth in a range of prices that suit all different types of budget.

Amazon Essentials Men’s Crewneck Cable Cotton Sweater

Amazon Essentials Men's Crewneck Cable Cotton Sweater

If you are looking for a bargain, Amazon Essentials Men’s Crewneck Cable Cotton Sweater is the perfect style to check out. It is 100% cotton, machine washable, and is lightweight enough for everyday wear year-round (depending on what you wear it with).

Men love that it fits perfectly, looks great, is made of a very soft and pleasant material. They also love the value you are getting for the price.

Available from Amazon

Banana Republic Silk Cotton Cashmere V-Neck

Banana Republic Silk Cotton Cashmere V-Neck
The Banana Republic sweaters that are made from their silk, cotton, and cashmere blend, are an excellent choice if you are looking for a lightweight fabric with a super-soft feel and high-quality look. I have a couple of sweaters in this blend, and they are some of my favorites in terms of comfort and appearance.

The fabric is thin yet will keep you warm, so they are great for the office when you don’t want the bulk of a heavy wool top. The blend is 75% silk, 20% cotton, and 5% cashmere, which are natural fibers making this a good choice for someone who can’t wear synthetic fabrics.

If you aren’t aware, silk is a natural thermal regulator, so it will keep you warm when you are cold and cool when you are warm, so this is a great option for changing seasons when you aren’t sure what the weather is going to be like.

Available from Banana Republic

Nordstrom Men’s Shop Cotton & Cashmere Crewneck

Nordstrom Men's Shop Cotton & Cashmere Crewneck

The Nordstrom Men’s Shop Cotton & Cashmere Crewneck is a mostly cotton design (95% cotton, 5% cashmere) with just a hint of cashmere to add a touch of warmth. This sweater is soft and thin enough to wear another layer underneath without feeling bulky.

Reviewers say the quality, material, and color are all great, making it a classic style ideal for almost any occasion. It is also said to be a perfect layer for early spring when it is cold, but you don’t want to wear a heavy layer.

Available from Nordstrom

Old Navy Soft-Washed V-Neck

Dark lightweight v-neck from Old Navy
Another excellent budget option to check out is The Old Navy Soft-Washed V-Neck. This is a favorite lightweight design for many men (as well as a few women) made from a cotton-poly blend (60% cotton, 40% polyester) that is soft, lightweight, and cozy.

This sweater is machine washable, and reviewers love that the fabric has a nice weight without being too thick, so it makes a fantastic layer either over or under. The simple design also means it is super versatile and can be worn as casual or business attire.

Available from

Everlane No Sweat Sweater

Everlane No Sweat Sweater

Everlane’s No Sweat Sweater is a fantastic option for everyday wear in the spring and fall or colder summer nights. It is made from 60% organic cotton and 40% COOLMAX® EcoMade (recycled) polyester.

This is an interesting choice since the cotton aspect of the blend means it is soft and breathable, but cotton isn’t sweat-wicking, so Everlane added the COOLMAX polyester to the blend making the fabric sweat-wicking, so you stay nice and dry. Men who own this design love the material, and they say it is super comfy and has a great fit.

If you are someone who sweats a lot, this could be a good option for you or for those who are just looking for a classic design that makes a great spring layer.

Avaialble from Everlane

Bonobos Cotton Hemp Sweater

Bonobos Cotton Hemp Sweater

Bonobos usually have a nice selection of lightweight and breathable sweaters that changes year to year. This year they have a cotton hemp blend with a touch of silk that comes in a fresh color section and looks like it would be a versatile style to wear in many different situations.

The use of hemp in the blend is a nice touch since it helps to make the fabric a little more sustainable. Hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics because it is a high-yield crop, so growers can use fewer fertilizers and pesticides to grow it than cotton.

FYI this is a dry clean only sweater, while all of the other picks on this list can be either hand or machine-washed.

Available from Bonobos

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