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Share Your Comfort Secrets With Comfort Nerd

How do you like to stay comfy? What do you think is the ultimate in comfortable clothes? We would love to hear from Comfort Nerd readers about what comfort means to them and share their comfortable style on the site.

Show us the most comfortable thing you own, what you love for feeling comfy, or a favorite outfit that you cannot live without.

It could be an old pair of sweats, a blanket you cannot part with, or a new find that you want to share. Snap a pic and send it to us and your photo might show up on the website in a future post!

How to Submit Photos (It’s easy!)

Thank you for being interested in sharing your comfort tips with Comfort Nerd! All we need is a little bit of basic information about yourself and your picture:

  1. Let us know what is in the picture. This helps people that like your photo find similar items. Include the type of clothing or product you are wearing or showing and the brand.
  2. Tell us your name and where you are from.


Please only submit photos you own or have permission to post.