The Softest and Most Comfortable Jeans for Men

The Softest and Most Comfortable Jeans for Men

Since there are so many nice jeans these days, it is easy to find styles that not only look good but are comfortable as well. Gone are the days of super hard, scratchy denim that take forever to break in, instead the latest styles use flexible, stretchy material and softer denim that can make you feel as though you are wearing a pair of sweatpants.

We have searched through the vast options of men’s jeans and found the best fitting, most popular, and most comfortable men’s jeans available.

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DUER Performance Denim
DUER Performance Denim

DUER is one of several startups that focuses on making super comfortable performance clothes that can adapt to different situations. The DUER Performance Denim jeans are particularly good jeans due to their stretch fabric that is breathable, sweat-wicking, antibacterial, and temperature regulating. Most jeans aren’t made of this kind of performance fabric that you would more typically expect to find in high tech hiking pants.

Since these jeans have all these excellent features, they are great for all kinds of activities where you want to look good but stay comfy, like when you are traveling. This is a favorite style for staff at Outside Magazine.

Revtown Sharp Denim Jeans
Revtown Sharp Denim Jeans

Revtown’s Sharp Denim Jeans are an affordable, performance style that works well for men looking for quality, uncomplicated fits, and unbeatable comfort. They feature a slim fit, and the huge range of washes (12+) means they pair well with anything. This brand has a devoted following with BroBible calling Revtown jeans the most comfortable denim you will ever wear.

The jeans use Revtown’s signature Decade Denim, which is made from an Italian yarn and four-way stretch materials with a fabric blend of 92% cotton, 6% polyester, and 2% elastane. To ensure the best fit possible, Revtown also offers a digital tailor that lets you input your height, weight, age, and body type for sizing recommendations. You get all of this for the affordable price of $79 each, which is a deal for jeans of this quality and feel.

Levis 511™ Slim Fit Stretch Jeans
Levis 511™ Slim Fit Stretch Jeans

The Levis 511™ Slim Fit Stretch Jeans have an excellent reputation (25,000+ five star reviews on Amazon and counting) as a comfortable and very good-looking pair of pants. They come in tonnes of different washes and colors with slightly different styling and details. Since they are stretch, they don’t feel super tight on, and you have a little bit of room to move around. You can bend and move in these pants much easier than ordinary Levi’s denim.

If you don’t like the slim fit styles, the most popular, classic Levi styles that are often considered the most comfortable jeans for men are either the 505 Regular Fit Jean (40,000+ glowing Amazon reviews many mentioning comfort levels) or the 501 Original-Fit.

Wrangler Authentics Men's Classic 5-Pocket Regular Fit Jean
Wrangler Authentics Men’s Classic 5-Pocket Regular Fit Jean

If you are just looking for a no-fuss, classic, comfortable style of jeans that you are going to want to wear all of the time, you will want to check out Wrangler’s Classic 5-Pocket Regular Fit Jeans. It is another wildly popular style that a lot of men turn to when looking for a comfortable, classic jean that feels good to wear.

You can get this style in either 100% cotton or Premium Flex Denim. If you are looking for comfort, then go for the Premium Flex option as it will be more comfortable and will give you more range of movement because of the little bit of spandex in the fabric blend. They are also great value for the price.

Bonobos All Seasons Jeans

If you haven’t tried Bonobos yet, you should give them a look. They are known for their great-fitting, comfortable pants that feel amazing to wear. They are a little pricier than some of the other options out there, but people who are into this brand find that the quality and longevity that you get from their clothes make the price totally worth it.

Bonobos have a few different styles with four different fits and a lot of colors/washes available. Their All Season jeans are probably your best options for pure comfort. As we know, pants made from a stretch material is usually going to be very pleasant to wear, and the All Seasons style comes in an extra stretchy fabric. You can also depend on Bonobos quality to be very durable and the sizing reliable.

Lennox Slim Fit Jeans from Paige
Paige Transcend Lennox Slim Fit Jeans

The made in the USA Lennox Slim Fit Jeans from Paige are a highly rated comfort style that you can find at Nordstrom. The material is a black, lightweight, super-stretch denim that manages to feel soft but can also maintain its shape without getting saggy. Men rave about the comfortable fit and love the flattering slim look.

Over 90% of the reviews for the Lennox are 5 stars, which is pretty high for a pair of jeans. Many of the reviews mention the outstanding comfort level of the fabric. Interestingly the fabric blend is 54% rayon, 23% cotton, 22% polyester, and 1% spandex, so that means this style is designed to STRETCH. For those days where you need to go from casual to more formal, these are a great option.

Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Hampton Straight-Fit Jeans
Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Hampton Straight-Fit Jeans

Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Hampton Straight-Fit Jeans that you can find at Macy’s are a perfect style for daily wear. They look great, are one of the top sellers in men’s jeans at Macy’s, and get great reviews.

Reviewers love these for the comfortable, relaxed fit that works well for pretty much any body type. They are also good quality and relatively affordable for the excellent quality of denim you are getting.

Eddie Bauer Flex Jeans
Eddie Bauer Flex Jeans

Eddie Bauer calls these Flex jeans ‘the most comfortable pair of jeans you’ll ever own’ and its customers seem to agree wholeheartedly. The stretchy cotton denim makes these jeans easy to move in and stretches in such a way that it molds to your body, so it looks and feels great.

For extra comfort, the inside of the fabric has been brushed to make it softer. Men also appreciate the denim’s medium weight that makes these a style that you can wear year-round.

Banana Republic Rapid Movement Jeans
Banana Republic Rapid Movement Denim Jean

A brand that may not be on your radar for jeans, one that you should consider if you like other styles that they offer, is Banana Republic. They have a line of pants called Rapid Movement that is loved for their stretch and ability to move with and adjust to your body. The latest design of the jeans has added something called COOLMAX® technology, which helps the jeans regulate your body temperature, so you don’t get too hot or cold when wearing them.

You can get this style in several different fits, with the athletic tapered design being a particular favorite for a lot of men. There is a tonne of glowing reviews for these pants, with some reviewers likening them to sweatpants because of the soft, stretchy feel.

Gap Jeans with Gapflex
Gap Jeans with Gapflex

Gap Jeans with Gapflex is a favorite style of a lot of men on Reddit’s Male Fashion Advice. The name gives it away that they are going to be comfortable. Not only are they made with super soft premium denim, but they also have GapFlex stretch technology (which just means a touch of polyester and spandex in the fabric), which is important to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

Gap clothes are usually well made and tend to be consistent in their sizes. As far as shopping at Gap, you need to be on their email list and follow their sales, Gap Denim is often excluded from their general sales, but if you are patient, you can probably get a deal on them at some point.

American Eagle AE AirFlex+ Slim Straight

American Eagle is a great brand if you like a lot of stretch in your pants. The AE AirFlex+ Slim Straight is flexible and soft and has had an excellent reputation for being one of the most comfortable jeans going.

One caution about these flex styles, they are so comfy that you may have trouble going back to regular non-stretch options. They often get described as feeling like sweatpants, but somehow they still look like a great pair of jeans. Most of the AE flex styles wash well, don’t shrink, and should last for a decent amount of time.

Everlane The Slim Fit Jean
Everlane The Slim Fit Jean

Everlane’s The Slim Fit Jean is a good option for someone who is looking for comfort but also wants to stay stylish at the same time. These pants are a great combination of the two. They have a slim fit, so they aren’t loose or baggy, but the fabric has a bit of elastane, so it has a good stretch to it.

A lot of men find the fit to be excellent, and the feel of the fabric to be very high quality. You can usually get them in a few different washes, including black.

Uniqlo EZY Jeans
Uniqlo EZY Jeans

Uniqlo denim, in general, is usually pretty good value, often selling for under $50, and out of the lower-cost brands, they are very often the best option as far as durability and quality for the price. One of the best styles to look for is Uniqlo EZY Jeans, which has an excellent reputation for feeling amazing to wear and having a flattering look. You can also get Uniqlo pants hemmed in-store, usually for very little or no extra cost.

AG Graduate Slim Straight Leg Jeans
AG Graduate Slim Straight Leg Jeans

These Graduate Slim Straight Leg Jeans from AG are a super popular option if you want to look polished while still being comfortable.  Many men love wearing these jeans with a blazer, as they tend to look great with this style.

They are a little bit of a vintage-looking design that comes in dark Italian denim, so they are great for casual or for dressing up. The waist is mid-rise and relaxed, so you won’t feel squeezed when you are sitting down. The leg is slim and tailored, so it is narrow but not skinny or too slim. The denim has a little bit of stretch to it and is very soft, so there is no need to break it in.

MAVI Jeans Straight Leg Jeans
Mavi Zach Straight Leg Jeans

Mavi designs clothes that are known for being high quality, having the latest fabric technology, and being a perfect fit for most men. Mavi’s Zach is one of its best if you are looking for comfort. It is a straight leg with a regular-rise fit, that is reportedly super comfy at the waist and are very well tailored on the leg. You can get these jeans in medium or lightweight denim that has a bit of stretch to it, and they come in A LOT of colors and washes, so there is something for everyone. If you want to take it up a notch you can get the Zach in Mavi’s deep brushed cashmere denim, which is often described as ‘super soft and so comfortable’.

Mavi also has an outstanding selection of sizes, so if you have trouble finding your size, you may want to check them out. These are also another style that can be dressed up or down that looks equally good either way.

7 For All Mankind Airweft Denim Straight

One of 7 For All Mankind bestselling options is the Airweft Denim Straight. Not surprisingly, they are a slim fit that comes in a few different washes, including a beautiful dark wash that works in a lot of different situations.  As far as comfort goes, style is known for being lightweight, so it is an excellent option for the warmer months.

J Brand Tyler Slim
J Brand Tyler Slim

If you are more into designer options, a popular style to check out is the J Brand Tyler Slim. J Brand is one of many brands based out of LA that has been redefining the denim landscape for the last 10 to 15 years.

Their Tyler Slim design is a mid-rise, slim-straight fit that is a little looser around the hips and is flattering on the leg. They are available in a few different, super soft denim options in various colors. J Brand is great if you are looking for a nice, almost custom fit with a luxurious and comfortable feel to it.

Mugsy Jeans market themselves as the most comfortable jeans ever made, and if you take a scroll through the reviews, they seem to have the chops to back up this claim. ‘Best jeans on earth,’ ‘supreme comfort’ and ‘perfect’ are tossed around with abandon in the reviews for these pants. They also appear to be a favorite of ‘bigger-dudes’ looking for slim jeans.

You can get them in a bunch of different washes with detailing like natural fading and whiskering to help give them that authentic jean look.

How to Find Comfortable Jeans

It is a great time to be shopping for comfortable jeans. With the advancement of fabric technology and stretch materials, combined with manufacturers realizing that comfort is a high priority for many people, there are now more styles of jeans than ever that you will feel good wearing.

To ensure you get the very best men’s jeans for your needs, the following are a few things to think about when shopping around:

Stretch or non stretch– Comfort can depend on a lot of things and whether a fabric has a little bit of stretch or no stretch is a factor in whether someone feels comfortable. Having a little bit of stretch makes jeans more comfortable for most people, but some men do not like the stretch.

You can tell if a particular style is going to be stretchy or not by the amount of cotton in the fabric blend. If the pant is 100% cotton, then they won’t stretch. If they have a blend of cotton with a bit of elastane or spandex, they will be stretchy. If you are looking for no stretch in your jeans, check out our post on The Best Men’s 100% Cotton No Stretch Jeans.

Fit-The fit of the pants plays a huge role in how comfortable you will find a particular style. It is best to find a style that works well with your body type.

Some men love slim and skinny, while other men love a classic relaxed fit. There are so many different fits that it is always a good idea when you are shopping for jeans to consider the style and fit that works best for your body type and then go from there.

Weight of the denim– You should also pay attention to the denim’s weight and consider the climate in which you will be wearing the pants. Work clothes should be a heavier weight and will work best for colder weather. While lightweight denim is best for spring or summer.

Sizing and Inseam length– A huge part of finding comfortable clothes is making sure you get the right size and length. If you aren’t sure what your size is, there are lots of guides online that can help you figure out your inseam length and proper size.