11 of the Most Comfy Boxer Briefs You Can Buy

Seven examples of the most comfortable men's boxer briefs in various colors.

Life is too short to wear uncomfortable underwear, so we have done some research and rounded up a list of the most comfortable men’s boxers briefs based on user reviews. We looked for styles made from super-soft fabrics that feel comfortable against the skin yet can provide the kind of support that men need.

We also ensured that the designs we list won’t cause any chafing and won’t stretch out and bunch up like some underwear are prone to do.

We have included a mix of everyday styles, performance sports designs, and a few options that are great for travel. The following are the brands and styles with the best reputations for being the most comfortable boxer briefs you can buy.

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Saxx Boxer Brief

Saxx Boxer Brief

SAXX Underwear is becoming one of the most popular men’s underwear brands in North America due to the incredible word-of-mouth recommendations they get from their customers. The key to this underwear brand is its BallPark Pouch™ technology which uses a 3D hammock-shaped pouch that ensures everything stays where it should, helping keep you comfortable.

The fabric is breathable and is great for wicking moisture to add to the comfort level. They are a little pricey, but the company offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed. So if you find they aren’t for you, return them within 30 days, and you can get your money back.

Available from Saxx Underwear

Under Armour Men’s Original Series 6″ Boxerjock

Under Armour Men's Original Series 6" Boxerjock

Under Armour Underwear have a very dedicated following and is another of the best seller options in the boxer brief styles. Due to this style’s enormous popularity, you can buy the Original Series Boxerjock all over the place. It comes in a few different lengths, including a 3″ that is more of a trunk style and a longer 9″ length. The 6″ is UA’s most popular length of the Boxerjock.

You can also get this design with different fabrics and technology, and it comes in a good range of colors and patterns on the material. They are a little pricey, but you get a slightly better deal if you buy a two-pack. The Original Boxerjock style can be worn for everyday wear, but they are especially popular for exercising because they provide excellent support to help keep everything in place without feeling restrictive. They are also highly prized for their ability to wick away sweat and odor. The waistband is comfortable for most men, and it has a vertical fly for convenience.

The other key feature of this style is durability, as they will last you a very long time. The only downside to this style is that it has tags on the inner waistband that you must remove. It is a bit puzzling why UA has chosen to include labels in their underwear when most other competitors have gone tagless, and most customers seem to really dislike the presence of the tags, but if you can remove them without ripping the seams, then the underwear is excellent. Overall the Boxerjock stretches well, recovers, stays put, wicks sweat, and keeps you cool.

Available from Amazon

Jockey Men’s Underwear Microfiber Performance Midway Brief

Jockey Men's Underwear Microfiber Performance Midway Brief

Jockey also has many styles to choose from; one of their best and most comfortable is the Jockey Men’s Underwear Microfiber Performance Midway Brief. This is another option that is great for sports or working out. They are 80% polyester and 20% spandex, a fairly standard material for boxer briefs designed for sports. The fly has a horizontal style that the Tommy John brand made popular.

This style is known for being cooling, looking good on most men, and being very comfortable. They are a great option if you want a style to help prevent chafing while exercising. Some men have had issues with this style’s durability, but they only cost around $10 a pair, so they are easy to replace if they wear out.

Available from Amazon

Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear Body Modal Boxer Briefs


Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Body Modal Boxer Briefs


For many men, the best design for pure comfort is the Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear Body Modal Boxer Brief. The fabric is modal, which is super soft and silky. It is a type of rayon that is made from the fibers of the Beech tree. Modal is lightweight, soft, breathable, stretchy, and can feel snug without feeling constrictive. It has become a favorite for many men over cotton, especially if you are looking for softness. Modal will also keep you cooler in warmer months because it is so breathable. If taken care of properly (washing in cold water on delicate and air drying), this underwear will retain its softness, color, and shape without fraying or pilling.

This CK design has a slightly longer leg to ensure it doesn’t ride up, while the sculpted front “pouch” provides a good amount of support without feeling restrictive.

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Tommy John’ Second Skin’ Boxer Briefs


Tommy John' Second Skin' Boxer Briefs

The Tommy John’ Second Skin’ Boxer Briefs are among the most popular and talked about styles as far as being one of the best styles around. The key features of this design that make it so popular are the contour pouch, the quick draw horizontal fly, and the stay-put waistband that stops the underwear from rolling down.

The material for this style is 90% non-pilling micro modal blended with 10% spandex. The Second Skin is not cheap, but they are comfortable and breathable while still being supportive enough that most men feel that they are worth the premium price. They are also loved because they won’t stretch out and bunch up. Since they are made from modal, you will probably want to take a little more care with washing these underwear to prolong the life of them.

They fit most body types quite well and can be worn under anything from dress pants to athletic shorts to help stop chafing. They won’t ride up the legs, so you can easily wear them if you move around a lot. They come in a good range of basic colors and cost approximately $34 a pair. Some customers complain that they don’t last as long as they should for the price you are paying, but if you follow the washing instructions, you should get a decent amount of wear out of them.

Available from Nordstrom

Hanes Men’s Classics 5 Pack Boxer Brief

Hanes Men's Classics 5 Pack Boxer Brief
A good, yet inexpensive, option that seems to work well for most men is the Hanes Men’s Classics Boxer Briefs. They are ultra-soft 100% cotton (unless you get the pack with heather or the stripes styles that are less cotton), so you know they will be comfy.

They have leg bands that won’t ride up, and they are tagless, with the Hanes logo appearing on the waistband. The cotton has a little bit of stretch, but it does maintain a level of support in the right areas. The cost of this style works out to roughly $5 a pair, but you have to buy them in the five-pack.

Available from Amazon

Adidas Men’s Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear


Adidas Men's Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear

Another great option if you are looking for a style that works well for working out and other types of exercise is the Adidas Men’s Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear. They are made of 91% polyester and 9% spandex, so they are similar to the UA Boxerjock, but they are slightly less expensive. They also don’t have a fly, while the UA style does have a fly.

This Adidas style is specifically designed as sport-performance underwear, so they include features like a double-lined mesh support pouch and non-chafing stitching. Most men find the fit is quite good on this style, and there’s no ride-up or pinch in the back or groin area. The material is soft and comfortable, and it provides excellent support, so it holds everything in place. They also breathe well, with the material wicking away the moisture quickly and keeping you dry. This is another style that is also very durable and should last for several years with very little loss of elasticity or holes forming.

Available from Amazon

Boody Men’s Original Boxer

Boody Men's Original Boxer
The Original Boxer from the Australian brand Boody is a popular eco-friendly and sustainable option. The viscose from bamboo fabric is known for being unbelievably soft and silky smooth to the touch. This is a fitted stretchy design known for being easy to move around in, maintaining its shape, and not creeping up or rolling down. The material helps you stay cool and comfortable and does provide a good amount of support to hold everything in place.

Available from Boody.com

Uniqlo Airism Boxer Briefs

Uniqlo Airism Boxer Briefs

Uniqlo’s bestselling Airism Boxer Briefs are an incredibly comfortable style that comes in either low-rise or regular rise, with a few different leg lengths and a good selection of various patterns and colors. This is a great budget option if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Brief that you can wear for travel. This Airism style has similar features to the Give-N-Go, including fast-drying, breathable material that dries almost as soon as you take it out of the washing machine (or sink). It even includes an elastic waistband that has quick-dry properties.

It also features odor-neutralizing fabric that helps to make them more functional and useful for travel. The microfiber fabric is so soft and light, you’ll forget you have them on.

Available from Uniqlo

Calvin Klein Underwear Three-Pack Stretch-Cotton Boxer Briefs

Calvin Klein Underwear Three-Pack Stretch-Cotton Boxer Briefs


Calvin Klein has so many options for comfortable underwear that we have included two on this list. Our second Calvin Klein pick is CK’s Three-Pack Stretch-Cotton Boxer Briefs. It is getting harder to find good quality cotton options as more brands are moving towards modal, but this cotton style is a great quality design that is cool and comfortable, even in the summer heat. Since they are cotton, they stretch and allow for airflow. The support is relatively minimal, and they are a bit more of a comfortable, relaxed fit than some of the other options on this list unless you size down.

Some people find the most comfortable styles are a little snugger, while others like a relaxed fit. The Stretch-Cotton Boxer Briefs tend to be more of the latter style. The seams are made not to irritate or scratch your skin, and the fabric moves with you and breathes extremely well. The material is  95% cotton and 5% spandex, with the spandex giving the fabric a little bit of stretchy support. They come in a variety of assorted colors.

Available from Walmart.com

Mack Weldon 18-Hour Jersey Boxer Brief

Mack Weldon 18-Hour Jersey Boxer Brief

Mack Weldon, the internet-based startup founded in 2011, has been having a lot of success with its different underwear styles. You can buy Mack Weldon’s underwear directly on their website. They pride themselves on their strong customer support and having a good relationship with the people who buy their underwear.

One thing that is cool about this brand is that they offer a try-on guarantee on your first pair, so if you don’t like them, you can switch them for something else or get a refund without actually returning the pair that you bought. The most popular style that Mack Weldon offer is the 18-Hour Jersey boxer brief. The fabric on this style is a blend of long-staple cotton, Lenzing Modal, and Lycra, which is anti-microbial (so it prevents odor), manages moisture and keeps you cool.

They have a few different comfort features, including seams, are designed to stretch and recover, and comfortable materials. They are designed as everyday underwear but can work well for some men for exercise. The Labels are printed on the back/side of the leg, which is a little different and perhaps not for everyone.

Available from Mack Weldon

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