9 of the Softest and Most Comfortable Cotton Bed Sheets

The most comfortable cotton bed sheets

If you have been looking for the most comfortable cotton bed sheets, you have come to the right place. Having soft bedding is one of the best things you can do to help get better sleep and feel more rested in the morning.

As you probably know by now, finding that perfect set can be a bit challenging due to the sheer volume of different fabric types available.

If you aren’t sure what sets to get, but you know you want cotton, we have honed in on a few of the comfiest sheets out there, so you have fewer options to look through and can more quickly find one that works for you.

Ahead, we’ve highlighted nine of the best cotton sheets on the market in a range of price points, so there’s truly something for everyone.

Brooklinen Luxe Core Set

Brooklinen Luxe Core Set

The Brooklinen Luxe Core Set is a little pricey, but a lot of people find these to be one of their favorite bedding purchases. Brooklinen has a few different cotton options, with the Luxe Core being one of their most popular. These sheets are comfortable, cozy, and are excellent quality.

Fans of Brooklinen love the Core Luxe Set because of the pleasant feel of the fabric that always feels crisp, clean, and cool to the touch. Also, they come in tons of beautiful colors and patterns. Most people find that they fit well and love the tags on the fitted sheet that say “long side” and “short side,”

Available from Brooklinen

Threshold’s Performance Sheet Set Solids 400 Thread Count

Threshold's Performance Sheet Set Solids 400 Thread Count

Threshold’s Performance Sheet Set Solids 400 Thread Count that you can find at Target are a popular pick that comes in a wide variety of colors.  They are affordably priced and feel soft, cool, and comfy to sleep on.  The fitted design has elastic around the entire perimeter of the fabric, which is a nice touch to ensure it doesn’t slip off.

This set can work well for year-round use, depending on where you live and your preferences about how warm you like your bedding to be.

Available from Target

L.L.Bean 280-Thread-Count Pima Cotton Percale Sheet

L.L.Bean 280-Thread-Count Pima Cotton Percale Sheet

Everyone loves these 280-Thread-Count Pima Cotton Percale Sheets from L.L.Bean. Since they have a percale weave, they have that crisp, clean feeling that a lot of people associate with hotel bedding.

They are also generally regarded as being thick, smooth, and soft. Not only do they feel great, but the fabric wears exceptionally well and is very comfortable for most families.

Available from L.L. Bean

Nordstrom at Home 400 Thread Count Organic Cotton Sateen Set

Nordstrom at Home 400 Thread Count Organic Cotton Sateen Set

The Nordstrom at Home 400 Thread Count Organic Cotton Sateen Set is made from a cooling fabric that works well for hot sleepers. Sateen is a type of weave that usually has a glossy luster that is very smooth and silky to the touch, making them popular with those who are looking for a silkier material.

The softest designs are often made of sateen, although some people found this set not to be as smooth as they had hoped until after it had gone through multiple washes. This pick is known for being quite thick, luxurious, and good quality.

Available from Nordstrom

Charter Club Damask Stripe Sheets, 550 Thread Count 100% Supima Cotton

Charter Club Damask Stripe Sheets, 550 Thread Count 100% Supima Cotton

The Charter Club Damask Stripe Sheets that you can find at Macy’s are 100% Supima® cotton is not only super soft, but they come in a great selection of colors, and the stripe gives them a luxurious touch.

They are good quality, well made, and most people find them to be a good buy overall. The material doesn’t wrinkle much, and they wash very well.

Available from Macy’s

Snowe Percale Sheet Set

Snowe Percale Sheet Set

The Percale Set from Snowe is a luxurious set that is made from a 500 thread count, Italian milled percale that is crisp, and incredibly smooth. These sheets are perfect for warmer weather or for sleeping cooler as they are lightweight, breathable, and fresh.

People also love that they are appropriately sized for thick mattresses and come in beautiful colors. If you are looking for an option that is cool and crisp, these may be a good pick for you.

Available from SnoweHome.com

AmazonBasics Heather Jersey Set

AmazonBasics Heather Jersey Set

The AmazonBasics Heather Jersey Set is 100% cotton made from a Jersey weave. Jersey knit is the type of fabric that feels like a soft, comfortable T-shirt. Jersey tends to have a shorter life span than other types of weaves, but it can also be some of the softest fabric going.

This AmazonBasics set is a popular, inexpensive pick that is a great product to check out if you haven’t tried jersey knit before. Overall these sheets are comfy,  soft, and flexible, and generally have pretty good reviews.

Available from Amazon

Wamsutta® 625-Thread Count PimaCott® Sheet Set

Wamsutta® 625-Thread Count PimaCott® Sheet Set

The Wamsutta® 625-Thread Count PimaCott® Sheets are one of Bed Bath and Beyond most popular cotton sets. They are known for being luxurious, soft, yet strong, and well constructed. The PimaCott is softer, more durable than regular cotton.

The fitted sheet is entirely lined with elastic and not just the edges, which is an excellent feature to have if you have trouble with bedding staying on properly. It is also marked top and sides so you know where to put it, which can be one of the most challenging aspects of dealing with fitted sheets. If you are looking for a high-quality set that feels soft and comfortable, this is a good one to check out.

Available from Bed Bath and Beyond

400-Thread-Count 100% Cotton Sheet Set

400-Thread-Count 100% Cotton Sheet Set

This 400-Thread-Count Sheet Pure White Set is another popular pick that you can find on Amazon. It is made from breathable long-staple cotton fiber and has a sateen weave.

This is another pick that works well for year-round use since they are light and fresh for the summer, and warm and smooth in the winter.  Reviewers note that they are soft, smooth, and silky and wash and wear well.

Available from Amazon

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What to Look For:

Buying sheets can be a difficult process. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are shopping for 100% cotton sets:

Thread Count

Everyone has an opinion on thread count. The best thread count will typically be between 200 and 800 depending on the specific qualities you prefer your bedding to have.

Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer they will be. Once you go above 800 thread counts, the number means less.  Some people feel that good cotton fabric must have a thread count of over 1000, but the very high thread counts tend to be less durable and can rip and wear out a lot quicker.

You need to be a little bit careful with thread count and shouldn’t rely on it to indicate strength, quality, or durability since it is a very easily manipulated number. Thread count is determined by the number of threads that run vertically and horizontally for each square inch of the fabric. The more threads the softer the sheets will feel.

Types of Cotton

Cotton is the most popular choice for bedding, but it has its pros and cons. It is breathable, doesn’t hold odor as other fabrics can, and is usually affordable. On the downside basic, 100% cotton usually wrinkles easily. Some of the different types include:

  • Combed cotton is exceptionally soft, smooth, and feels great to the touch.
  • Supima – Pima or Supima is a durable high quality, long fiber cotton that is produced in the southwest United States and has a very soft feel to it.
  • Egyptian is generally considered to be the best cotton as the fibers are soft and yet durable.  The longer fibers in Egyptian cotton make it easier to have a higher thread count and also make the fabric stronger.


The weave is what creates the texture, look, durability, and feel of the sheets. The weave is produced by the interlacing of the threads with each other. There are a few different types of weaves with the most common for cotton being percale (known for being crisp.), sateen (known for being slightly silky and smooth), and jersey knit (feels like a T-shirt).


Mattresses come in all sizes and thicknesses. It is essential to know what size your mattress is so you can get the right sheets; it is never fun to wake up in the middle of the night because your fitted sheet has come loose.

To get the right size, you need to measure from the head of the mattress to the foot and then from one side to the other. It is also a good idea to measure the width of your mattress since the biggest complaint about sheets is that they don’t fit over the ends of the mattress and pull off during sleep.


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