11 Comfortable Pantyhose that Feel Great and Won’t Run

Most women don’t love wearing pantyhose since they can be pretty uncomfortable. There are a few exceptions though with some styles and brands being much more comfortable than others. Although women today often choose tights or bare legs over nylons, they do still have a lot of great features that can help improve an overall look. They can hide blemishes on the legs that would otherwise be noticeable if you are wearing a dress, they can help you look more polished and put together in an office environment, and they can help shape and control areas that you may want smoothing out. The key to finding comfortable hosiery is getting the right balance between fit,  shaping, and control top. The following are the pantyhose styles and brands that have the best reputation for being comfortable.

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Wolford-Neon 40′ Pantyhose

Wolford is the gold standard for hosiery these days. They are expensive, but a lot of women find that they last longer than regular department store brands, so the price can be justified since they don’t have to be replaced as often. One of Wolford’s most popular styles is the Neon 40′ Pantyhose; they are high quality, semi-opaque style with a glossy finish that leaves legs looking smooth and flawless. The Neon is also extremely strong, so you don’t have to worry about getting runs in them as quickly as other brands. They have a very slight shimmer to them that adds to the overall deluxe feel, making them great for formal occasions, but perhaps not the best option for everyday wear. They don’t have a control top, so they are a little comfier around the waist and the lower belly than a full control top.

Available from Nordstrom

Hanes Silk Reflections Sheer Toe Control Top Pantyhose

Hanes has a lot of different styles of nylons to choose from, one of the more comfortable options is the Silk Reflections Sheer Toe Control Top Pantyhose. They have a control top, but they aren’t restrictive, so you are still able to move around easily. One feature of this design that a lot of women like is the sheer toe, sheer toes can sometimes cause issues with durability, but this style seems actually to hold up well. By most accounts, they are very comfortable, mainly due to their soft, silky feel. They are also a little bit dressier than most everyday styles due to their silky look and feel.

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Hue So Sexy French Lace Sheers Control Top Pantyhose

If you are a fan of Hue tights, you may want to check out their pantyhose. The So Sexy French Lace Sheers Control Top Pantyhose from Hue is a pretty control top design that is cleverly disguised as a French lace panty. They aren’t shiny and are very sheer, so they are an excellent option for everyday wear. The best thing about this style is that it is well cut, so they fit great on most women. Since they are sheer, they do tend to run fairly easily, but that is difficult to avoid with sheer styles, so you need to take a little more care with them when wearing and washing.

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Berkshire Women’s Plus-Size Queen Silky Sheer Control Top Pantyhose

If you are looking for a great plus size option, a popular choice is the Berkshire Women’s Plus-Size Queen Silky Sheer Control Top Pantyhose. These have a unique fuller panty design with a cotton blend crotch that has a two-way stretch. They are known for having a no-bind flexible waistband, so they are comfy in the area that can sometimes be the most uncomfortable place when wearing hosiery. They are an everyday sheer that has a little bit of support in the legs, which can be helpful if you have foot or leg circulation issues or pain.

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Nordstrom Light Support Pantyhose

A light control hose that a lot of women love for everyday wear is the Nordstrom Light Support Pantyhose.  The light support will help smooth your tummy, hips, thighs, and rear. Nordstrom’s house brand of hosiery has a reputation for fitting well, feeling good, and being comfortable, and their light support style is no exception. They are relatively sheer at 25-denier, but they manage to still be durable enough that you should get quite a lot of wear out of them. They come in some beautiful natural-looking colors, that work well with most women’s skin tones. They are reportedly easy to get on and off, provide a good amount of support, and will smooth out your look while still feeling comfortable.

Check the price on Nordstrom

Commando The Sexy Sheer Pantyhose

The Sexy Sheer Pantyhose from Commando is a style that has been gaining in popularity over the last couple of years. They are reportedly very comfy, but you have to be super careful with them because they run easily. They are also a little on the expensive side, but women who wear them say the price is worth it because of the comfort. They have a very high waist that can help with tummy control with pretty lace detailing that won’t bulge out. Commando is known for its invisible-edge styles, that blend into the skin and help avoid any unsightly lines.  Their nylons also have a dig-free control top, so there is no binding at the waist.

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Oroblu Secret Shaper Pantyhose

If you are looking for a comfortable shaping hose, you should check out Oroblu Secret Shapers Pantyhose. Shaping nylons aren’t generally going to be super comfortable, but this style is somehow able to help lift the butt, slim the tummy, and tone the thighs while staying relatively comfortable. They are high quality, made in Italy hosiery that has flat seams and a reinforced toe. Like most shapewear they can be a little challenging to get on, but once on they are then very comfortable. The Secret Shaper is another style that is a bit pricey, but they are long-lasting and good quality.

Check the price on Nordstrom

Donna Karan ‘The Nudes’ Sheer to Waist Hosiery

If you are looking for a bare leg look the Nudes’ Sheer to Waist Hosiery from Donna Karan is the way to go. They will make your legs look bare, with the bonus of covering up any imperfections on the leg. They come in a slightly limited color selection that won’t work for all different skin tones, which is unfortunate if your skin tone is darker. They have a super silky, luxurious feel to them and the construction quality is outstanding, so with proper care, you should be able to wear them for quite a while. This Donna Karan style is so light and comfy that no one will know you are wearing hosiery.

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Calvin Klein ‘Sheer Essentials – Matte Ultra Sheer’ Control Top Pantyhose

Another popular sheer option is the Calvin Klein ‘Sheer Essentials – Matte Ultra Sheer’ Control Top Pantyhose. They are a good mix of sheer, yet durable which can be challenging to find. If they are taken care of properly, they tend to last longer than other big brand sheer styles. Since they aren’t shiny, they make a good option for everyday wear. They have a very smooth texture, so they will make your legs look great and they seem to fit most women quite well.

Check the price on BareNecessities.com

L’eggs Women’s 2-Pack Energy Sheer Pantyhose

Budget pantyhose don’t generally tend to be the most durable, although one budget brand that defies expectation is the L’eggs Women’s Energy Sheer Pantyhose. They only cost a few dollars a pair and come in a couple of different colors. For the price, they are quite durable and so you should be able to get many wears out of them. The nylon it is made from is reportedly very durable while still looking good and having a thin sheer look to them. They also hold up well to frequent washing.

Available from Target.com

Spanx Shaping Sheers

Last but not least, if you are interested in another comfy shaping style, Spanx Shaping Sheers are a very popular design. They are soft, yet still substantial and durable.  They come in 7 shades that will match well with most skin tones. Since they are Spanx, they will give you a slimmer silhouette and all the good stuff that you get from shapewear, while still feeling incredibly comfortable.

Available from Spanx

Pantyhose-The Basics

Shades– If you are trying to cover up veins or marks on your legs, you will probably want to avoid the sheer styles and go for something a little matte or that have a thicker denier. Some sheer is okay for covering up imperfections, especially if you get a darker tone, but they are not all created equal.

Control top- The most popular nylons these days tend to have a control top. A lot of women love a control top because it helps to smooth out their look. The problem with control tops is that they can be uncomfortable and constructive. They may dig into your waist when you are sitting down or put too much pressure on your stomach area. It can be hard to find the right balance between control top and comfort, but some of the brands are making products that have control tops that won’t dig in or that are no bind.

Cleaning- To ensure that your hose lasts as long as possible, it is essential that you take care when washing any of your nylons. You can put them into a hosiery washer bag and clean on a gentle cycle or just hand wash them and hang them up to dry.

Nails– Another way to prolong the life of your nylons is to keep your nails trimmed and your legs and feet moisturized and free of dead skin. Dead skin can be a problem because it can snag on the nylons so you may want to consider using a  pumice stone. If you’re going to take it a step further, you can even wear a thin pair of gloves when you are handling or putting on/taking off your hose. It is also a good idea to keep some clear nail polish on hand to stop any runs.

Hopefully, you have found some pantyhose options that may work well for you. If you have any recommendations, let us know in the comments below.


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