The Most Comfortable Tights for Everyday Wear

Five examples of the most comfortable tights for women

The words “comfort” and “tights” don’t usually go together, and finding a durable, comfortable pair with the right thickness can be challenging.

Having said that, if you’re looking for the best black tights for everyday wear, I have looked high and low for the most comfortable options and would like to share them with you.

The tights listed below are perfect to wear with skirts and dresses. They’re strong and durable, so they feel pleasant to wear and won’t rip or sag.

Keep reading for the best tights for comfort, according to thousands of reviews and recommendations from clothing experts.

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Hipstiks Black Opaque Tights With Comfortable Low Rise Luxe Waistband

Hipstiks Black Opaque Tights With Comfortable Low Rise Luxe Waistband According to some clothing experts, the USA-made Hipstik’s Black Opaque Tights are one of ‘the most comfortable black tights‘ on the market. The key to the high comfort level is the wide stretch lace top band with a band of a slightly sticky tape-like strip around the waist that stays in place and won’t cause any digging or rolling. This is a true opaque style with a 97 denier, so these are perfect if you are looking for super thick and warm tights for the winter.

Reviews are glowing for these tights, with many consumers saying these are the ‘most comfy ever.’ People also love the quality of the thick, durable material that is soft and sleek.

Sheertex “Unbreakable” Sheer Tights

Sheertex “Unbreakable” Sheer Tights

Sheertex is a brand you will want to check out if you are looking for super durable tights. According to reviews, one of the best black tights you can find anywhere is Sheertex’s “Unbreakable” Sheer Tights. These are a must-have for people who run into trouble with their tights snagging or getting holes. What makes this style unique is the ‘unbreakable-in-human-hands’ proprietary knit.

The material is slightly sheer with only a 30 denier, so they aren’t opaque and make a nice in-between pantyhose and thick black tights. Women appreciate the amazing quality and the fact that they don’t have to worry about their tights getting runs in them. Fans rave that they are truly unbreakable and comfortable around the waist.

No Nonsense Women’s Super Opaque Control-Top Tights

No Nonsense Women's Super Opaque Control-Top Tights

The No Nonsense Women’s Super Opaque Control-Top Tights are one of the best budget options that are not only comfortable but they look fantastic. Good Housekeeping named them the best overall tights for 2020. They are a moderate weight so that they will be warm yet still breathable for everyday wear. They have a matte feel and are completely opaque, so they are nice and dark.

Most women find they stay in place well, mostly because of the control top. This style doesn’t have a super-strong control top, and it is much more comfortable than other control top options. The key to the comfort of this style is the mid-rise waistband combined with the looser control top. Many No Nonsense products are made in the USA, and the quality is top-notch.

Heist Tights

Heist Tights

A brand out of the U.K generating a lot of buzz about their super comfortable tights is Heist, and they promise total comfort and freedom. The Guardian gave them a glowing review a few years ago, basically saying they change how you will feel about your tights. They scrapped the traditional design of tights, started fresh, and came up with a style that is apparently wonderful to wear and avoids most of the common complaints.

They ship to 41 countries, so if you are interested in checking them out, you need to shop on their website directly.

Available from

Wolford Velvet de Luxe’ Semi-Opaque Tights

Wolford Velvet de Luxe' Semi-Opaque Tights

According to hundreds of glowing reviews, Wolford Velvet de Luxe’ Semi-Opaque Tights are one of the most comfortable styles available.  The Velvet de Luxe’ has a reputation for being very comfy, with a soft silky feel to them, and best of all, they are also snag resistant.

The overall sentiment for people who own Wolford products is that they are expensive but worth it for the quality you are getting. If you work in an office with a more formal dress code, these are a great option to keep you looking chic while at the same time staying warm. This style is matte and semi-opaque, so they have a little bit of a pantyhose look. If you like a more opaque style, you could try the Wolford Women’s Matte Opaque Tights.

Commando Ultimate Opaque Tights

Commando Ultimate Opaque Tights

Not quite as expensive as the Wolford, but not super cheap either, Commando’s Ultimate Opaque Matte Tights are quickly becoming the go-to style for many women. They are comfortable, stylish, and well-made. The fabric is also silky and soft but thicker and durable enough not to get runs or snags.

This Commando design has only a light control top (for extra comfort), but the high-rise waist helps them stay in place without rolling down.

Women’s 120D Blackout Tights – A New Day™

Women's 120D Blackout Tights - A New Day™

If you are looking for durable everyday dark black tights, an excellent style to check out is the Women’s 120D Blackout Tights from A New Day™ that you can find at Target. Since these are a blackout design, they are nice and dark and perfect for colder weather when you need a style that will keep you warm and cozy.

Tabio 60-Denier Signature Semi-Sheer Tights

Tabio 60-Denier Signature Semi-Sheer Tights

One of the most popular hosiery companies in Japan, Tabio, is now selling its excellent tights in the U.S. Tabio is a brand known for its high-quality fabrics, craftsmanship, and the comfort of its products. I tested out their 60-denier Signature Semi-Sheer Tights and was immediately impressed with the softness of the material and the comfort of the fit. What is interesting about this design is the breathability of the nylon. After a few minutes of wearing them, you forget you have them on, and you don’t get that heavy, overly warm feeling that comes with some brands.

Another key feature is that they aren’t constricting around the waist and maintain even pressure, so no areas are digging into your skin. This product feels very durable, and I didn’t have any issues with quality or comfort after wearing them for around 10 hours.

They come in black, grey, brown, red, and navy and are made in Japan. Tabio’s 60-denier Signature Semi-Sheer Tights are well worth checking out if comfort is what you are after.

Muk Luks Women’s Fleece Lined Tights

Muk Luks Women's Fleece Lined Tights

If your primary concern is finding a style that is not only comfy but super warm, then you should look into fleece-lined designs. There are a lot of different brands that sell fleece-lined options. One of the most popular is the Muk Luks Women’s Fleece Lined 2-Pair Pack Tights.

Fleece-lined styles are sometimes a little tricky to buy because they can end up looking like leggings, or sometimes they kind of bunch up at the ankles or the knees because of the thickness of the fabric. Anyway, those aren’t concerns you need to have with the Muk Luks fleece-lined styles since they are a bit more stretchy than other brands, so they have a better fit.

The soft elastic waistband will give you a little bit of support without cutting off circulation in the stomach area. Most importantly, they are very warm and are great for the winter to be worn as regular tights or as an extra layer under pants.

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Hue Women’s Super Opaque Sheer To Waist Tights

Hue Women's Super Opaque Sheer To Waist Tights

The Hue Women’s Super Opaque Sheer To Waist Tights are quite a popular option if you like a reasonable price, excellent fit, and durability. They don’t sag or slide down, and most women find the fit pretty good. They don’t have a control top, so the fit around the stomach isn’t super restrictive.

If you like a dark option, this Hue design is well worth a look since they are super opaque. Not only are they dark, but they will keep your legs warm without feeling heavy or being too confining.

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Manzi Run Resistant Control Top Panty Hose Opaque Tights

Manzi Run Resistant Control Top Panty Hose Opaque Tights

If you are continuously getting holes or snagging your tights, you will want to get check out Manzi’s double pack that you can find on Amazon. This style is known for being durable and made to last.

These are a top-rated style that has over 4400 five-star reviews. Reviewers love them because of the thickness that helps add to their strength and makes them a warm option for the winter months. They are also a bit more firm than some other options on this list, so that some people may find them a bit too snug. On the plus side, the waist is high and doesn’t pinch or dig in.

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How to Find the Comfiest Tights for You

When shopping for hosiery, the following are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you get the very best style for your needs.


Sizing on tights is notoriously challenging to get right since there is such limited sizing. They are often too long or too firm in the waist for most women. Before buying anything, it is a good idea to look at the sizing charts for the different brands that can usually be found on the brand’s website. If you find that the length of a style is okay but too restrictive through the waist, you may want to look for styles that either have no waist or only a light control on the abdomen. The other thing that can be helpful if you find that the waistband pinches, look for styles with wider waistbands; they are often much more comfortable.

If you have a tiny waist, you may run into trouble with the tights sliding down or sagging, in this case, you should look for a brand that has, at the minimum, a light control top. Control tops can be very uncomfortable for some women, but if you have trouble with them staying up, then they are kind of a necessary evil.

Material Types

Most designs are made of nylon, often around 80%, with a mixture of spandex or Lycra. You can get some styles that are a cotton blend. If you want something warm, you can try sweater knit cotton blends or merino wool styles.


A nice warm pair of tights can make a huge difference in comfort level if you live in a city that gets cold in the winter and you work in an office with a formal dress code.  A good quality pair of fleece-lined tights is one way to go if you need warmth. You can also try a heavier knit pair of sweater tights that will keep you warm outside but shouldn’t make you sweat while you are indoors.


If you are sensitive to your stomach feeling restricted, look for styles without a control top or those with a low waistline. There aren’t a lot of options, but you should be able to find something comfy for you. If you can’t find a low waist, some people fold the waistband down so they are below their waist.


If you are wearing them every day and need them to be durable, a great option is to try some of the brands of dance tights. They are thicker, warmer, and much less likely to get runs than regular styles.

Washing and cleaning

Unfortunately, most styles are intended to be hand washed and air-dried. It is a pain, but it means they will last longer.


Most tights come in black, gray, navy, and perhaps brown. If you need a style that is an unusually vibrant color for a costume or an outfit, you could try Tabio, which has a few fun colors to choose from.


You may see the term ‘denier’ when shopping and wonder what it means. Styles with a higher denier tend to be stronger, thicker, more durable, and opaque. Denier tights are those with a 40 denier or higher that won’t show the skin underneath.

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