7 of the Best Women’s Denim Bermuda Shorts

Five of the best and most comfortable denim bermuda shorts for women

When you want to stay comfortable in the heat but don’t necessarily want to show a lot of skin, a good option is to find a fantastic pair of denim Bermuda walking shorts. Longer-length shorts are great for giving you a bit of leg coverage but still allowing you to stay cool and comfortable during the warmer months.

There are lots of great denim Bermudas’ that are fashionable, easy to wear, and flattering. The following are a few of the best options if comfort and coverage are what you are looking for.

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Levi’s Women’s Denim Bermuda

Levi's Women's Denim Bermuda

Levi’s® Denim Bermuda are a great style to start our list. Fans of these Levi’s love them for the soft, stretchy feeling of the denim, the superb fit, and the suitable length (a bit above the knees). The great thing about stretchy denim is that it kind of gives you a little bit of compression, but not in an uncomfortable way, just enough to smooth everything out. The inseam is 10.5 if you roll the cuff or 12.5 if you leave it unrolled.

This walking short comes in a few different washes from light to dark as well as white, so there is a color for everyone. The design is slim-fit, but since the material is stretchy, it is a flattering and well-fitting look on pretty much any body type. If you want a classic style without any of the rips or fraying that is popular on some designs, this is an excellent choice.

One thing is to note about this design is that the front pockets aren’t very deep, almost about half the size of what you would expect from a front pocket on a regular pair of jeans.

Available from Amazon

Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Plus-Size Comfort Waist Bermuda

Riders by Lee Indigo Women's Plus-Size Comfort Waist Bermuda

Another very popular style is the Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Plus-Size Comfort Waist Bermuda. They aren’t as fitted as the Levi’s listed above, but rather more of a relaxed fit that a lot of people find to be very comfy. These shorts are a well-made option with five-pocket styling that looks like regular jeans, but they have an excellent elastic waistband. The comfort waistband is the standout feature as it stops the shorts from feeling tight or constricted at the waist, especially when you sit down.

They aren’t necessarily the most stylish option, but if pure comfort is what you are looking for, these are well worth a look. If you have trouble finding an appropriate length of jean shorts for a job where you may be allowed to wear jean shorts, these may be a style worth considering. The fabric does have a decent amount of polyester (76% cotton, 23% polyester, and 1% spandex), but in this case, it is helpful for the stretch of the fabric to help make them more comfortable.

Available from Amazon (plus)

Or check out the bestselling Lee Relaxed fit Bermuda that doesn’t have the comfort waist. Available from Amazon (regular)

Briella from NYDJ

Briella from NYDJ

The Briella from NYDJ are no-frills shorts that look pretty normal until you try them on. What is interesting about this style is that they are flexible and let you move around easily, but it also gives you support in your belly area because of the slight compression. NYDJ uses something called lift-tuck technology that helps to lift your rear and flatten out the look of your stomach.

If you are looking for a slim fit, this a fantastic choice that is also high-rise and has a nice long length. The material is a mostly cotton blend with a bit of polyester and a small about of elastane, so it is stretchy and does stretch out a little bit as you wear them, so some women like to go a size down with this style.  The inseam length is 11.5 on regular sizing and 11″ on petite, so the longer length means they work well on women of all ages and sizes.

Available from Nordstrom

Gap Mid Rise 9″ Denim Bermuda

Gap Mid Rise 9" Denim Bermuda

Gap has a few longer jean options, with one of their best offerings being the classic style Gap Mid Rise 9″ Denim Bermuda. It is a versatile short that gives you excellent coverage and comes in a couple of washes (dark indigo and medium indigo-pictured). These are well-made shorts that look amazing and will last for years. They are designed to fade a bit the more you wash them, so they end up looking vintage.

While the fabric does have a bit of stretch, they are low-stretch denim (99% cotton and only 1% spandex), so they are a little more old-school than other picks on this list. Despite the lack of stretch, they are known for being soft and comfy from the first time you wear them. This design comes with cuffs that are not fixed in place so they can be rolled up or down depending on what you prefer.

Available from Gap

AE Ne(x)t Level Denim Skinny Bermuda

AE Ne(x)t Level Denim Skinny Bermuda

If you are looking for a fitted style that is still comfy, you may want to check out the AE Ne(x)t Level Denim Skinny Bermuda. They have a frayed hem that is a popular feature on a lot of denim styles. With this pair of shorts, you get a bit more coverage on the thigh (10-inch inseam length) than you may find on some of the other AE styles.

The material is the much loved AE Ne(x)t Level Stretch, which is known for being soft and comfy to wear. It is also very stretchy but not in the way that gets saggy or loses its shape as the day wears on. Be aware that this has a low rise, which isn’t all that common these days.

Available from American Eagle

Torrid Jegging Bermuda

Torrid Jegging Bermuda

Torrid has a considerable selection of jean shorts to choose from, including very short styles in addition to the longer lengths. One Torrid style that fans rave about is their Jegging Bermuda. In terms of comfort, jeggings are usually an excellent alternative to full denim since they look like jean shorts with a five-pocket design but are a lighter-weight fabric that is generally soft and stretchy.

This Torrid bestseller has fantastic coverage with a high-rise waist and 11″ inseam length that will fall just above the knee. There is no zipper (since they are jeggings), but it does have a three-button closure. We have linked to the black style of this jegging, but it does also come in a few standard jean colors as well as an off-white.

Available from Torrid

Somona Denim Bermuda Shorts

Angels Forever Young 360 Sculpt Bermuda Jean Shorts

Another style that will work well for most women is the Sonoma Denim Bermuda Shorts. They come with full-size pockets, which can sometimes be a difficult feature to find on jean shorts. This style is also known for being well made, durable, and soft.

Available from Kohl’s

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What to Look For:

Over the last few years, the style seems to be shifting slightly from the ultra-short designs to longer lengths, so the selection of longer length shorts has improved quite a bit. If you have never shopped for Bermuda shorts before here are few things to keep in mind:

Inseam Length– Obviously, Bermudas are longer than regular shorts; just be aware that within the Bermudas category, the inseam length can vary from about 9″ to about 13″. If you have shorter legs, you most likely won’t want to get a 13″ inseam. Conversely, if you have long legs and you don’t want the hem to fall above your knee, you will want to look at the more extended inseam options.

Fabric – When you are shopping for comfort, one of the most important things to look at is the blend of the material. These days consumers love to have a little bit of stretch in the fabric as it helps to make them that much more comfortable. This is particularly applicable to jeans. Denim is cotton, but if you love the stretch in the fabric, look for products that have a bit of spandex or elastane in the fabric blend. You don’t want so much stretch that garments get baggy, just enough to give you a nice amount of flexibility so you can move around.

Color/Rinse– Most styles come in at least a few different colors or rinse options. Darker rinses can be very slimming and transition from day to night easily, but they will absorb the heat much more than a light rinse will if you are out in the sun.

Closure– For the most part, jean styles will have a zipper closure. There are a few exceptions that are pull up and have a faux fly and an elastic waist. If you want a pull-up without a zipper, you could check out Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Plus-Size Comfort Waist Bermuda or some of the options on the Torrid website. The main downside to pull-up styles is that they don’t have belt loops, so if the elastic doesn’t fit your waist, you can adjust the fit with a belt.

Cuffed- One last thing to think about is whether you want a style that is cuffed or not. The cuffed styles look a little bit more stylish than a straight leg with no cuff, but if the cuff isn’t anchored (or even if it is), you may find that you have to iron the shorts after washing. Cuffs can very easily get messed up in the wash. It isn’t a big deal but something worth considering if you don’t like ironing.

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