8 of the Best Comfy and Warm Flannel Nightgowns

Four of the most comfortable women's flannel nightgowns. Three with patterns one plain light blue.

A long flannel nightgown or nightshirt can be one of the best things about settling in for a cozy winter evening. Not only will they keep you warm on those extra cold days when you are sleeping, but the loose fits of these types of this type of sleepwear are also great for lounging around the house when the temperature drops. The huge shift to staying comfortable at home over the last year also means that women are wearing these styles as day dresses in some cases.

There are lots of excellent options in traditional long-sleeve styles that range from just below the knee to floor length for extra warmth. If you are in search of a high-quality winter nightie with the softest, most luxurious cotton flannel that will keep you warm and comfortable, we have come up with a list of the very best flannel nightgowns.

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Prettiest Flannel Nightgown If You Are Looking for Luxuriously Soft Fabric
Eileen West Fairy Tale
Eileen West Fairy Tale

Eileen West has many warm long beautiful gowns, but only a few of them are flannel styles. One of the best rated flanel gowns that you are going to find anywhere is the Fairy Tale Gown. It is a lovely 100% cotton luxury flannel gown that is known for being super comfortable. It features lace and embroidery around the open neckline, as well as the cuffs.

Like most Eileen West styles, it is a loose fit, so it is easy to move around in it. The length is approximately 50″ long, so that it will fall a little bit above ankle length depending on your height. The Fairy Tale is a style that is easy to machine wash and dry, and it washes and wears well, so you will get a lot of years out of this sleepwear. The fabric is thick but not overly cumbersome. It comes in three beautiful feminine colors (white, pink, and blue). An important feature of many longer gowns is the size of the pockets; the Fairy Tale Flannel has very generous pockets that are large enough to hold a wide variety of things, including your hands and cell phones.

They are a little bit on the pricey side but aren’t wildly expensive for the quality and the number of years of use you will get out of Eileen West sleepwear. If you are looking for a warm, but not too warm, luxurious traditional style that gets softer the more you wash it, the Eileen West Fairy Tale is well worth a look.

Available from VermontCountryStore.com

Best Long Nightshirt for Staying Warm
L.L Bean Scotch Plaid Nightshirts
L.L Bean Scotch Plaid Nightshirts

The L.L Bean Scotch Plaid Flannel Nightgowns are the go-to style to help a lot of women get through a long cold winter. Made from a fantastically soft Portuguese cotton material in just the right weight to keep you warm and cozy without overheating, it is known for comfort, softness, and durability. This gown is another design that is a very generous cut and is made to feel roomy. The fabric comes in authentic tartan patterns and has been brushed to make it feel extra soft.

This L.L Bean design can be machine washed and dried, and colors have been made not to fade. It is collarless, so it works well with most robes. It is considered by many women to be the best flannel nightgown going; it has been around for quite a long time, with slight changes to the design over the years. Women love to come back to L.L Bean flannels year after year due to the excellent, long-lasting quality of the garment as well as the luxurious feel of the cloth. In case you were wondering, it does have large pockets that are great for keeping your hands warm or carrying various objects.

Available from L.L Bean

Many Women’s Favorite Full-length Nightie
PajamaGram Women's Flannel Nightgown
PajamaGram Women’s Flannel Nightgown

The PajamaGram Women’s Flannel Nightgown is a decent, moderately priced long style that comes in bold, beautiful colors and soft, cozy fabric. This PajamaGram style will hit around the ankles on a lot of women. It has a button placket and a collar that you can undo for easy on and off.

PajamaGram’s PJs are great since they are good quality and well made, in addition to being soft, warm, and moderately priced. They are a perfect weight for a cold winter, but not so heavy that you will overheat in your bed. This flowing, oversized design also has an abundant amount of room in the chest area. The cuffs are easy to roll up if the arms are a little too long for you.

Available from Amazon

For Those Looking for a Traditional Budget Option

Patricia Lingerie Women's 100% Cotton Flannel Nightgown

Patricia Lingerie Women’s 100% Cotton Flannel Nightgown

Some of these long flannel options are beautiful and well made, but they are slightly on the pricey side. One style that is more affordable for any budget is the Patricia Lingerie Women’s 100% Cotton Flannel Nightgown. It runs around $20 but is a fantastic 100% thick cotton that is just as soft and cozy as some of the higher-priced options. It comes in a few different colors that feature floral prints, and the design is a traditional full collar look. The length is 51″, so it will probably fall around ankle length depending on your height.

This design is often described as a granny-style, which doesn’t have to be a bad thing since most grannies know a thing or two about comfort. If you want a style that is really soft, warm, and comfortable, this Patricia Lingerie gown is a lovely, inexpensive option.

Available from Amazon

Top-Rated Shorter Length Nightshirt

Lands' End Women's Long Sleeve Nightshirt

Lands’ End Women’s Long Sleeve Nightgown

The Lands’ End Women’s Flannel Nightgown is a well-reviewed option if you are looking for a midweight fabric that comes in vibrant colors that is well constructed and washes and wears well. The material is brushed on both sides of the material to make it feel ultrasoft. The design is a button-down on the front, so it is an excellent option for those who have difficulty putting a gown over their heads.

One very notable feature of the Lands’ End nightshirt is that you can easily get it monogrammed to make it extra special for yourself or a gift. Some women love to pair this nightshirt with leggings for extra warmth.

Available from Land’s End

Best Warm, Lightweight, Generously Sized Design
Thea Virginia Fine Brushed Cotton Flannel Gown
Thea Virginia Fine Brushed Cotton Flannel Gown

The Thea Virginia Fine Brushed Cotton Flannel Gown is a soft, cozy nightgown. This is kind of an interesting style because it isn’t super thick, but it does manage to be warm for most women. It has a long length and 3/4 length arms to help with warmth. You can’t really tell in the picture, but the lace trim detailing is beautiful on this style.

The cotton is brushed, so it is incredibly soft and feels great against the skin. The sizing is on the generous side, but you can expect a bit of shrinking in the wash. It only comes in white and is quite an elegant style, similar to the popular lightweight cotton style for the summer, but in a heavier fabric making it more suitable for colder months.

Available from HerRoom

The Best Traditional Floor Length Gown
Lanz Tyrolean Round-Neck Flannel Nightgown
Lanz Tyrolean Round-Neck Flannel Nightgown

The Lanz of Salzburg Tyrolean Round-Neck Flannel Nightgown is such a great style if you are looking for the traditional floor-length, super warm, nicely patterned gown that is very pleasant to wear. Many women love these styles as they remind them of nightgowns that they wore as children, so it conjures that extra level of comfort and love.

The Tyrolean Round-Neck is one of Lanz’s most popular designs with the much-loved hearts and flowers print. You can get the Tyrolean in a few colors, including cranberry, purple, and teal. One of the best features of the design is the soft, round neckline that has the button-down placket in the front, so it is easy to get on and off. The fit is super loose, and the length is 54″, which makes it the longest on this list, so it will hit floor length on pretty much everyone.

Lanz gowns tend to be a bit higher-priced, but they have a reputation for being excellent quality, warm, and very cozy. They are also so durable that they last for years.

If you like the style but prefer a shorter version you can find one here.

Available from VermontCountryStore.com

Beautiful Flannel Styles for Easy Dressing and Comfort
La Cera 100% Cotton Flannel Nightgowns
La Cera 100% Cotton Flannel Nightgowns

La Cera soft flannel nightgowns are beautiful high-quality designs made from 100% cotton. They come in a lot of different patterns and colors that change from year to year. LaCera is a brand that has a strong focus on comfortable fabrics with outstanding quality, although you may experience a little bit of shrinkage when first washing some of their styles, so if you are interested in any La Cera styles, choose your size accordingly.

Available from ShopLaCera.com

What to Look For

Softness– For many women, besides the warmth that flannel offers, one of the best features of the fabric is the softness. It is worth taking a bit of time to read reviews of any styles you are interested in just to make sure they have a good reputation for being soft.

Length– Since this is a post about long flannel gowns, most of the styles on this list run almost to the ankle or even floor length. Extended length options aren’t always the best for all situations, but they can be useful for extra warmth and for times that you have to go out in the cold or answer your door unexpectedly, and you want to be fully covered. They can be challenging to move in when walking up stairs or if you are moving around a lot.

Fabric Weight– Flannel weight is usually is mid-weight or heavyweight. There are a couple of options in this post that are lighter weight, including the Thea Virginia and the Lands’ End style. If you get overly hot while sleeping but still want a warmer style for general wear, they may be good options to check out.

Collar– It is worth taking a moment to consider the type of collar that you feel most comfortable in when shopping for a nightgown. Since most of these styles are made for warmth, the neckline is often higher or fuller to keep your chest warm. If you don’t like to feel covered or constricted around your chest, you may want to look at styles with either a button-down collar that lets you adjust it or a style like the Eileen West Fairy Tale that has the open neckline.

Arms– Another feature worth thinking about is the arms. Would you like the length to go right down to your wrist, do you want to be able to roll up the cuffs? Are you okay with trim on the wristband? Do you like the fit very loose or more fitted around the arms?

Pockets– On a gown, a pocket is a convenient feature, especially if you are wearing the garment around the house and may want to have tissues or be able to keep your phone handy.

Price– You can get styles for as low as $20 up to around $80-90, there isn’t really any need to spend any more than that on a nightgown. The Lanz and Eileen West designs are generally considered the best quality for the money. Even though they are a little pricey, they will last for a long time, and you end up getting your money’s worth.

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Comfortable Flannel Nightgowns

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