The Most Comfortable Bermuda Shorts for Women

The Best Bermuda Shorts for Women

Bermuda shorts are an excellent option to help women stay cool while also giving a little extra coverage. They are generally relatively casual and are great for travel, walking, or everyday wear in the summer, but some options are stylish enough to wear in business casual offices.  The inseam length of a Bermuda can run from 9″ to 12″ and is usually knee-length.

What is excellent about longer shorts is that they can often be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion, even if it is a casual style. Thankfully knee-length designs are becoming trendy, and many of today’s best Bermuda shorts have flattering, high-rise waists and comfy fits. We have chosen a few of the most comfortable Bermuda shorts for women who want the best styles, so read on to find out more.

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Lee Relaxed-Fit Bermuda

Lee Relaxed-Fit Bermuda

The Lee Relaxed-Fit Bermuda is a popular option that is suitable for a wide range of body types. It is made from a cotton material with a small amount of spandex in the fabric blend. The spandex gives it a little bit of stretch, so they work well if you move around a lot.

This is a classic jean design with a zipper and five pockets, so they look like jeans but shorter. They are mid-rise, and the inseam length is 10″, so they will fall a few inches above the knee on most women. The Lee Relaxed-Fit Bermuda a comfortable pick mainly because of the relaxed fit and the soft, lightweight fabric. They come in many different colors, and most people find them to wash well with little to no shrinkage.

If you are looking for good shorts with a longer inseam at an excellent price point, these are a good choice.

Available from Amazon

Gap Bermuda

Gap Bermuda

Gap’s Bermuda shorts are usually a pretty safe choice for comfortable fits and fabrics. The Gap shorts don’t change much year to year, other than the different colors that are offered. They are usually made from a stretch twill weave that is relatively thick but soft, so they aren’t uncomfortable. This style has a zipper fly with a hidden button at the top.

The pockets are front slant design, so they are great for putting your hand in or for storage. The slightly loose fit and mid-rise design also help to make this Gap design quite flattering. The inseam length is 10.25 inches, so they are an average length and will most likely fall just above the knee on most legs.

Available from Gap

Talbots Perfect Short 10.5 inch

Talbots Perfect Short 10.5 inch

Talbots is an excellent place to get a high-quality, comfortable style that looks great. They have a few different lengths of their Perfect Short, but you will want to look at the Perfect Short 10.5 inch if you want it with a longer inseam.

The fabric is a comfy cotton twill that is very soft and smooth that looks elegant.  The pockets styles are two on-seam at the sides and two back welt pockets that give it a lovely slimming silhouette. The hem will fall around the knee on most women as the 10.5-inch length is quite long. This is a dressy choice that comes in several attractive color options.

Available from Talbots

Hanes Women’s French Terry Bermuda

Hanes Women's French Terry Bermuda

If you are looking for something a little more casual than the Talbots pick above, you may want to consider The Hanes Women’s French Terry Bermuda.  Fans of this style love the drawstring closure and the wide elastic waistband with a nice amount of give to it when you sit down. It has big pockets on the side, and the inseam is 11″, so they are a suitable length for almost everyone.

The interesting thing about this style is the soft French terry fabric feels like a cross between a t-shirt and sweat pants, so they are very comfy.  This isn’t a short that you would wear somewhere dressy, but they work great for around the house or when you need to feel comfy yet cool. They only come in navy, black, and grey at the moment,

Available from Amazon

Old Navy Mid-Rise Twill Everyday Bermuda

Old Navy Mid-Rise Twill Everyday Bermuda

A fantastic budget option to check out is the Old Navy Mid-Rise Twill Everyday Bermuda Shorts. The great thing about this Bermuda is they are super versatile so you can dress them up or down, and they work well in many different types of situations.

The design has been slightly tweaked for spring-summer 2020 with a higher rise waistband, which is more stylish than previous years. It has also been updated with a heavier weight fabric that is made to be less wrinkle-prone. They are a fairly standard design with a zippered fly and button closure with front on-seam pockets and faux pockets in the back.

The inseam length varies depending on the size you get going from 8.75″ – 10.25, so this is a wonderful option for those who are petite who like a bit more coverage but don’t want the hem to fall too low.

Available from Old Navy

Stretch Linen Blend Bermuda Shorts from NYDJ

Stretch Linen Blend Bermuda Shorts from NYDJ

The Stretch Linen Blend Bermuda Shorts from NYDJ is a great basic everyday short that works well for many women. They are made of breathable stretch cotton that is the perfect weight for the summer.

The design is flattering for many shapes since the fabric is flexible; it can adjust to your curves, and the flat-front design also makes it quite slimming. These shorts come in a few color choices, in high-quality fabrics that wash well and won’t’ fade with time.

Available from

Gold Label Mid-Rise Bermuda

Gold Label Mid-Rise Bermuda

If you are looking for a white option, a popular style with the more jean like look is the Gold Label Mid-Rise Bermuda Shorts from Signature by Levi’s. This design comes in an excellent range of sizes, and the denim is super stretchy and durable. The inseam is 12 inches, so that is a great length if you are looking for a lot of coverage. These shorts are designed to fit a little bit loose, so they are a great walking or traveling style.

Available from Amazon

J Crew 10″ Bermuda Stretch Chino Short

J Crew 10" Bermuda Stretch Chino Short

An ideal addition to any summer wardrobe is J Crew’s bestselling  10″ Bermuda Stretch Chino Short. The inseam is 10″ so they aren’t super long but can give you a decent amount of coverage if you don’t like showing your entire leg.

These cotton shorts have a small amount of elastane in the fabric mix, so they have a bit of stretch for added comfort.  Fans of this style love it for the beautiful quality fabric and flattering fit. The rise is slightly higher on this design now than in previous years, giving it a more modern fit.

Available from J Crew

Lauren Ralph Lauren Twill Stretch Bermuda

Lauren Ralph Lauren Twill Stretch Bermuda

When looking for a comfortable women’s Bermuda short a stretch fabric is almost always a safe bet. Lauren Ralph Lauren Twill Stretch Shorts are known for looking great and feeling amazing to wear.  The key features are the four large pockets, the lovely stretchy fabric, and the 11″ inseam. The material is a blend of cotton, viscose, and elastane, so it is soft and flexible. The longer inseam gives you that little extra bit of coverage than the more popular 10-inch lengths that you often find on Bermuda styles.

This Lauren by Ralph Lauren option can be worn dressed up or dressed down for a more casual look; they look great with any type of footwear from sneakers to heels. They are also generally known for being very comfortable and are suitable for women of any age or body type, and won’t ride up or wrinkle.

Available from Macy’s

Athleta Trekkie Bermuda 2.0

Athleta Trekkie Bermuda 2.0
The Trekkie Bermuda 2.0 from Athleta are an excellent go-to for sunny weather that works well as an active style. The inseam is only 9″, so they are a nice moderate length, making them a possible pick for those who want a bit of coverage but not have the hem fall to close to the knee.

The recycled nylon/spandex blend is soft, breathable, and very comfortable. They aren’t intended to be a super tight fit as they have a little bit of room at the waist (they do have belts loops if the waist is too loose) and the leg is a little bit wide, so you don’t feel too constricted when you are walking.

Available from

Lands’ End Women’s Mid Rise 10″ Chino Bermuda

Lands' End Women's Mid Rise 10" Chino Bermuda

The Lands’ End Women’s Mid Rise 10″ Chino Bermuda Shorts is a classic style that women love to buy year after year. As with most of the other options on this list, they are made with a mostly cotton fabric with a little bit of stretch (3% spandex gives the stretch).

Generally, most Bermuda styles are cotton because they look nice, the fabric is soft, and cotton can easily transition from day to night ( in the same way that a chino pant can). This Land’s End style is a favorite for many because they fit well, come in beautiful colors that do not fade after many washes, and are comfortable. The inseam lengths vary on this style from 9″ for petite to 11″ for the tall sizing.

Available from Lands’ End

Loft Bermuda Shorts

You can usually find a comfy fashionable style at Loft, so their Bermuda short is well worth a look. They are quite a relaxed-fit design that is very dressy. The look is very modern and streamlined and is an excellent option if you have a slim build and prefer a loose fit to feel your best. They are a mid-rise with a 9.5″ inseam and have both front and back pockets.

This Loft design comes in a few fashionable colors made from a polyester blend that is comfy to move around in.

Available from Loft

Women’s Croft & Barrow® Effortless Stretch Bermuda Shorts

Women's Croft & Barrow® Effortless Stretch Bermuda Shorts

A popular pull-on style that is loved for its comfortable fit is the Croft & Barrow Bermuda that you can find at Kohls. Kohl’s has quite a good selection of pull-on options, so if you are looking for that type of short, they are well worth a look.  If you love comfort, these shorts have all sorts of features you will be interested in. The fabric is stretchy cotton, polyester, rayon, and spandex blend that is easy to move in.

Croft & Barrow have included vented hems to help you stay nice and cool in the hot weather. There is a hidden elastic waistband that is a favorite feature of fans of this style. The inseam is 11″, so they have a good length to them if you want significant coverage. The one thing to be aware of with this choice is that it doesn’t have pockets. It looks like it has pockets, but they aren’t real.

Available from Kohl’s

What to Look For:

Bermuda shorts are a great option if you don’t want to show too much leg, but you would like to stay cool and comfortable in the heat. Finding the perfect short is relatively easy, especially since they have come back into fashion over the last few years, but if you aren’t sure where to start considering some of the following:

Material– As far as comfort goes, especially for items of clothing that are generally intended to be worn in the warmer months, the weight of the fabric and the fabric blend is pretty essential when finding the right style. Cotton is a classic material for shorts that has been improved with the addition of stretchy fabrics like spandex and elastane to give them a little bit of stretch. You will have to find the right weight of materials for your comfort level. Thinner fabrics will be more cooling, but your underwear may show through if it is too thin. If you get a thick cotton twill option, you may find they are a little too hot for whatever activities you may be doing.

Pull-on or Zipper– If you need something that is easy to get on and off, there are quite a few excellent pull-on styles, including the Women’s Croft & Barrow® design, The Gracie from Jag Jeans, or Hanes Women’s French Terry option listed above. The only downside to pull on styles is that you won’t be able to wear a belt with them to get that perfect fit.

Inseam length– The length of Bermuda’s can go from about 9 inches to about 13, with the most popular styles being about 10 inches. Where the hem will fall on you will depend on your height and the length of your legs. Some manufacturers change the length slightly depending on the size you get, so if you are particular about where you want your hem to fall, you will want to pay close attention to the inseam length.

Color– Most of the colors you will see are relatively standard: black, tan, navy, or grey. If you like something a little more colorful, you could try Talbots or Gap as they often offer more vibrant colors.

Pockets– Pockets are fantastic for storing your phone or keys, but they can add extra bulk and change the fit in a way that you may not like. Some choices have fake pockets or no pockets at all, but generally, you will find at least front slant pockets on most Bermuda designs.

Fit– It is also a good idea to pay attention to the description of the fit, especially if you are ordering online. Brands will say whether the design is loose-fitting or more of a close fit. You will also want to pay attention to the rise. Since the high-rise waist is more stylish these days, that is sort of turning into the new normal on many of the most popular choices.

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