10 of the Most Comfortable Plush Robes for Women

Four of the most comfortable plush robes for women

Few items of clothing are quite as comfortable as a plush women’s bathrobe. Whether you are looking for a style to wear right out of the shower or for cozy evenings at home, the robes available these days have reached such a level of softness and luxury you will never want to wear regular clothes again.

Plush designs also make excellent gifts for the bedroom, bath, or lounging. If you need something to keep you warm for cold months ahead, or just love a comfy style for around the house, we have found some of the softest most luxurious robes on the market.

UGG Marlow

UGG Marlow Double-Face Fleece Robe

One of the best options if you are looking for a luxurious, warm, soft style is UGG. You already know they make fantastic slippers and boots, but their robes are also pretty next level when it comes to comfort.

One of UGG’s most popular styles is the Marlow Double-Face Fleece Robe that you can find at Nordstrom. There are a couple of cool features to the Marlow including the wide collar and lovely long length (53 inches). The material is 100% super soft polyester, so it is warm and cozy. It’s a high-quality option that is very soft, stretchy, and great for the winter months.

L.L Bean Winter Wicked Plush Robe

L.L Bean Winter Wicked Plush Robe
L.L. Bean has several excellent robe options for the colder months. One of their newer styles is the Wicked Plush Robe, which is an excellent addition to the ‘wicked’ line of clothes and slippers. This style pairs exceptionally well with the Wicked Good Slippers to give the ultimate comfort experience.

Generally, the L.L Bean’s sleepwear have a reputation for being cozy, warm, and lasting forever. The need to know features of the Wicked Plush design is that it has a mid-calf length, the material is a thick, soft, luxurious 100% polyester that is brushed on both sides to make it smoother, and it has a sherpa-trimmed hood and cuffs. It is also reasonably lightweight, while still being cozy and warm.

Barefoot Dreams® CozyChic® Robe

Barefoot Dreams® CozyChic® Robe

The Barefoot Dreams® CozyChic® style is a popular option that is known for keeping you warm and cozy. It is made of a high-quality, machine-washable microfiber that won’t shrink or pill. Depending on your height, the length will fall just above mid-calf on most women. The material is 100% very soft polyester, so it is super plush but probably not the best option if you are looking for an absorbent style for getting out of the shower.

It is generally considered a fall/winter style since it is very warm. It comes in slightly different colors that have kind of a heathered look. The arms are standard arm’s length, neither too long nor too short on most body types. The only thing to be aware of with this style is the unusually long belt that a lot of women either cut shorter or find that they have to tie it into a bow.

NY Threads Womens Fleece Bathrobe

NY Threads Womens Fleece Bathrobe

The NY Threads Women’s Fleece Bathrobe is well worth a look if you want a style that is super soft and plush and is very reasonably priced for the quality of the polyester fabric. This option comes in 4 sizes, small, medium, large, and extra-large. It is available in seven attractive color options that will suit most women. With this design, you are getting a style that is soft, fluffy, and decently warm.

In most cases, the hem will generally fall just below the knee. The sleeves are quite full, so if you like to cook in your robe, you may need to watch out for that. Another great thing about this style is that it won’t shed, which can be an issue with lower-priced options.

Available from Amazon

Parachute Classic Bathrobe

Parachute Classic Bathrobe
This highly coveted plush cotton design from Parachute is made of a super-soft luxurious Turkish cotton that people love. It is a great functional style that is it is not only soft but also absorbent, so it works well at drying you off right out of the shower.

The Parachute Classic would make a beautiful gift for someone you love who you want to spoil a little bit. It is available in three different colors (white, mineral, and stone), and the 100 percent Turkish cotton is often described as being unbelievably soft.

Nordstrom Bliss Plush Robe

Nordstrom Frosted Plush Robe

The Nordstrom Bliss Plush robe is a luxurious option that is not only super soft and cozy, it also looks great. It is made from a plush fleece. It is known for being beautiful, incredibly soft, and for making a great gift. The comfort level, fit, and warmth are also perfect for most women. Some women find this a wonderful plush option that keeps them nice and warm.

Classic Comfort Luxury Fleece Robe

Classic Comfort Luxury Fleece Robe

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive design that you can add the personal touch of an embroidered name to look no further than the Classic Comfort Embroidered Luxury Fleece Robe from Bed Bath and Beyond. You can get it embroidered with any first name, single initial, or monogram in your choice of block or script font in one of 13 different thread colors. The sleeves are over-sized 3/4 length cuffs, and the length (47″) means it will generally fall around mid-calf on most women.

This is another 100% polyester option so it will be nice and warm. The downside to this style is that it is one size only. So if you fall outside of average sizing, this isn’t going to be the best option for you. The sizing claims to fit up to size XL so if you are small it will be pretty big on you.

Other than the sizing issue, this is a soft, thick, and comfy style that makes a great gift because of the option to have it personalized.

Available from Bed Bath and Beyond

Alexander Del Rossa Women’s Plush Fleece Robe with Hood

Alexander Del Rossa Women's Plush Fleece Robe with Hood

Alexander Del Rossa makes a luxurious Women’s Plush Fleece Robe that has a hood that is sold on Amazon. The price is reasonable for this classic hooded design that comes in a lovely selection of colors.

This design is intended to fall well below the knee with the total length being around 51-52″ depending on the size. Most women find this style to be incredibly soft, warm, and it washes well.  It’s not a cotton absorbent style like you would use for after a shower, but works well for lounging or for just staying warm.

Available from Amazon

Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe

Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe

Another excellent 100% Turkish cotton option is the Super-Plush Robe from Brooklinen. If you aren’t familiar with Brooklinen, they are very popular for their excellent sheets, and their robes are following the same secret to success using super high-quality, comfortable material that people love. The material is a combed, long-staple Turkish cotton that has been prewashed in enzymes to make it softer. It features a piped collar, cuffed edges with deep pockets.

It is a fantastic cotton option that is heavy, warm, and super thick.  One thing to note about this design is that the material snags easily, so you have to be careful when wearing it.

Restoration Hardware Luxury Plush Long Robe

Restoration Hardware Luxury Plush Long Robe

Another great place to get high-quality plush garments is from Restoration Hardware. Their robes are known for being super soft, warm, and very lightweight, which creates a very high comfort level for anyone lucky enough to own one. They are made from 100% poly-plush and have a loose fit with a rolled neck and cuffs for comfort.

The sizing is a little tricky since it is unisex, although it does mean that you can get a beautiful matching set for you and your partner. These styles are so luxe that you can even get them per personalized; placement on the left chest with a 1 to 3 letter monogram in different font colors and styles. This is another style that makes a fantastic gift.

What to Consider When Buying a Plush Robe:

Length -As far as comfort goes,  the length you should get comes down to personal preference. On a cold winter day, you may prefer a long length that covers your legs almost completely to keep you as warm as possible, or if you are moving around, you may want a shorter design that is warm but is easier to move around in. Your height should also be a consideration when looking for that perfect length.

Arm length– Is also worth thinking about the sleeve length of any styles you are considering buying.  Designs that are are 3/4 armlength can work well for keeping you warm while still giving you a good room for movement. If you have shorter arms, you may need to be careful with styles that have a regular arm length since they may become cumbersome to move around in. Broader or longer arms can also get in the way if you are cooking or trying to get ready.

Material– A lot of the plushest options are polyester, but there are some beautiful cotton plush designs that women love from brands like Brooklinen, Snowe, and Parachute.

Fit– To get a great fit you will want to think about the length of the hem, the length of the arms, whether you can get full closure on it with a belt, and the shape of your body. Another feature to look for when trying to get a good fit is that the garment has a proper belt closure that stays tied and doesn’t come loose.

Warmth– There are different levels of warmth that you will get from different materials. If you are buying online, most garments will give you a good description if the style is suitable for frigid weather, milder weather, or summer wear. You will want to consider the weight of the fabric and read the description of the product and any reviews available very carefully to ensure you get the right weight of material for your climate and your purpose.

Getting out of the shower designs vs. lounging styles– The other important thing to think about is will you be wearing the robe right out of the shower and wanting a garment that will absorb the water and dry you off. If you do, you are going to want to look for styles that are cotton-based. If you are looking for something super soft to lay on your sofa in or to put on when you first wake up and just want to be cozy a polyester-based super soft design is excellent for that purpose, although they aren’t great at absorbing water out of the shower.


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