10 Ultra Comfortable Women’s Terry Cloth Robes

Five of the most comfortable terry cloth robes for women in gray, pink, blue and white

The best type of robe for right out of the shower or bath is a nice fluffy terry cloth design. They are fantastic for drying you off and keeping you warm and comfy. Terry cloth can run the range from scratchy budget options to Italian-made velvety cotton that feels like a dream to wear.

Pampering yourself by putting on a soft material after getting wet, whether from the bath, shower, or pool, can feel like the height of luxury. We have rounded up some of the most comfortable terry cloth robes for women to pamper themselves with.

Parachute Classic Bathrobe

Parachute Classic Bathrobe
The Parachute Classic Bathrobe is a super soft, very popular, top-rated (over 1200 five star reviews) style made from 100% long-staple Turkish cotton. It is absorbent, warm, and comfy, so it is a perfect choice to dry you off right out of the shower.

If you are serious about your robes, this may be the style for you as many people love the fit, the softness, and the high-quality cotton. The luxurious feel also makes this style a great gift. It isn’t the cheapest option available but isn’t overly expensive for what you are getting. If you are looking for a thick, plush, and warm style that is breathable and fast-drying, check out Parachute.


Pinzon Terry Bathrobe 100% Cotton

Pinzon Terry Bathrobe 100% Cotton

If you are shopping on Amazon for a robe, you need to be a little bit careful as some of the styles aren’t the greatest quality. One relatively inexpensive design and a lot of people like is the Pinzon Terry Bathrobe. It is 100% plush terry-cotton that is reportedly very absorbent and fast-drying.

It comes in unisex sizing in only come in three colors: grey, blue and white. This design is mostly known for its good quality for the low price. It is worth noting that the arms are quite wide, which can become cumbersome if you are cooking or in other situations where you need to use your hands. If you are looking for an inexpensive, thick, absorbent, and comfortable material, check out this Pizon style.

Available from Amazon

Snowe Classic Bathrobe

Snowe Classic Bathrobe

The Snowe Classic Bathrobe is a wildly popular air-woven terry cotton that is an excellent luxury option. It is plush yet lightweight and super soft, and the cotton is fast drying and very absorbent. The Snowe Classic is a design that will keep you very warm as it is on the thicker side, so most don’t find this a practical weight for summer.

The style is pretty standard, with big pockets and a built-in loop for hanging it to dry. It comes in three colors: white, grey, and blue, and it has four unisex sizes to choose from. What most people love about the Snowe Classic, other than the softness, is the fantastic quality of the cotton.


L.L Bean Organic Terry Robe

L.L Bean Organic Terry Robe

For those looking for an organic cotton option, you may want to check out the L.L Bean Organic Terry Robe. Organic cotton can be a little bit stiffer than regular cotton, but the L.L Bean material doesn’t seem to have that problem. This cotton is plush and comes in three colors: white, blue, and indigo.

Like most L.L Bean products, it has extensive sizing, so it is easy to find the right fit. One thing to note is that the length is quite long and has a generous fit, so it is kind of big and baggy. This is a french terry option, which means it only has the loops on one side of the fabric with the other side being smooth, but it is just as absorbent as regular terry.

Overall it is a super comfortable, warm, but not super warm style that works best for fall and winter. If you want a long organic cotton option, this style may very well be the product for you.

UGG Lorie Terry Short Robe

UGG Lorie Terry Short Robe
The UGG Lorie Terry Short Robe is a lighter weight plush terry-cloth design. The length is also a little shorter than most of the other options on this list, at only 40″. Since the cotton isn’t super thick so you can wear it in the warmer months or year-round depending on where you live and whether you want a design that will work for getting out of the shower. Despite not being as thick as other options, it is still very absorbent and soft.

The other great thing about this design is that it isn’t overly expensive, so it can fit into most people’s budgets. Generally, the length will fall either around the knee or just below it, depending on your height. This is also an excellent choice for the pool or beach since it isn’t too heavy or warm. It is intended as a short style, but length works great if you’re petite and are looking for more extended coverage.  It comes in white and pink.

Available from Nordstrom

Lauren Ralph Lauren Greenwich Lauren Ralph Lauren Greenwich

Ralph Lauren is usually a pretty safe bet for robes, and a favorite design for a lot of ladies is the Lauren Ralph Lauren Greenwich Terry design, which has a lot of things going for it. It is super soft, luxurious, and it absorbs water well. It is a little bit short, so if you are looking for an above the knee style or you are petite and find other designs too long, this is well worth a look.

To me, this would be a very safe bet if you are looking for an excellent quality style to give as a gift since it is almost ideal as far as length, weight, and absorbency go. It is also quite a flattering fit for most body types.  It only comes in three colors, but the pink and blue options are very beautiful. It is a little pricey, but it is high quality and will last a long time.

Available from Macy’s

Frette Unito Shawl Collar Bath Robe

Frette Unito Shawl Collar Bath Robe

Frette designs are considered by many to be the ultimate robes, especially for getting out of the shower. They are often associated with high-end hotels. Frette designs are pretty expensive, but a lot of people don’t mind the price as they feel the quality of the cotton is worth it.

One of Frette’s best cotton styles is the Unito that is made from ultra-soft cotton terry, and it features a belt and turned back cuffs in cotton sateen. It is unisex, so you will have to double-check sizing since unisex sizing can be a bit unreliable. The length is designed to fall at the knee on most people, but this will change depending on your height.

One notable feature is the seams are covered with a cotton sateen bias detail to make the garment more comfortable and to ensure that it lasts for a very long time. These robes are made in Italy and are famous for their quality. The Unito only comes in three very similar colors ivory, milk, and white, that is all very luxe.  Since this is a very thick and warm style, it is excellent for cold weather, and probably not so good for the summer.

Available from Frette

Linum Home Textiles Turkish Cotton Terry Unisex Bathrobe

Linum Home Textiles Turkish Cotton Terry Unisex Bathrobe

A high-quality design that isn’t quite as expensive as the Frette offerings but is excellent for the bathroom is the Linum Home Textiles Terry Bathrobe from Bed Bath and Beyond. The extra-thick Turkish cotton makes it quite soft and absorbent, so it’s perfect for a shower or bath since it will dry you off and keep you cozy.

An exciting feature of this design is that it becomes softer the more you wash it. Overall it is known for being thick and plush and is generally considered a reasonable price for the quality you are getting. It is available in four colors.

Available from Bed Bath and Beyond

N Natori Nirvana Brushed Terry Robe for Women

N Natori Nirvana Brushed Terry Robe for Women

The N Natori Nirvana Brushed Terry Robe for Women is a slightly unusual kind of like sweatshirt material, so it is still absorbent but not as heavy as traditional terry cloth. It is a nice-looking, feminine design that washes and dries beautifully. The lining is very soft, and it’s roomy without being bulky. If you have long arms, the sleeves might be a little short.

What women like about this style is that it isn’t super heavy or bulky, so it is easy to move around it while at the same time being reasonably warm.

Available from Zappos

Land’s End Women’s Cotton Terry Long Bath Robe

Land's End Women's Cotton Terry Long Bath Robe

Land’s End is another very reliable place to get good quality, warm designs. They are one of the best places to go if you love long robes since they seem to enjoy making their designs extra long. A great style that they offer is the Women’s Cotton Terry Long Spa Bath Robe that is lovely and thick with a plush feel to it.

It has turn-back cuffs, which aren’t overly big and floppy, and you can adjust depending on your arm length. The material is fast drying and very absorbent, so it is lovely to slip into after a relaxing shower or bath.  If you don’t want a design that is thick and long, this isn’t the garment for you.

What to Look for in a Terry Cloth Robe

Terry cloth designs are great for drying off after getting out of the bath, shower, or pool, but they aren’t necessarily the best option for a general all-purpose robe. The following are a few things to take into consideration when finding the perfect design that will suit your lifestyle.

Weight of the fabric– Terry cloth is excellent for water absorption, but it can be kind of heavy if you are looking for a design that will help you dry off. If you live in a warmer climate or are looking for something lighter for the summer, you may want to consider a waffle knit. They are just as absorbent as terry cloth but are much lighter and cooler to wear. Also, be aware that there are different weights of terry, some are very thick and heavy, and some are more lightweight.

Length– Getting a style that is the right length for your height and your personal preference is relatively important. Longer designs will keep you warm and dry off your legs faster, while shorter lengths may be more attractive looking or more comfortable to move in. Since the sizing for robes often isn’t very specific, you will also have to think about your height and look at the length when you are checking sizing.

Sleeve Length– The length of the arms can also play a part as to whether you find a style comfortable or not. If you do a lot of stuff around your house (cooking, cleaning, or getting ready) in your robe, some of the longer or wider sleeves will probably get in the way. If this is the case, you may want to look at 3/4 sleeves. Also, if you are petite, some of the regular length arms will be very long.

Warmth– If you are looking for a design that will keep you warm and cozy while you snuggle up on the couch, you may want to avoid terry altogether and go for a plush polyester design. Terry often isn’t all that warm, while polyester styles can provide a lot of warmth and some of the options that you are available are beyond soft.




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