The Best Women’s Lounge Sleep Shorts for Relaxing at Home

Updated October 8, 2020

Get comfortable and relax in a cute pair of women’s lounge shorts that are perfect for sleeping or for taking it easy around the house. The best styles come in soft, luxurious fabrics that are so comfy that you will want to put them on as soon as you get home. Whether you are looking for warm weather PJ bottoms or you just love some soft loungewear, check out these ultra-comfy lounge shorts for your most relaxing days and comfiest nights.

90 Degree By Reflex Lounge Shorts



These 90 Degree By Reflex Activewear Lounge Shorts are a best seller on Amazon because they are such a fantastic versatile style. They are mainly designed for working out, but women love them so much that they wear them for sleeping and lounging around the house as well.  The key to the popularity of this style is the super-soft yet breathable fabric that is cozy, ultra snug, and stretchy. They have a simple pull-on design with a drawstring closure that works well for keeping everything in place.  These are intended to be more fitted, but the stretch in the fabric means they aren’t restrictive, so they are neither too tight nor too loose on most women, making them flattering while still being pleasant to wear. These shorts have a finished look to them, and the fabric is thick enough to wear out in public if so desired. The inseam length is 5 inches, so it is a little longer than some lounge option, and the cuff is tacked down

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Baleaf Activewear Yoga Lounge Shorts

Baleaf’s Activewear Yoga Lounge Shorts are a super cozy, more extended length option that a lot of women love to wear when relaxing. They are a pull-on style with an elastic waistband and drawstring closure so you can get a good fit that can be as loose or as tight as your comfort level allows. The material is soft and breathable, and this design has deep side pockets that can hold quite a lot, even large cell phones. This is a good choice to wear for working out, but where they really shine is as an around the house lounging option. One of the best features is that it comes in a huge range of different colors, so you aren’t just stuck with black, grey, and navy. The high-quality fabric isn’t quite as thick as sweatpants, but not as thin as many lounge styles, so they are perfect when you want something that isn’t too heavy but that you can’t see thru or is too clingy. They may not be the most fashionable style, but if you want a relaxed fit in a longer length option for around the house, the Baleaf’s Activewear style may be a good choice for you.

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Hanes Women’s Jersey Short


Hanes Women’s Jersey Short is excellent for relaxation if you want more coverage on the leg but don’t want to go quite as long as the Baleaf option listed above. The inseam length is 7″ (while the Baleaf style is around 10-11″ depending on sizing). The fabric is a soft stretch 100% cotton jersey that, by most accounts, is very comfy and soft. They are also known to be flattering on most shapes and are nice enough to wear in public or can be worn for warm weather PJ bottoms.

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Gap Truesleep Print Modal Shorts

Gap’s Truesleep Print Modal Shorts are made from a super light and soft fabric that feels barely there. These are an excellent choice for sleeping or lounging in hot weather since they are soft, thin, and delicate feeling. Despite the slight feel of the modal fabric, they hold up well to washing and are surprisingly sturdy. Sometime modal fabric doesn’t last that long, or you can run into trouble with it developing holes in the wash. Gap makes these shorts year-round (they even come in Christmas fabrics that you can get in December), but they really are a warm-weather style. These are not something that you will be able to slip out to the store in, they have a very PJ-like look partly due to the faux button-fly, and as mentioned, they are very thin.

Available from Gap

Tommy John Lounge Shorts

Tommy John makes amazingly comfortable underwear, and luckily they also happen to make lounge bottoms that are just as comfy as the underwear. Tommy John’s loungewear is made with a super soft fabric that is 66% acrylic, 29% rayon, and 5% spandex that is lightweight and is another pick that has a barely-there feel to it. They have a drawstring tie waist, and a 2.5 ” inseam, so they are pretty short and are mostly intended to be worn at home. The other great feature of this style is that they have pockets. They work equally well for lounging and sleeping.

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BP. Cozy Shorts


BP. Cozy Shorts are similar to the Tommy John style but have a slightly longer inseam length at 3″. Like all lounge styles, they are pull-on and have an elastic waist with a drawstring cord. The material is a blend of 73% rayon, 24% polyester, and 3% spandex. They have side pockets that aren’t super deep but are capable of holding a few smaller items. Fans of this style love the soft feel of the fabric and the loose fit that is flattering while still being comfy. One thing to note about this design is that the elastic band can get a little twisted when wearing, and it can pinch the midsection a little bit. The design has a definite pajama look to it, so most women probably won’t be wearing them in public.

Available from Nordstrom

Loft Floral Sleep Shorts

Loft has some super sleep shorts that are great for lounging. These come in a lovely floral print that is cheerful and pretty and has lovely coloring. They are fairly fitted and pretty short, the inseam is only 3″. The waist is a flexible elastic drawstring design, and the fabric is rayon, with a bit of spandex that is amazingly soft and perfect for lazy days at home.

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SweatyRocks Workout Yoga Shorts Pants Hot Shorts for Women

The SweatyRocks Workout Yoga Shorts is another cute design that is worth looking at if you the feel of soft, mostly cotton fabric. They come in lots of fun colors and patterns and they are very short and cute in addition to being ridiculously comfy. The inseam is pretty short, and they are a relaxed fit that is good for sleeping or taking it easy.

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What to Look for

The great thing about loungewear is it doesn’t necessarily have to look that great since comfort is key. Everyone has their preferences as to what makes a great lounge garment, but if you aren’t quite sure what to look for, here are a few things to keep mind when you are shopping.

Fabric- For loungewear, soft fabric is pretty important with regards to comfort, this can mean soft cotton or smooth fabrics like rayon or modal. You also want to consider the weight of the material. Most lounge styles are quite light, and this is great for warmer weather. If you are looking for a cold-weather style, you may want to check out some of the shorts that women wear for working out since they are usually thicker come in heavier weight material.

Fit– For most people, a loose fit is going to be the comfiest style when lounging or sleeping. Relaxed fits don’t have to mean frumpy, some of the cutest options are short hemmed loose fit styles like the Tommy John and MeUndies designs.

Inseam– The inseam length is something you should consider when buying any type of shorts. Some women feel most comfortable in 2″ inseams while others won’t settle for anything less than a 10 inch Bermuda style. You can get lounge styles in a range of inseam lengths from 2 inches to 10 inches and beyond.

Colors– The range of colors in loungewear is typically pretty limited to colors like black, grey, or navy. If you want a style that comes in a variety of color options, you could try the Baleaf style listed above.

Pockets– Pockets are a nice-to-have feature on lounge shorts. If you like to carry your phone around (or kleenex or lip balm), pockets are worth getting. If you don’t typically carry items around your house with you, then you can skip them.

Waistband– Generally, the waistband is going to be elastic with a drawstring cord. A drawstring cord is important to help you get a good fit. Sometimes just an elastic waist is good enough, but if you fall outside of regular sizing, it might cause an issue by being too tight or too loose.


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