The Most Comfy Women’s Lounge Pants You Can Find

Three models wearing the most comfortable lounge pants for women

A pair of soft, comfortable lounge pants can elevate your relaxation game to new heights. They are perfect for relaxing at home or wearing to bed as PJ bottoms. You can even wear them out of the house to go for a walk or a quick trip to the store without giving off a full pajama vibe.

From luxurious to casual, we have found some of the coziest styles that are also cute and flattering. If you want to relax in absolute comfort, check out our list of the most comfortable lounge pants for women around that are perfect for unwinding and taking it easy.

Meundies Women’s Lounge Pant

Meundies Women's Lounge Pant

The Meundies Women’s Pant is a lovely modal option that feels incredibly soft and looks pretty good. They are slightly fitted and flattering with their somewhat tapered leg. This is a fantastic option for lazy days at home or for running errands in comfort. They are made of the MicroModal material that MeUndies uses in their famously comfortable and popular underwear.

Modal can sometimes be a little delicate and wears out quickly, but these MeUndies bottoms are built to be durable in addition to being comfy. This is an excellent design if you are looking for a style with pockets as it has both side and back pockets.  They are a tad pricey, but they are one of the most comfortable lounge options going, and the value you get from this style is worth it. They come in six basic colors, as well as in a huge range of fun graphic prints that make great gifts.

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CYZ Women’s Casual Lounge Pants

CYZ makes one of Amazon’s most popular lounge pants. Women love them because they are made of ultra-soft stretch cotton knit that is smooth and light against the skin. They have a relaxed fit that makes them perfect for unwinding at home. Since they are adjustable, you can make them as tight or as loose as you wish. This style runs quite large, so if you stick with standard sizing, you will have quite a baggy fit, which isn’t the worst thing in loungewear.

The fabric blends are slightly different for some of the colors, so if you have issues with certain types of material, make sure you check the breakdown of the fabric blend to avoid any problems. A few of the colors are also known to shrink a little bit more than other colors. Be aware that there are no pockets on this style, and the legs are a full, wide cut, so they aren’t necessarily the most flattering on some body types, but it makes them a great option to wear as casual bottoms for around the house or for sleeping. Many women who own this style consider them excellent quality for the price.

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Boody Downtime Lounge Pant

Boody Downtime Lounge Pant

The Downtime Lounge Pant from the Australian brand Boody is a wonderful option that is not only super comfy but is very stylish and cute as well. Comfort features include a wide waistband, a removable care label, comfy fitted ankle cuffs, and a slight drop-crotch design. They also have side pockets and a draped fit that is flattering for all body types.

The fabric is a very soft midweight jersey crafted from viscose derived from bamboo, which is known to be a sustainable fabric. Women love the comfortable fit, soft, stretchy fabric that is thick enough to provide a bit of modesty and overall quality and durability of the pant.

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CozyChic™ Ultra Lite Pants from Barefoot Dreams®

CozyChic™ Ultra Lite Pants from Barefoot Dreams®

The Barefoot Dreams products always come up as some of the comfiest options around, so it isn’t surprising that they offer a pant since most of their cardigans and throw products are designed for lounging. The CozyChic™ Ultra Lite Pants from Barefoot Dreams® are very comfortable, very cozy, and are intended to be worn at home.

They an elastic waistband with a drawstring that ensures a comfortable fit. Despite being Ultra Lite, these are not a good option for summer as they are meant to be worn in colder weather since the material is on the thicker side. The CozyChic material tends to stretch out a little bit as you wear it and then shrinks back when you wash it.

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HANRO Cotton Deluxe Drawstring Long Pant

HANRO Cotton Deluxe Drawstring Long Pant

Hanro is known to make some amazing loungewear that is light and airy and unbelievably comfy. Their 100% cotton women’s lounge design is not only functional as fantastic pants, but they are also flattering and stylish enough to be worn outside of the house.  They have a drawstring and covered elastic waistband to help get the right fit. If you are looking for a light, relaxed style, these are an excellent choice since the cotton is smooth and silky but not overly warm.

Some women find they run a little long, so they need to either hem the design or hope that they shrink a bit when washing (they are known to have a little bit of shrinkage when washed). Unfortunately, Hanro products come with a hefty price tag, but they also have a reputation for lasting for years, which makes the price not quite so hard to handle.

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Aerie Plush Jogger

Aerie Plush Jogger

The Aerie Plush Jogger is a favorite lounge option for many women. Aerie has a bunch of joggers that are great for relaxing at home, with the Plush jogger being one of their best. The fabric is luxurious and super soft.  They feature a drawstring waist and cuffed tapered ankles.

What is interesting about this jogger is that it is a harem style, so you can wear them low for a harem look or pull them high for a high waisted look, and they work well either way. The more extended waist also helps to get a good fit on the length. They are definitely on the thinner side for sweatpants, so don’t expect them to keep you warm, but the material is so comfortable you probably won’t mind. Since they are so thin, they work best as loungewear, but you can easily wear them out of the house for an errand. The lighter colors can be a little see-through, so you may want to check out the darker shades if you are interested in this jogger.

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PJ Harlow Jolie Satin Lounge Pants

PJ Harlow Jolie Satin Lounge Pants

The PJ Harlow Jolie Satin Lounge Pants are the only satin style on our list, but they are worth a look if you want to treat yourself. They are very luxe and glamorous, in addition to being super comfy. Unfortunately, there are no pockets on this style, but if you are wearing clothing this beautiful who needs pockets!

As you can see in the picture, they are a wide leg, and they can run a little long on some women. If you are worried they will be too long, they are also available in a cropped design, and you can mix and match them with other PJ Harlow pieces like a satin cami or a knit cardigan for a put-together downtime look or pajamas. The fabric feels smooth and luxurious, but keep in mind satin doesn’t stretch, so you will want to make sure you get the correct sizing.

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‘Lazy Mornings’ from Nordstrom

'Lazy Mornings' from Nordstrom

The ‘Lazy Mornings’ is a 100% cotton knit design that is great if you are looking for a style for a warmer climate or the summer. The material is thin and very lightweight, yet is still soft and comfy. They are relatively flattering, although they tend to fit the best on smaller frames and can be a little long if you are petite. They do shrink a little bit after washing, so size up if you are in-between sizes.

Available from Nordstrom

Old Navy Mid-Rise Live-In Jogger Sweatpants

The Old Navy Mid-Rise Live-In Jogger Sweatpants is a beautiful, inexpensive style that is perfect to wear on the weekends or for a relaxed day around the house. They come in a few pretty, subtle colors. They also have a special waistband that has been built for the ultimate comfort.

The design is a basic jogger style, so there are cuffs at the bottom, and it also comes with two side pockets. The material is a super soft rayon blend that most women report as being outstanding quality for the price.

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Baleaf Women’s Active Yoga Lounge Sweat Pants with Pockets

Baleaf Women's Active Yoga Lounge Sweat Pants with Pockets

The Baleaf Women’s Active Yoga Lounge Sweat Pants are a super functional and versatile choice that you can wear for lounging or doing stuff like yoga or going to the gym. They feature very deep side pockets as well as a back pocket, so you will have plenty of space to store all of your goodies.

This is an excellent design if you love a somewhat high waist; the high waist makes it a forgiving and flattering fit for most body types. This is another option that has significantly different fabric blends depending on the color you choose, so if you are sensitive to a particular fabric like polyester, make sure you check the fabric blend carefully.  Most note that the material is warm, yet thin and the pants hold their shape well.

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Talbots Pima Terry Relaxed Leg Pants

Talbots Pima Terry Relaxed Leg Pants

The Talbots Pima Terry Relaxed Leg Pants is not only super comfy but look reasonably polished for an around the house style. I bought a pair of these pants along with the Brushed Melange Open-Front Cardigan for a friend who was in the hospital for an extended stay, and they were perfect for that situation.

Not only are they very smooth and comfy, but they come in lovely colors that look great. They wash and dry nicely, and aren’t known to shrink much. The weight of the fabric is light yet warm, but not too warm, so they are a versatile style that you can wear for different weather conditions.

Available from Talbots

What to look for:

Softness: Lounging designs above all need to be soft and comfy. It is nice to have a bit of stretch in the fabric but not totally necessary. If you love 100% cotton, there are a few different options. Modal is also known for its extreme softness. The less expensive alternatives may use fabrics like viscose that is also known for its softness.

Fabric Weight: The weight of the material is pretty essential depending on whether you are looking for a style for the summer or the winter. Whether you need them to be thick and warm enough to go out in the cold to walk your dog or run an errand or you are relaxing in warmer weather and need a lightweight option it is worth considering the weight and thickness. If you are wearing your loungewear out a lot to run errands, you may want to consider a style like the Lou & Grey sweatpants that are known for being warm and comfortable.

Color: Lounge bottoms come in all colors of the rainbow. Some of the best options for colors include the BALEAF and CZY options listed above.

Price: You can get very inexpensive options from Amazon or Old Navy for less than $15 to pricier styles from brands like Hanro that are well over $100 that can last for decades.

Waistband: Most lounge pants have a combination of elastic and drawstring. These are great since they tend to be comfy around the waist, yet you can still get an excellent fit with the drawstring. The ideal is for the waistband to feel relaxed, smooth, and not tight. Some styles are drawstring only or elastic only, so you may want to think about your personal preference for waistband style when you are shopping.

Straight leg or tapered: Generally, lounge designs are either straight leg or are tapered with a cuff at the bottom. Which design is better is purely a personal preference. A straight leg may give you a little bit more room to move while tapered may be helpful for sleeping if you like a closer fit.

Length: For some reason, a lot of the lounge pants are overly long. It is usually an easy remedy to hem them to the appropriate length, but if you have shorter legs, you may have to keep this in mind and possibly size down.

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