The Best Men’s Yoga Pants to Keep You Comfortable

Men have a lot of different options when it comes to what to wear to yoga class. You can always wear regular workout shorts or sweats, but we have found some of the best yoga pants for men specifically designed for yoga practice.

A style designed for yoga will wick sweat, not bulk up when you are doing inverted poses, and stretch as you move. They are also an excellent alternative to shorts if you don’t feel like showing a lot of skin. Most options work well for all yoga types, especially Ashtanga, Bikram, and Hatha.

Sometimes men’s yoga pants can be challenging to find in retail stores, so we have rounded up a few of the most comfortable yoga pants for men that will keep you relaxed and looking great as you do your routine.

YogaAddict Men’s Long Pants

YogaAddict Men's Long Pants

The YogaAddict Long Pants is a very high-quality exercise option that is a bestseller on Amazon. Men love this style because it is durable and feels good to wear. This design also looks great since they have a beautiful drape to them.

The 94% cotton and 6% spandex blend is exceptionally comfortable, well made, and has plenty of room for movement due to the four-way stretch. The fabric is so soft and pleasant to the touch that some people love to wear them as lounge pants, but they work equally well during practice. The material is also breathable, so it can be worn for hot yoga since it will dry quickly afterward.

The other great thing about the fabric is that it doesn’t lose its shape or color even after many washes. You can get this option in three colors: light grey, dark grey, and navy, and they are moderately priced at under $50. The other standout features are the two outside pockets that are nice and deep and the full elastic waistband with a drawstring that stays in place regardless of the extent of movement.

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Lululemon Intent

Lululemon Intent

The Lululemon Intent is a favorite choice for men for a wide variety of activities, but it is particularly popular for yoga. Initially, Lululemon started as a yoga-focused brand before getting more into the general athleisure market, so it isn’t a surprise that they make an excellent style for classes.

The Intent is made from a soft, sweat-wicking fabric that comes in subtle colors. They seem to have some quality control issues with the Intent lately, with the material stretching out in weird places, but it is still highly desired because they’re so comfortable and stay dry through heavy workouts.

They are one of the pricier options on this list, but they are incomparable for comfort. The fabric is usually a suitable thickness for your practice and often has an excellent drape with minimal pilling.

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Prana Men’s Vaha

Prana Men's Vaha

Another option that is probably just as famous as the Lululemon Intent is the Vaha from Prana. Prana is another powerhouse yoga brand that makes excellent options for practice. Prana has a few different styles of pants that are great for yoga since they have a flexible yet sturdy waistband, and the hemp/recycled polyester blend material is cool yet lightweight with a bit of stretch.

The Vaha is also a pull-on and has a faux-fly, so they are easy to get on and off, and they have a wide leg for extra movement and comfort. They are offered in a few different colors like black, blue, grey, brown, yellow, mustard, and raisin.

Prana works with fair trade manufacturing companies, and their designs aim to be sustainable by using recycled materials. Another popular style that Prana offer is the Super Mojo 2.0 that is a tighter fit than the Vargas.

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Vuori Men’s Ponto

Vuori Men's Ponto


If you are looking for a style that offers excellent coverage but is also ultra-comfy, you are going to want to check out the Vuori Men’s Ponto Performance Pants. These have amazing features for yoga, but many people find them so comfy that they wear them for lounging or hanging around the house.

They are made from a lightweight, performance stretch-knit jersey that offers natural breathability.  They have two front pockets and a zippered back welt pocket to give you a few options to store your keys and phone if needed.

These are known for having an excellent fit for most body types and for being warm, soft, lightweight, and flexible. The Ponto is another excellent option if you are wearing them in a highly heated room as they have anti-odor, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying properties.

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Alo Balance Capri Pant

Alo Balance Capri Pant

Alo makes amazing legging for women, and their men’s clothing line is also well worth a look. They have a popular compression style called the Warrior that is a super-fitted legging tight design, but if you are looking for comfort, a better option is their Balance Capri.

This is a loose-fitting Capri that looks great and is made of a soft moisture-wicking antimicrobial fabric. The design features a relaxed dropped rise, tapered leg, and drawcord at the waistband.  It has two front zippered pockets that are deep enough to hold a decent amount of items.

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Nike Yoga Training Pants

Nike Transcend Dry Yoga Training Pants

If you are looking for an option that can pass as a regular jogger but has a stretchy sweat-wicking fabric that is perfect for your practice, check out the Nike Yoga Pants. This is a much-loved Nike jogger that is made from a soft, moisture-wicking fabric that is thin but super durable.

The pant has an elastic/drawstring waist and a zipperless side seam pocket, as well as an internal media pocket. Most men love the fit, comfort, and fantastic style of the design. The key feature is the flexible material and the versatile design that is comfortable and durable enough to wear for just about any sport but tailored enough so they aren’t sloppy and can also be worn out running errands.

Men also love the sturdy waistband that stays in place, so you don’t have to continually pull them up with every pose. The cuffs at the bottom are also very effective at stopping them from riding up when you are doing inverted poses.

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What to Look For in When Shopping for Yoga Pants:

To make sure you get the best yoga pant possible, you may want to think about the following features and your preferences:


Generally, the key element you are going to want to look for in a yoga style is to get one with stretchy yet comfortable material. Comfortable can mean different things to different people with regards to fabric.

Some men love a loose light fit, while others want a tight fit to feel comfy.  The material also needs to be able to stretch to accommodate your movement during your practice.


The style of most yoga pants is fitted straight leg. If you like a baggier style, there are a few different options, and you may want even to try some of the harem designs that are that popular in some circles.

The fit on many of the most loved choices can be a little bit snug, so the fabric doesn’t bunch up or move around too much without feeling restrictive. You will want a fit that won’t bind or pull the legs or crotch in even the most extreme stretching positions.

If you find full-length to be too hot, you could also look for 3/4 lengths that will give you a bit more ventilation and give you room for movement. You also may want to think about the fit at the bottom. Some options are cuffed, and some are straight leg, both have good and bad to them. Cuffed styles may ride up, and you will have to keep moving them down while straight leg may bunch up more when you are doing inverted poses.


It is worth looking for a brand that uses sweat-wicking material, especially if you are doing any styles that involve overly hot rooms. The material should breathe well and wick away moisture from the skin during exercise.


To ensure that your pants don’t slip down, you should pay particular attention to the waistband. You want the waistband to lay comfortably against your skin, so it shouldn’t be too tight or too thick, but you also want them to stay up when you are transitioning from pose to pose so the waistband so should be supportive enough to keep everything in place.

Full bands can sometimes feel a little bit bulky, so don’t get a style with an overly thick waistband. To get an even better fit, you will probably want to also look for styles that have a drawstring cord in addition to an elastic band to make sure there is no slipping or sliding down during yoga.

With an elastic waistband with a drawstring in it, you do not have to worry about accidentally losing your pants when doing a complicated pose since you can customize the fit.

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