12 of the Most Comfortable Cotton Thongs for Women

Cotton and mostly-cotton thongs are a wardrobe essential for a lot of women, especially for warmer months. Cotton is generally considered the healthiest fabric for underwear since it is breathable and it absorbs excess moisture. It is pretty hard to find 100% cotton thongs these days (although we do have one on our list). Almost all of the options available are over 90% cotton with a small amount of elastane or spandex for a little bit of stretch to stop the cloth from getting stretched out as your day goes on. The most popular styles these days are not only comfortable but are also seamless and have a light, barely-there feel. Read on if you are interested in finding out what are the best cotton thongs for comfort.

Calvin Klein Women’s Carousel Logo Thong


The Calvin Klein Carousel Logo thong is another very popular option in cotton styles. The fabric blend is 90% cotton and 10% elastane, with the elastane providing a little bit of stretch to stop the fabric from sagging, which can sometimes be an issue with 100% cotton. You can buy this CK design on its own or as a three-pack. They come in a wide array of beautiful color options, and they usually have a matching bra available. A lot of women find this design enhances the look of their behinds and love the look and feel of the logo elastic waistband. The key to a lot of the CK styles is the super comfortable waistband that won’t dig into your skin or roll down or stretch out. These are a fantastic undie if you are looking for something sexy and stylish. The only issue to be aware of is that if you wear them with something light and thin, there is a chance the logo waistband writing may show through.

Available from Amazon

Thirdlove Pima Cotton Thong

The breakout brand of the bra and underwear world, Thirdlove, have an excellent Pima cotton thong that is worth checking out if you are serious about comfort.  You won’t get any VPLs with this product, and they do a great job staying in place. They come in sizes from XS to 1X, so there is a size for almost everyone.  It is made with Pima (as well as a bit of nylon and spandex), Pima is known for its comfort and breathability so you won’t get overly hot in this style on a warm day. This underwear is also known for having a great fit so you shouldn’t experience any rolling up, or pressure along the waist or legs. The last key thing to know about the Thirdlove thong is that they are very durable and wash well without losing the high-quality look and feel of the fabric. It is an undie that does have to be hand washed and line dried, and Thirdlove doesn’t offer that many color options currently but I’m sure they will be coming out with some new colors soon.

Available from Thirdlove.com

Gap Women’s Stretch Cotton Thong


Gap has a lot of great options if you are looking for breathable light underwear or loungewear. The thongs that they sell are great to check out if you love a soft, comfy style that comes in a vast selection of patterns and fun colors. They have a lightweight elastic trim on the leg and the waistband that works well at keeping everything in place, but can hardly be felt when you are wearing them. The fabric blend is 93% cotton and 7% spandex, with the spandex providing that little bit of elasticity to keep the cloth from stretching out too much.  Women love this design for not only being comfortable but also for having an ideal fit and being durable and long-lasting.

Available from Gap.com

Everlane Thong

Most of the products that Everlane produce are highly functional, high quality, and not overly expensive, and their underwear is no exception. It is made from a breathable Supima that is soft and lightweight. Reviews for this style report that it is comfortable, flattering, and great for every day. The fabric blend is 92% Supima cotton and 8% elastane, which for most women, feels super soft while maintaining the shape and structure of the body. Like any good underwear should be, it is tagless, and they don’t pinch at the waistline. There may be a very slight VPL with this underwear, but it is quite hard to see unless you are really looking.

Available from Everlane

PACT Thong

This design from PACT ticks all of the boxes of what an excellent design should be. It is one of the highest cotton percentages on this list (95% Organic cotton and 5% elastane), with the fabric being GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, and it comes from a Fair Trade Factory. They are tagless, won’t give you VPLs, they fit true to size, and the fabric is prewashed and preshrunk. The design has a low rise waist, which some women will love some not so much. They come in all of the basic colors you might want, as well as seasonal colors that they switch up a few times a year. PACT is a great brand to check out if you are worried about chemicals in fabrics since their cotton is organic, and they are a very eco-friendly brand.

Available from PACT

OnGossamer Cabana Cotton Low Rise Hip G

Another good option if you are looking for a pleasant to wear everyday style is the OnGossamer Cabana Cotton Low Rise Hip G design. It has a pretty geometric lace trim that adds subtle feminine detailing. The fabric is 94% Pima Cotton and 6% Lycra. This is another design that promises not to give you VPLs, and the fabric is lightweight and comfy. One thing to note with this OnGossamer undie is that it is a very low rise at 4″, so it may not be ideal for everyone.

Available from Barenecessities.com

Commando Cotton Thong

Commando is known for its smoothing shapewear that is virtually impossible to see under clothing. Commando doesn’t usually use cotton, but this style seems to the exception. It is made from soft, breathable stretch cotton that stays put and doesn’t have VPL. It is a mid-rise design that is seamless, that works well for lighter-colored, tighter, and thinner clothes. It is another undie that is so comfortable with the fit and the fabric that many women say that they forget they are wearing them.  What is unique about Commando garments is that they won’t roll at the edges or ride up, and there is no shrinkage when washed.  They are a little pricey, but for the barely-there feel, this undetectable style is worth it.

Available from WearCommando.com

Hanky Panky- Organic Cotton Original Rise Thong with Lace

If you are a fan of the Hanky Panky Orignal underwear but would prefer cotton, you may want to check out the original Hanky Panky thong in Organic Cotton. There is still the soft stretch lace on the waistband, but the body is an organic Supima®. More specifically, the fabric blend on the body and the crotch lining is 96% Organically-Grown Supima® with 4% Spandex, while the stretchy lace waistband is 90% nylon, and 10% spandex. It only comes in one size that fits sizes 4-14 best, I don’t really understand how this works since usually the more you can customize the fit to your size the comfier the undies will be, but the regular Hanky Panky design is generally considered one of the most comfortable styles going, so there is some kind of magic happening. Just like the regular Hanky Panky style it has the v-front and v-back waistband and won’t give you visible panty line. Hanky Panky one of the few underwear brands that are made in the  USA.

Available from HankyPanky.com

Elita The Essentials Cotton Mid Rise Thong

The Elita Essentials Cotton Mid Rise Thong is another excellent everyday style that is made from  92% cotton and 8% Lycra spandex. It has a skinny elastic along the waist and leg opening that may be slightly visible through some clothing. What is great about this design is that it is a mid-rise length so that it will suit most women well. They also have excellent coverage in the front and on the sides which can sometimes be challenging to find on this type of underwear.

Available from HerRoom

Aerie Cotton Logo Thong Undie

The Aerie Cotton Logo option is another style that is a comfy stretch fabric blend of 95% cotton with 5% elastane. It has a wide logo waistband which some women like, and some can’t stand as they find it digs into their waist. Some women also find them to be too low rise and unflattering, but there also seems to be a high number that say they are the comfiest undies ever and super flattering. Whether these are the right style for you will depend on your body, so if you are interested maybe try one pair out and don’t go for the multi-pack deals right away since they can be a little bit hit or miss.

Available from Aerie

DKNY Classic Cotton Thong


If you are looking to try out a slightly different design, have a look at the DKNY Classic Cotton style. It has decent front coverage, but they are a bit low rise. The key feature of this style is the wide waistband, that works well at keeping the underwear in place. Unfortunately, the fabric blend is only 48% cotton, 37% nylon, 15% spandex, which isn’t great if you are looking for 100%. The lining is 100% cotton though. This DKNY design has an excellent reputation for being super comfy to wear, and they do not show any panty lines.

Available from HerRoom.com

ANZERMIX Women’s Breathable Cotton Thong Panties

These undies from Anzermix have a reputation for being a great product for the price. They come in an excellent selection of colors, the cotton is very breathable, and on most women, they seem to have a pretty good fit. They are reportedly very comfortable and stay in place well. If you are looking for an affordable basic cotton thong that is perfect for everyday use, these could very well be the product for you.

Available from Amazon

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