Women’s Rain Boots That Are Actually Comfortable to Wear

Seven rainboots that are highly rated for being comfortable
If you have ever spent any time clomping around in a pair of big and bulky rain boots or avoid rubber boots altogether and ending up with wet socks, you will no doubt be open to the idea of a comfortable, easy-to-wear style.

A good pair will keep your feet dry, look great, and have enough cushioning that they are a pleasure to walk in.  If you are looking to invest in footwear for those soggy rainy days, we have rounded up the most lightweight, flexible, and comfortable women’s rain boots.

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Sloggers Rain and Garden Boot

Sloggers Rain and Garden Boot

A trendy, budget style that is a best seller on Amazon is the Sloggers Rain and Garden Boot. It features a removable insole that provides “All-Day-Comfort,” which does seem to do just that for most women who purchase it. The rubber is also very pliable and easy to move in.

This Slogger style has quite a lot going for it: it is made in the USA, it uses 100% recyclable material, it comes in cute patterns with vibrant, fun colors, and it is even vegan-friendly. As far as comfort goes, a high number of reviewers remark on the comfort level of the Sloggers styles, and they also mention that they hold up well to wear.

It is an excellent design for people with larger calves or those who like to tuck wider legged pants into the shaft and need extra room. They are also known for having great traction and excellent support for your feet.

Available from Amazon

Crocs Jaunt Shorty Boot

Short rain boots can be so much more comfortable and lightweight than some of the high styles. The Jaunty Short Boot is a fantastic option for comfort as it is made from Croslite™ foam, which is known for being soft with a cushioned feel to it.

It is also completely waterproof since it is made from a single mold, so there aren’t any seams to come apart that will create leaks. The footbed is lined, which isn’t always a given with Crocs products. The traction is little rubber pods that are reportedly quite effective to avoid slipping.

The Jaunty is also easy to get on and off and has a decent about of room in the toe box. These are excellent for city wear when you aren’t expecting to be standing in massive pools of water, but you want something lightweight and easy to walk in.

Available from Crocs.com

Kamik Heidi

Kamik Heidi

If you love a shiny, colorful boot, you can’t beat the Heidi from Kamik. It is waterproof, lightweight, and comes with a removable comfort EVA footbed as well as an ATRIUM outsole that provides excellent traction. The Heidi features vinyl-covered canvas that can stay shiny for the life of the footwear (with some styles the shine can fade with wear).

It is another very affordable style, usually priced just under $50. They are known for being comfortable, easy to get on and off, and doing a great job at keeping your feet dry. The other great thing about this style is that the height is a perfect mid-calf length, so they aren’t super tall, but they are tall enough for most puddles you will run into.

Available from Amazon

XtraTuf Sisters Legacy Series 15″ Lined Neoprene Women’s Fishing Boots

XtraTuf Sisters Legacy Series 15" Lined Neoprene Women’s Fishing Boots

For those who have trouble keeping their feet dry in harsh conditions, you are probably going to want to check out the XtraTuf Sisters Legacy Series 15″ Lined Neoprene Women’s Fishing Boots. These are one of the more serious boots on our list, although they have a pretty cute and fun printed lining.

The XtraTuf Sisters Legacy Series is a design that is built to last, and it will keep your feet warm and dry in the roughest conditions. It is made from waterproof triple-dipped latex neoprene, which is very soft and bendable, making them comfortable to move in.

This design has a Salmon Sisters octopus print lining that you can show off if you choose to roll them down.  Another excellent comfort feature is that the liner is moisture-wicking, so your feet shouldn’t sweat as much or get as damp, and they might in other options, or if they do get wet, they should dry out quicker. The insoles are cushioned for arch support and to help fight leg and back fatigue. They are a fishing boot so they can handle whatever it is you may need to put them through. For a heavy-duty design, they are lightweight, leak-proof, have excellent traction.

Available from Amazon

Hunter Balmoral

Hunter Balmoral

It seems like everyone owns a pair of Hunter’s Original Tall Rain Boots, and they are fine as far as comfort goes. If you want to take it one step further or are just looking to get another pair of Hunters, you could look at the Hunter Balmoral.

The Hunter Balmoral is built to be comfortable, with a Newflex Vibram® outsole as well as 3mm and 5mm molded insoles for comfort and circulation. The body is lightweight and made from a soft and flexible rubber compound. Like other Hunter styles, they are built to last a very long time.

Available from Hunter.com

Joules Mid Molly Welly

Joules Mid Molly Welly
The Joules Mid Molly Welly is a high quality and super cute mid-calf boot. These are another lightweight, shorter option that is excellent for commuting, or situations, or outfits when it is raining, but you don’t want to wear a high shaft style.

They are adorable in person with a little bit of personality from the colorful contrasting sole and the polka dot. The shorter length also makes this style very easy to get on and off.

Available from Zappos.com

Sam Edelman Tinsley

Sam Edelman Tinsley

The Tinsley from Sam Edelman is another short Chelsea style, but this one is matte if you aren’t a fan of the shiny options. The Tinsley is a sophisticated style that can almost pass for a regular bootie.

They are cute enough to wear to work and keep your feet completely dry while still being very comfortable. They are a bit narrow, so if your feet are wide, they probably aren’t a good option for you. Overall the Tinsley is a super stylish, inexpensive, and functional option that works well in light rain.

Available from Nordstrom

UGG Women’s Sienna

UGG Women's Sienna

UGG has two great rubber options: the Sienna and the Shaye. The Sienna is a little shorter than the Shaye and has a reputation for being comfortable and well-made. It is a particularly flattering and comfy design for those who have bigger calves as you don’t have the longer shaft putting pressure on your leg. They are easy to put on and take off. Since they are UGGs, you even get furry insoles for a little slice of luxury.

Available from Amazon

Le Chameau Vierzonord

Le Chameau Vierzonord

The Le Chameau Vierzonord is a wellie that Kate Middleton has been pictured in quite a lot. They have a reputation for being super comfortable, very warm, and easy to put on.

Since Le Chameau is a French heritage brand, the craftsmanship is very high quality and durable, and these boots are built to last. They are also pretty stylish while still being super functional.  The only downside to the Vierzonord is that they are a tad pricey.

Available from  LeChameau.com

Aigle Women’s Miss Juliette Bottillon

Aigle Women’s Miss Juliette Bottillon

Aigle is another high-end French heritage brand that is known for its excellent quality, style, and functionality. One of their most popular designs is the Women’s Miss Juliette Bottillon. They are a compact design that has a slight heel that can pass for a regular boot. They will keep your feet nice and dry but still manage to be breathable enough that they won’t overheat.

The Aigle also has great support, which is unusual for a rain boot. If you aren’t a fan of clunky styles, you may want to check out the Miss Juliette Bottillon as they have a streamlined design, so there isn’t a lot of extra bulk to it. They are in European sizing, so you need to be careful with sizing if you are ordering online.

Available from Amazon

What to look for:

Waterproof– Obviously, a rain boot needs to be waterproof. Usually, when footwear leaks, it is because the seams aren’t bound together properly, or they come apart from use. If you have had a problem with leaks in the past, you may want to check out some of the products that are made from a mold like the Crocs or the Hunters. Or you could try the XtraTuf styles that are built for durability.

Flexible-The cheapest designs are often tough rubber that makes it challenging to walk in. The latest and most popular styles are now made with lightweight material that is easy to walk in as well as being flexible if you need to bend down or move around a lot for activities like gardening.

Lightweight– If you are going to be doing a lot of walking, a lightweight or shorty style boot is your best option. The high styles look very fashionable but are often uncomfortable to walk in as you are carrying the extra weight of the upper shaft.

Cost– You can get budget designs for as low as $20 up to the designer styles that cost hundreds of dollars. If you want a high-quality style that will last for years, you may want to budget somewhere between $80 – $120. Hunter boots tend to fall in that range, and they can last for decades. If you don’t want to go for the Hunters, UGGs are cheaper and are excellent quality that should last for several years.

Height – There are a few different heights of rain boots to consider: the short (bootie) style, the mid-calf, and the tall shafts all with positives and negatives to them. The short shaft is excellent for walking and being easy to wear with lots of different clothes; the downside is that if you are facing any significant puddles, they may not be tall enough to keep your feet dry. The mid-calf styles are less cumbersome than the tall boots but, again, may not give you enough protection. Tall styles are great for giving you lots of protection from huge puddles, but they can be cumbersome to walk in. Also, you probably want to consider your height; if you are on the shorter side or have shorter legs, you may find tall options to be uncomfortable or painful to wear.

Width – The width of the shaft is also a consideration if your calves fall outside of average sizing since rubber boots don’t tend to be adjustable. If you have tried on tall boots and find they are tight around the calf area, you may want to check out the mid-calf styles or even the shorty options that don’t cover the calf area.

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