Help! Why Is My Underwear so Uncomfortable?

Help! Why Is My Underwear so Uncomfortable?

There is no reason that you should be wearing uncomfortable underwear. The goal if you choose to wear underwear should always be exceptional comfort.

To find comfortable underwear, make sure you get the right size, the best type for your body, and pick a fabric that’s soft and breathable.

If you are finding your underwear uncomfortable, I’m going to tell you why that is.  Read on to figure out why you hate your underwear and what you can do about it.

Why Is My Underwear so Uncomfortable?

The Fabric is all Wrong

One of the reasons you may be finding your underwear not fun to wear is because the fabric is too thick, not soft enough, doesn’t breathe, and isn’t moisture absorbent. The fabric choice is pretty crucial to how comfy you are going to feel in your underwear.

Cotton is generally the most breathable and comfortable fabric for underwear. It is excellent for everyday use since it is lightweight, and soft, and somewhat moisture absorbent.

Synthetic fabrics like nylon, spandex, or polyester fabrics are standard in the underwear world and can be quick-drying, durable, and easy to care for. Although you need to be a bit careful with synthetic fabrics because you may find they don’t breathe as well as natural materials. Unbreathable fabric will cause sweating and may lead to issues like chaffing.

Another option that has been gaining in popularity over the last few years is semi-synthetic fibers that offer the best of both worlds since they are soft, lightweight, breathable, and suitable for underwear. A good example of a semi-synthetic fabric that is great for underwear is modal. Modal has a very soft luxurious feel to it and is usually blended with other fabrics. It is made from natural source fibers of the beech tree but then is heavily processed to become modal. It is generally considered more sustainable than cotton since beech trees use much less water to grow than cotton.

Another option is microfibers that are usually very breathable and lightweight and have similar qualities to natural fibers. They are easy to care for, moisture-wicking, and breathable. Microfibers are often used in clothing and underwear designed to be worn when you are exercising and working up a sweat.

You’re Wearing the Wrong Size

When you have reached your late teens or early twenties, you start to identify with one size you usually buy. Life happens, and your weight may go up or down slowly, and you may not think to adjust the size you should be wearing.

Sometimes it is denial, or sometimes it is just something that may not occur to you, but if you are having trouble getting comfortable underwear, take another look at what size you should be going for. If you are getting wedgies, your underwear is riding up, you are finding your undies too tight or too loose, or you have excess material bunching up, you are most likely wearing the wrong size.

Start by taking your measurements and adjust your sizing accordingly. Most brands have sizing charts and measuring instructions available, so make sure you use them.

You’ve Been Wearing the Wrong Type or Fit for Your Body Shape

There are lots of different underwear styles available for both men and women. Briefs, high-cut briefs, hipster, bikini, boy shorts, thongs, and g-strings, are a few different types for women.

In comparison, men can choose from boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs, thongs, or trunks. You may have a preference in terms of the look of a particular type of underwear, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the best option for you if you want to be comfortable. If you have had issues like constant wedgies or your underwear riding up, it may be time to try out a different fit.

Lack of Coverage

Lack of coverage is another issue that can lead you to problems with the feel of your undies. If you really want to go big in terms of comfort, women may want to consider big granny-style panties that cover your whole behind and are comfortable to wear all day.

The Waistband Doesn’t Feel Right

Another key feature of comfort is the waistband, if the band is uncomfortable it could be a couple of different things, but is most likely a sizing issue. You will have to measure your waist then check the manufacturer’s sizing charts to ensure you purchase the correct size.

If the sizing is correct, it may just be that you are wearing a waistband that isn’t right for your preferences. You will also want to think about the type of band you prefer. Waistbands on underwear can vary quite a bit for both men and women. Many styles have elastic waistbands, which can be a great choice unless you don’t like the feel of the elastic and should look for bands that are elastic but are cloth-covered.

Some styles have very thick waistbands that work well for some shapes and some not so much. You may also want to pay attention to where the waist falls, if it is too low or too-high that may lead to discomfort. If you like your stomach covered, then look for a high-rise waist.

The Waistband or Leg Openings Cuts into Your Skin

If your underwear is leaving marks on your skin, ditch it, you deserve better. You may want to skip the styles with heavy elastic trims that are often the cause of this problem.

If you’re feeling the elastics around your thighs and legs, you might want to consider bottoms with a higher cut. Or try to get a feel for how big a leg opening is on a particular pair of underwear (you may have to read reviews if the manufacturer doesn’t offer this measurement), especially if you have muscular legs. It can affect your freedom of movement and cause issues with the underwear moving around and bunching up in unpleasant ways. If the leg opening is too big,  won’t have enough tension to hold the underwear in place.

Your Undies Are Riding Up

Underwear can ride up for a few different reasons. If they’re too small, there isn’t enough fabric in the back to cover your bum. If they’re too big, the leg opening may be too large and doesn’t have sufficient tension to hold the undies in place. It could also just be a design issue with the product.

Undies Are Falling Down

If your underwear is falling down they’re most likely too big. Try a size down and see if it solves the problem.  Look for underwear with firm elastic, so they’ll stay in place throughout the day. They may have also just stretched out because of regular wear and need to be replaced.

Lack of Support

This doesn’t apply to women but can sure be a big problem for men. Not being a man myself, I’m a little fuzzy on the details, but from the way I understand it, men need to have support for their, uh, parts, and without it, they can get pretty uncomfortable. Not everyone likes to have things tucked firmly in place all the time, but it can be helpful when working out or if you just like a more snug feel.


If you are sensitive to seams, there are a few things that you can do when shopping for underwear. There are excellent seamless options for women that not only get rid of VPL and mean you will have a nice clean look in your clothes, but you also won’t have to deal with irritating seams pressing against your skin. Most females don’t want a visible panty line, so they look for seamless designs. There are a lot of great seamless styles. Most seamless are Nylon, as cotton tends to be a little thicker and can show through clothes a bit more.

Men can look for styles that Men also have seamless options.

You’re Choosing Sexiness over Comfort

This is a classic mistake anyone can make. I get it. You want to look good, so you go for the painfully uncomfortable yet super sexy option rather than the pair of granny panties or loose-fit boxers. This is a totally acceptable position if you are around someone new who will be seeing you in your underwear and care what they think.

If, however, no one is going to be seeing you in your underwear or you have been with your partner for more than, let say, 6 months, or a year maybe then this shouldn’t be a concern. If your partner really loves you, they will want you to be living your most comfortable life, and all that entails, including being happy to see you in your big baggy undies that can’t be topped for comfort.

You Need to Buy Better Quality Underwear

If you try all of the above and still can’t get a comfy fit, you may need to try better quality underwear. Since you wear it close to your skin every day, it may be worth investing a little bit more money to get good quality, breathable fabrics that are well designed and get excellent reviews.

If being comfortable is extremely important in your quality of life, you may want to consider getting the best underwear that you can afford.




Molly London