The Most Comfy and Plush Men’s Robes to Keep You Warm in the Winter

Nothing beats a plush robe for lounging around the house on a cold day to keep yourself warm and comfortable. The best kinds of men’s designs for the winter are soft, fluffy and you can wear them all day long. Plush bathrobes come in a variety of materials, from polyester fleece to organic cotton in a range of colors.

Robes make excellent gifts since they are both practical and luxurious; you can even get them monogrammed to take your gift to the next level. Whether you need it for relaxation or want something absorbent for getting out of the shower, we have found the most comfortable men’s plush robes for every budget.

NY Threads Luxurious Men’s Shawl-Collar Fleece Bathrobe

NY Threads Luxurious Men's Shawl-Collar Fleece Bathrobe

An extremely popular budget option that you can get on Amazon that is known for being super soft, plush, and great for lounging is the NY Threads Luxurious Men’s Shawl-Collar Fleece Bathrobe. The price of this design really can’t be beat, as it sells for under $30. Usually, with a budget option, you don’t get the luxurious, plush feel to it, but this garment doesn’t seem to have that issue.

The fabric is a 100% polyester flannel fleece that reviews say is incredibly plush, fluffy, and feels like a blanket. The material is also super-absorbent, so it makes a great item to throw on right out of the shower to help dry off. This NY Threads style only comes in two sizes and two colors (dark gray and navy), but most men find the sizing to be adequate and the colors attractive.

It also reportedly washes and wears well, with no shrinkage or shedding in the washer or dryer. Overall this is an affordable, practical, and decent quality bathrobe that makes a great option to keep you warm in the winter.

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Brooks Brothers Supima® Robe

Brooks Brothers Supima® Robe

A good quality and luxurious option that will last for years is the Brooks Brothers Supima® Robe. You can get this style monogrammed (on left breast only), so it makes an excellent gift if you want to spoil your loved ones. It is one of the best choices if you are looking to invest in a high-quality, comfortable plush robe style that maintains a luxurious feel for years.

The fabric is a thick pile Supima cotton, so not only is it absorbent, but it is also super soft and warm, making it suitable for relaxing around the house or for the shower. It can be challenging to find a thick cotton style that is good quality and absorbent, but this design ticks all those boxes. Since it is Brooks Brothers, it is a tad pricey, but the quality and longevity seem to work out well for most men.

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Just For Him Luxury Fleece Robe

Just For Him Luxury Fleece Robe

Another excellent style that you can get monogrammed is the Just For Him Luxury Fleece Robe that you can find at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Men love this design for comfort and luxury since the polyester is very plush and very soft to touch. It is another option that makes a fantastic gift because you can customize it by getting names embroidered in any thread color in either a block or a script font style. Adding a monogram to a super soft, comfy style goes a long way to help to make a gift extra special.

This garment also isn’t overly expensive for a monogrammed item. The only downside is that it is one size fits all so, if you are tall, you may find it a little bit too short in the length or in the arms. The fabric is excellent for warmth as it is 100% polyester, but it isn’t quite as nice as a getting out of the shower type of design since the polyester won’t be as absorbent as cotton.

Available from Bed Bath and Beyond

Nautica Plush Shawl Collar Robe

Nautica Plush Shawl Collar Robe

Nautica usually has some excellent comfortable plush robes for men. The Nautica summer styles are always fun, attractive, and well worth checking out, while their more substantial winter designs are warm, practical, and comfy. One style that you can get on Amazon is the Plush Robe with Pockets.

It has your standard shawl collar that is very soft and comfortable. As you would expect, it features front pockets and a tie belt. The fabric is 100% polyester, so it will definitely keep you warm. Since it is polyester, it may not be the best option if you want an absorbent style for getting out of the shower, but it is perfect if you want a soft, cozy style that will keep you warm from a good quality brand.

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Coyuchi Cloud Loom Robe

Coyuchi Cloud Loom Robe

The Coyuchi Cloud Loom Robe is probably your best option if you are looking for organic cotton that is plush and soft. It is designed as a shower option, so it is excellent at absorbing water, but it also works well if you want a soft organic fabric to wear over a pair of pajamas.

A cool aspect of this brand is that you can buy matching styles for males and females since their sizing ranges from extra small/small to large/extra-large, so it is pretty easy to get a good fit. The fabric is 100% organic cotton grown that is woven in the Aegean region of Turkey. The material is also GOTS certified, and it comes in a white, slate, or a lovely light blue color that all work well for both men and women.

They aren’t the cheapest option, but most reviews seem to find the quality, comfort, and softness you are getting are well worth the price. One thing to note about the Coyuchi Cloud Loom is that you have to be a little bit careful when wearing it as it catches and pulls easily.

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Majestic International Ultra Lux Robe

Majestic International Ultra Lux Robe

An excellent luxury option is Majestic International Ultra Lux Robe made from luxurious cotton terry. This style fits most men well, as the length isn’t overly long or too short. The material is high-quality, terrycloth that is perfect to wear right out of the shower as it has powerful moisture-wicking qualities.

It comes in navy or black and has a slight linear pattern that gives it a little bit of a different look from your standard styles. The weight of the terrycloth is fairly substantial, so you can also use this style if you are looking for extra warmth around the house; it is also the right length to help keep you warm.

Available from Majestic International

Polo Ralph Cotton Fleece Robe

Polo Ralph Cotton Fleece Robe
Polo makes some lovely robes that are usually a safe bet as far as comfort and quality go. The Polo Ralph Cotton Fleece Robe is velvety soft cotton that features the embroidered polo logo. The belt, like all the other products on this list, is a tie closure, and it also has the standard two front pockets that are very useful to have.

The Polo design is known for having a great fit, and the thick cotton fleece is perfect for keeping you neither too hot nor too cold. It usually comes in a few beautiful, rich, dark colors like navy, black, or burgundy. Most reviews mention that this is a comfortable, roomy, and high-quality garment that makes an excellent gift since it has a touch of luxury to it.

Available from Nordstrom

Stafford® French Terry Robe

Stafford® French Terry Robe

A popular, inexpensive style that works well for taller, larger guys is the Stafford® French Terry Robe. It is one size fits most design, so you need to be careful about the size with this one. The fabric is a french terry, so it works well as a plush option to keep you warm out of the shower or for warmth over your pajamas since it is a reasonably heavyweight fabric blend.

Most reviewers find this design to be good quality and an affordable price for what you are getting. It can be hard to find 100% cotton that you don’t have to pay a fortune for, so this is a nice one to check out if you fall into the sizing for this style. The other thing to note about this design is that it is easy to wash and wears well, so you should be able to get quite a few years of wear out of it.

From JC Penny

What to look for:

When shopping for an ultra-comfy style that will work best for your needs, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Fabric–  Plush designs can be made from all kinds of cloth from cotton terry, velour, microfibers, chenille, to polyester fleece. All of the different fabrics have positives and negatives to them. Cotton terry is excellent for absorbing extra moisture when getting out of the shower while velour, microfibers, chenille, and fleece will keep you nice and warm but aren’t so great at drying you off.

Size– The sizing for robes tends to be pretty limited. Usually, they come in small, medium, large, and extra-large if you are lucky. More often, they will be s/m, l/ex, or one size fits all.

Color– Unfortunately, most men’s plush styles are relatively limited in their color options, usually offering a navy or other dark color and a white or grey choice.

Pockets– Pockets tend to be a standard feature on plush designs. They are handy for all kind of things like holding your cell phone or keep your hands warm.

Hood– Hooded designs can be a little harder to find than a cuffed shoulder style. Hoods are great to help absorb moisture from your hair after a shower or to keep you extra warm and cozy.

Length– Most designs will fall just below the knee on most men, although it does depend on your height and the size you choose. Longer lengths will be beneficial in keeping you warmer but may be more cumbersome to move around in.

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