9 Super Comfortable Men’s Pajamas

Three models wearing some of the most comfortable men's pajamas

Whether you wear them for sleeping or just for lounging around the house, a great pair of men’s pajamas need to be comfortable.

The most comfortable styles are usually breathable and warm for the winter or cool for the summer. The fabric should also be durable, yet soft.  Finding the right set can be a little harder than it used to be since there isn’t as much selection available in most major retailers.

If you want a classic set of PJs for yourself or someone you love, we’ve gathered up the best pajamas to keep you comfy and looking amazing.

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L.L Bean Pajamas

L.L Bean Pajamas
People have been buying L.L Bean pajamas for years, and are very loyal to their flannel styles. Their flannel PJs are known for being soft and durable and can be expected to last for many years.

They come in a wide variety of colors, and the fit is pretty traditional with a relaxed fit on the top that includes a chest pocket. The bottoms are straight leg, and they have an elastic waistband, fly, and pockets.

The L.L Bean sets are a little pricey, but they are of high quality and will last for years.

Lands’ End

Lands' End PJs


Another very traditional place to get men’s PJs is at Lands’ End. You have to buy the Men’s Flannel Pajama pants and shirt separately, so you have a bit more flexibility with sizing. That may help you get a better, more comfortable fit.

These are a great choice if you have trouble staying warm, as the flannel is quite thick and durable, while still being super soft. They come with an elastic waistband, a fly with a one-button closure, and two on-seam pockets.

If you are looking for bottoms that can fit a very tall person, this is a good brand to check out, since they come in tall sizes. A nice touch with these PJs is that you can get them monogrammed; a nice touch if you’re giving them as a gift.

Brooks Brothers Wrinkle-Resistant Oxford Pajamas

Brooks Brothers Wrinkle-Resistant Oxford Pajamas
Brooks Brothers pajamas have a reputation for being amazingly comfortable. They have a lot of different styles, including flannel for the colder months.

Their cotton pajamas are incredibly soft, nice to wear, and long-lasting. They have a few different types of cotton, patterns, and different colors to choose from, and they change a bit from year to year.

Men love their cotton sets because they’re comfortable, but also keep you cool in the summer. Some of their collections have contrasting piping that looks super nice. The pants are drawstring waist bottoms only, not the more common drawstring/elastic combination.

Overall, these pajamas are well made and are excellent quality. The only downside is that they’re on the expensive side.

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Nautica Men’s Short Sleeve Top and Soft Flannel Pajama Pant Set

Nautica Men's Short Sleeve Top and Soft Flannel Pajama Pant Set
If you love a matching set, but don’t love the traditional long sleeve options, Nautica has a very nice flannel bottom with a matching short sleeve top.

It is made from a soft and comfortable flannel on the bottom, and the top is soft cotton. It washes and wears very well, with no shrinkage or pilling.

Because of the short sleeves, this style works well for most seasons. Since the flannel isn’t very thick, it is also suitable for men who like to wear pajamas, but who get hot while they’re sleeping.

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Nordstrom Men’s Shop Poplin Pajama Set

Nordstrom Men’s Shop Poplin Pajama SetNordstrom Men’s Shop label is another extremely popular choice. This is a classic and good-quality pajama that men buy year after year.

Some of Nordstrom’s best pajamas are their cotton Poplin styles, which are made from comfy cotton. Nordstrom’s PJs often have quite nice detailing and are made with top-notch fabrics. The top usually has a chest pocket, and the pants have an elastic drawstring waistband, with pockets and a button fly.

The fit of these pajamas is often a little loose, but not overly baggy. Depending on the time of year, Nordstrom also offers a really popular flannel set. They make a lovely gift since they aren’t too expensive but feel like a treat to wear.

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David Archy Men’s Cotton Long Sleeve Pajama Set

David Archy Men's Cotton Long Sleeve Pajama Set
David Archy is a really popular brand of underwear maker, and one of the top sellers for men’s underwear on Amazon. They use a lot of modal fabric, so their designs are super soft and pleasant to wear.

They also offer a long sleeve set of PJs that a lot of men seem to like. The PJ set is 96% cotton for softness, and 4% spandex to give them a little bit of stretch.

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RK Classical Sleepwear Men’s Broadcloth Woven Pajama Set

RK Classical Sleepwear Men’s Broadcloth Woven Pajama Set

If you’re looking for a traditional style that won’t break the bank, Robes King Classical Sleepwear Men’s Broadcloth Woven Pajamas is well worth taking a look at.

This is a two-piece, long sleeve style made of a light fabric that is 55% cotton and 45% polyester. It is pretty wide cut, so if you like your PJs baggy, this may be the style for you.

If you’re considering this style, be aware that it only has an elastic waistband. That will be fine for most people, but if you fall outside average sizing, you may have some issues with the waist (since you can’t adjust it.)

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Hanes Men’s Cotton Raglan Pajamas Set

Hanes Men's Cotton Raglan Pajamas Set

This set from Hanes is another good, inexpensive summer option that isn’t the traditional styling. For the price, this set is pretty good quality and reported to be very comfortable.

This is meant for summer or warmer weather, but if you get very hot at night, you may be able to wear this in the winter months (depending on where you live). It uses something called X-Temp technology, which is supposed to keep you cool and comfortable.

This style also works well as a lounge set, since it doesn’t have a strong pajama look to it. The lack of tags helps to add to the comfort level, as tags can sometimes rub and become irritating. Some men do have had some issues with the pants shrinking a bit, probably due to the type of cotton.

Overall, these are a nice looking, inexpensive option that will keep you cool, while still looking good.

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Hanro Two-Piece Cotton Pajama Set

Hanro Two-Piece Cotton Pajama Set
If you feel like treating yourself, or someone you love, you may want to check out Hanro’s Two-Piece Cotton Pajama Set.

Hanro has a lot of really nice pajama sets to choose from but be warned: they’re pretty pricey. The set that is pictured is 100% cotton, and fairly fitted.

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