The Seven Most Comfortable and Cute Women’s Hoodies

Hoodies are a staple for any comfort loving woman out there. They are amazing for so many different reasons, they will keep you warm, they are cozy, and if you need to unexpectedly cover your head if it starts to rain or snow the hood is right there. If you get one that is a little big and has a soft, warm fabric you will never wear anything more comfortable on a cold winter’s day. My preference is for the zip hoodies, but I’ve included a few pull-over styles if that is your thing.

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Lululemon Scuba Hoodie

They are kind of expensive, but a lot of women love the Lululemon Scuba styles. Right now they are on version V of this particular design, and they are still going strong. The latest fit is very flattering for most body types, and it now comes in 15 different colors. The fabric is a breathable cotton fleece that somehow manages to let you cool down after a workout, but will still keep you warm on cold days. The Scuba is versatile, great for traveling, and flattering for most body types. Owners of this hoodie love the ribbing at the wrists, the thumb holes, and the shape of the hood.

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Alternative Apparel Eco-Fleece

If you are looking for hoodie from a socially responsible company, you can try the Eco-Fleece from Alternative Apparel. The fabric is made in the U.S, and it contains organic and recycled materials. The Eco-Fleece is known for being super soft and long-lasting. This particular style is produced in a Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) accredited factory, which means that they respect the rights and safety of the workers who are making the garments.

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PACT Lightweight Hoodie

Another sustainable pick that is made from organic cotton is the PACT Lightweight Hoodie. This is a great choice for warmer climates or for the spring or summer when you want a layer to stay warm but don’t need a heavy fleece style. This is quite a fitted design so, if you like your sweatshirts a little baggy, you would probably want to size up. This hoodie is a great price for a sustainably made garment.

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Lou & Grey Signaturesoft Hoodie

Lou & Grey is quickly becoming one of my favorite go-to stores for comfortable clothing. Their sweat pants are awesome and they also make really cute and comfy tops to complete the set. The Signaturesoft Hoodie is a perfect example of comfort and function. The 50% Acrylic, 48% Rayon, 2% Spandex material is so soft and warm it is perfect for lounging on a cold winter day.

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American Giant Essential Pullover

American Giant has a few great options for comfortable hoodies. A versatile option is their Essential pullover that is a mid-weight fabric, which means that it isn’t too thin or too thick to get you overheated. Their women’s styles are also really flattering while still being cozy. American Giant seems to put a lot of thought into their different fabric blends. Most of the styles are known for being soft but durable and able to stand up to a lot of wear. They are made in the USA, the company offers military discounts, and they have an excellent return policy.

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Sweaty Betty Escape Luxe Hoodie

The Sweaty Betty Escape Luxe Hoodie is a fantastic comfort option that comes in a number of modern, stylish colors. Apart from the comfort level, the cool thing about this style is the design of the sweatshirt itself. The hem is asymmetrical and is slightly longer in the back giving you a bit more coverage. It also has the excellent feature of longer arms with thumbhole cuffs that can be a very comforting feature to have in a sweater. It is a medium weight cotton blend that is known for its softness.

Available from

Vuori Performance Zip Front Hoodie

The Vuori Performance Zip Front Hoodie is a good option if you are looking for a style for the gym. They are super soft and come in a number of color options in a lightweight fabric. They are a relatively slim fit, so they are flattering but if you want something loose and baggy you may want to size up if you are interested in this style.

Available from Nordstrom


Hoodie Basics


What makes a good fit for a women’s sweatshirt is pretty subjective. Some women like their hoodies to be oversized and loose-fitting for the ultimate in comfort, while others prefer a more fitted waist for a more flattering look. If you are going for pure relaxation and don’t mind a little bit of a boxy look, you may want to check out some of the men’s hoodies in the smaller sizing. Men’s styles are also a bit longer than the women’s fashions for those who prefer more coverage in the hip area. If that is not your thing, most women’s designs are tapered at the waist and have a little more space in the chest area if you want the top to fit closer to the body.


Hoodies are made out of lots of different types of material and material blends. For warmth, durability, and comfort you may want to look for a cotton or polyester fleece blend. Polyester fleece may feel a little softer than cotton fleece when it is first worn, but over time it tends to lose some of that softness. Polyester fleece is warmer than cotton fleece because it doesn’t breathe as well, so your body retains the heat. Cotton fleece will soften up over time and is more breathable, making it a little more versatile for different weather.

Out of our list, The Lululemon style is cotton fleece, while the H&M and Roots are polyester fleece. The others have slightly different blends.


For warmth, you will want to look for sweatshirts that have a heavy fleece or a polyester fleece to help retain heat.  Polyester fleece can sometimes be hard to wear indoors because it can get hot. For colder weather, heavyweight fleece styles are available to help maintain warmth.

The thickness of the fabric

The thickness of the material is also worth giving a little bit of thought to when shopping for a perfect sweatshirt. Hoodies usually come in either a thin, mid-weight or a heavyweight thickness. The type you select will depend heavily on the kind of weather you will be wearing the hoodie in. If you like to layer, you should look for a lightweight or mid-weight. Heavyweights are sometimes not the best for layering as they are too bulky and get too hot.  Obviously, for warmer temperatures, you will be looking for a thinner fabric.


It kills me to pay for expensive styles, but I pretty much wear them every day in the winter so the cost ends up being worth it Hoodies come at almost all price points. What you are usually paying for with a hoodie is the fabric, where it is made (expect to pay more if it is made in the USA) and any branding or logos can also increase the price. You can get simple plains styles for as low as $15 from some stores and online.


To me a hoodie without pockets is kind of useless; you may as well just wear a sweater. Hoodie pockets are fairly standard across the board. Pull-overs usually have one big pocket at the front or more rarely two at the side. Zippered styles will have almost always have two pockets.


The quality can vary quite a bit between different brands; some other high quality, but still reasonably well-priced brands to look out for are Hanes, Jockey, Champion, and Gildan.


Your two basic styles are a pullover and a zipper style. Both have their benefits and drawbacks. The hood almost always has a drawstring closure, and pockets are at the front of the garment or slightly to the sides.


One of the best things about hoodies is that they are very low maintenance. To clean them all you need to do is throw them in the washer and dry them in a dryer, they don’t even need ironing. It can’t get easier than that.


If you are someone who lives in your sweats, let me know in the comments below if you have any recommendations.



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