The Most Comfortable Men’s Lounge Pants

If you are spending more time at home these days as most of us are, it is an excellent opportunity to find some comfy, cool, and lightweight men’s pants for wearing around the house. The perfect option is lounge pants that are kind of a cross between pajama bottoms and sweats and are usually made from a soft material that is very thin and has a barely-there feel to it. A lot of men wear their lounging clothes for sleeping or obviously for lounging around the house. These styles are great for times when you want to relax in total comfort in the silkiest, softest fabrics going. We scoured the ratings, read many opinions, and analyzed all of the styles to find you the top picks.  From straight leg to on-trend jogger designs, these are the pants men love to relax in. See and shop some of the best men’s lounge pants below.


Daniel Buchler Peruvian Pima Lightweight Cotton Lounge Pants

Being stuck at home doesn’t have to suck if you get a pair of these luxurious Daniel Buchler Peruvian Pima Lightweight Cotton Lounge Pants. They are made from an extra-soft, lightweight Peruvian Pima cotton that feels light as air yet is easy to care for and is surprisingly durable. They have side pockets as well as a back-closure pocket, so there is plenty of storage. The only thing to note with this Daniel Buchler design is that, as you can see in the picture, they have quite a long length to them, so you may want to double-check the inseam length if you are interested in this style.

Available from Nordstrom

Nautica Men’s Soft Knit Sleep Lounge Pant

The Nautica Men’s Soft Knit Sleep Lounge Pant is an ultra-comfortable inexpensive style that is made from a lovely soft material that is 60% cotton and 40% polyester. They are a straight leg with no elastic cuffs at the bottom of the leg, to give you a nice loose feel. They do have an elastic waistband along with a drawstring to help you get a good fit around the waist. They also have a button fly, that adds an interesting design element and the Nautica logo at the hip. Since they are a lounging design, they have pockets at the side that you can store your phone or wallet if needed. The cotton-poly blend is somewhat thin and lightweight, but the polyester helps to make them warm, These Nautica around the house bottoms are also very reasonably priced, so they are an excellent option for almost any man.

Available from  Amazon

Tommy John Second Skin Lounge Pants

Tommy John has taken the much-loved modal fabric that they use for their very popular underwear to make a fantastic pair of pants to relax in. If you aren’t familiar with modal, it is a semi-synthetic fabric that is made from beech tree pulp. It is taking over the underwear industry because it is stretchy, soft, breathable, and has a nice drape to it, so it always looks and feels really good. It is also extremely durable, eco-friendly to make, and is fully biodegradable. Since modal is so soft, silky, and breathable, it makes the perfect fabric for wearing at home when you want to relax. It is also very popular for t-shirts and things like sheets for people who are looking for a comfortable style. Anyway, back to the Tommy John Second Skin design, it has everything you need in a lounge pant, along with the soft modal fabric, it also has a comfy waistband and side pockets. Most men find they get a great fit with this option and find that the stretch in the fabric makes them easy to move around in. It also provides good coverage but isn’t overly hot or thick, so it is perfect for around the house or for sleeping,

Available from Nordstrom

MeUndies Lounge Pant

A lot of the colors and prints for lounge styles can be pretty plain, but they don’t have to be. If you are looking for something that is both functional and fun, you are going to want to have a look at MeUndies Lounge Pants. MeUndies offer this design in 7 classic colors like black, blue, or grey, but you can also get them in 20 + ‘adventurous’ patterns. From Star Wars to pizza patterns, there is something for everyone. They also make amazing gifts if you want to surprise your favorite person to a little something special. This pick is made from a micro modal that is ultra-soft, feels like silk, and is relatively thin yet very durable. The material is so comfortable against your body that one reviewer described these pants as “the next best thing to being naked. But with pockets,” which seems like a fair selling point. One interesting thing to note about this design is that even though they have a tapered leg, the fabric is so stretchy that they don’t feel constricting in the way some tapered legs can.

Available from

Hanro Night and Day Knit Lounge Pants

If you really want to treat yourself (who doesn’t), you may want to have a look at Hanro. Hanro is a Swiss company that is known for its very,  soft, luxurious high-end underwear, sleepwear, and basics like t-shirts. They have a few different lounge options, with one of their best being the Hanro Night and Day Knit Lounge Pants. These are made from super soft cotton that will keep you cool and comfy. They are a slim fit and feature an elastic waistband with a drawstring and handy good-sized side pockets. These are definitely a splurge, but if you are looking for a high-quality style that is made from the finest cotton, these may be a good option for you.

Available from Bloomingdales

Polo Ralph Lauren Relaxed Fit Cotton Knit Lounge Jogger

The Polo Ralph Lauren Relaxed Fit Cotton Knit Jogger is the perfect lazy day companion for a lot of men. They are made from a soft 100% cotton jersey and are the popular tapered jogger design. The fit is pretty close, and it has the ankle cuff to help give it a modern, fashionable look.  Since it is Polo, it does have the embroidered Polo logo that is on the front left side near the pocket. The cotton knit is said to be very lightweight, good quality, and stretchy.

Available from Nordstrom

Calvin Klein Ultra-Soft Modal Lounge Joggers

Calvin Klein makes some of the comfiest boxer briefs that are made of a very soft modal fabric, so it isn’t a surprise that they also have a much-loved lounge option. The CK Ultra-Soft Modal Joggers are a fantastic alternative to some of the straight leg modal styles. The tapered design is a pretty slim fit, so along with banded ankles, this a good pick if you don’t like your pants riding up when you are sleeping. This pick is known for being extremely comfortable and washing well despite the light and thin feel of the fabric. Unfortunately, they don’t come in a lot of colors; currently, you can get it in black and an olive camo print.

Available from

If you don’t like the jogger style, there is also a straight leg option in a modal fabric that you can find on Amazon

What to Consider When Shopping for Lounge Pants:

Comfort is key when finding that perfect pair of bottoms to wear around the house. There are, however, a few other things to keep in mind.

Fabric– Styles that are marketed as “lounge pants” are almost always a thin, soft material. Lounging pants can be whatever you want them to be from thick sweats to old boxer shorts. But if you buy a design that is labeled as a ‘lounge pant,’ you can expect it to be made of a relatively thin and lightweight fabric that is often a modal blend or soft cotton knit.

Design– You basically have two design styles that you need to choose between straight leg or tapered bottom. The straight leg is the more common style in loungewear, but if the design is long, it can make it necessary for you to get the product hemmed, or they may drag on the floor. Excessively baggy styles can also get twisted if you are wearing them for sleeping, and you move around a lot when you sleep. Tapered legs (sometimes called a jogger) with a banded ankle can be a good option if you like a design that can pass for an on-trend jogger that you can wear out in public. Jogger styles may also give you a little more control over the length.

Pockets– Traditionally, one of the main differences between lounge and pajama bottoms is the addition of pockets. However, many PJ bottoms are now being made with pockets to the dismay of some. Pockets are great for storing things like your phone or wallet if you need to go out for a quick errand. The downside to pockets is that in some cases, if you are sleeping and sleep on your side, they may cause discomfort with extra fabric pressing into your skin. This isn’t a common problem with most styles, but it can be an issue with thick material.

Length– Lounging pants are relatively limited in sizing, and most styles tend to be quite long. It is a good idea, especially if you are buying online, to check the inseam length of any styles that you are considering just to make sure you aren’t disappointed with the fit when you get them.


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