The Most Comfortable Men’s Cardigans

A cozy men’s cardigan is a great addition to add to your wardrobe when the weather gets cold. This type of sweater can give you a relaxed or sophisticated look, making it suitable for both casual and professional settings. High-quality men’s cardigans also provide optimal comfort and warmth for those days when you need an extra layer. Cardigans come in a huge variety of materials, cuts, knits, weaves, and styles. Whether you’re looking for men’s shawl collars or a simple V-neck design, we have found some very warm, great for layering styles that can work for lazy weekends or a day at the office, keep scrolling to find out more.

L.L. Bean Signature Cotton Fisherman Shawl Cardigan Sweater

If you are looking for a warm 100% cotton option for cold weather, you will want to look at the L.L. Bean Signature Cotton Fisherman Shawl Cardigan Sweater.  Cotton sweaters aren’t as warm as wool sweaters, but some men don’t like the feel of wool, so you can go for the heavier cotton knits for warmth. If you have bought this sweater in the past, you may be initially disappointed in the newer slimmer fit, but it helps cut down on the bulk of the design and is more stylish. It features a rib-knit buttoned shawl collar that can be turned up for extra warmth to use as outerwear, or you can dress it up with a nice shirt and look professional while staying nice and warm.   A big plus for cotton sweaters is that they are easy to wash and keep clean, so they are a little bit lower maintenance than some wool sweaters.

Available from L.L Bean

Uniqlo Merino Wool Cardigan


The Uniqlo Merino Wool Cardigan is a great style for the office as it isn’t super thick, but since it is made from Merino wool is does provide a nice comfy layer of warmth. The fabric’s thinness is pretty deceptive since it is quite soft to the touch and relatively durable. It is also machine washable and has gone through a special process to help prevent pilling. The classic neckline helps this design go well with a dress shirt or a T-shirt making it a comfortable and stylish addition to your wardrobe.

Available from Uniqlo

Inverallan 6A Shawl Cardigan

This hand-knitted shawl-collared cardigan from Inverallan is a bit of an investment, but it is a style that will stand the test of time. You may even be able to pass it down to your children (that is how long these well crafted Scottish wool sweaters last). This classic cable knit (along with some double moss stitch & honeycomb) design feels soft and cozy enough for wearing around the house, or it can be worn as outwear because of the knit’s thickness. Even with frequent wearing and washing, they can stay in great shape for many years, making them well worth your investment.

Available from

SNS Herning Stark

The iconic SNS Herning Stark has been a favorite style for quite a few fashionable men for a few decades now. It is a heavy knit,100% pure new wool (with soft merino wool on the inside collar) that is solidly constructed and as you can see from the picture, quite distinctive. The Stark runs very long and somewhat slim, so it isn’t necessarily a great design for everyone, especially those looking for a loose sweater. The wool is thick and heavy, so you can wear it as an outer layer in fall weather or layered under a jacket in the winter months. Since they are so heavy, they can get hot indoors. The Stark is also loved for the distinctive buttons and the extra warm stand collar.

Available from EndClothing

Banana Republic SUPIMA® Cotton Cardigan Sweater

Banana Republic is a great place to get comfortable sweaters for men that are good quality and won’t break the bank. The fabrics that they tend to commonly use are also usually very soft to the touch. They offer a few different cardigan styles that are worth checking out, especially the Merino wool options. You may also want to look at their SUPIMA® Cotton Cardigan Sweater. This is a thicker style made of super soft SUPIMA cotton if you want an alternative to wool.  This design features the cozy shawl collar and classic details like a patch front pocket.

Available from Banana Republic

Spier & Mackay’s 100% merino cardigans

Spier & Mackay’s 100% merino sweaters are another excellent, slightly thin but warm choice. Spier & Mackay’s sweaters are also very durable, the cardigan pictured has been made from soft Australian merino wool that has been anti-pill treated that helps extend the life of the sweater. This simple, classic, versatile option is perfect to wear to work over a dress shirt or with a T-shirt and works really well as a layer.

Available from Spier & Mackay’s

Woolovers Mens Lambswool Lincoln Zipper Cardigan

A zipper cardi is a nice alternative to a button-up and a great one to check out the Woolovers Mens Lambswool Lincoln Zipper Cardigan. This sweater has a nice weight to it so that you can wear it as outwear or as a layer in a cool indoor setting. It is made of 100% lambswool, so that you can expect a bit of itchiness with it, but as long as you wear it with a shirt underneath, you probably won’t notice it since the wool is so soft. The high neck is great for giving you that extra bit of protection against the cold. This design is also machine washable and resistant to fading, pilling, and shrinking.

Available from

AllSaints Mode Slim Fit Wool Cardigan

If you are looking for a little different style, this AllSaints Mode Slim Fit Wool Cardigan is well worth a look. It has an open front design with no zipper or buttons, which you don’t see very often in a men’s cardigan. It is made from Merino wool that is soft and stretchy and very comfortable against the skin. The design has a slight shawl collar that gives it a modern twist.

Available from Nordstrom

Pendleton Original Westerley Sweater

The Pendleton Original Westerley Sweater is a well-known sweater made famous by the Dude wearing it in The Big Lebowski. The original Westerley came out in 1972 but has been updated a few different times to adjust to changing sweater preferences. It is 100% lambswool in 3gg knit that comes in the original tan color or the newer charcoal color pictured above.  These are really high-quality sweaters that are very heavy and warm but maintain enough looseness for comfort. They also last for years.

Available from Amazon

Goodthreads Men’s Soft Cotton Shawl Cardigan

The 100% Cotton Goodthreads Men’s Soft Cotton Shawl Cardigan is a comfortable and midweight sweater that is perfect over a shirt or as an additional layer under a jacket or coat. It is an inexpensive option known for having pretty good quality for the price and having a nice fit. Reviewers note that the cotton is very smooth on the skin and not at all scratchy like wool can be.

Available from Amazon

Club Monaco Wool Cardigan

Club Monaco sweaters are perfect for office wear as they always look professional while still being modern and stylishly cut. The fabrics are usually soft and luxurious as well. Club Monaco switches their styles up quite a bit each year, but they usually offer a simple classic wool design like the one pictured above.

Available from Nordstrom

What to look for

Cardigans are such a versatile sweater that can be worn as outwear to stay warm or as a layer to keep you cozy inside. You can’t really go wrong with a cardigan sweater; they are super practical and can be pretty stylish depending on how you wear it and what styles you go for. Here are a few things to keep in mind when finding that perfect cardi.

Types– There are quite a few different types of cardigans. The button down classic v-necks are some of the most common that you will see, but you can also look for chunky cable knits and the shawl collar styles that have been increasing in popularity over the last few years.

Material– Cotton, wool, cashmere,  acrylic,  or wool blends, are the most common types of yarns used for cardigans. If you are looking for a lightweight sweater, look for thin cotton. Wool, cashmere, and acrylic fabrics will provide a lot of warmth.

Cost– You can get inexpensive options from Amazon for less than $20 to styles well in the hundreds of dollars for designer wool and cashmere knits.  Some of the sweaters listed above are investment pieces, but brands like Pendleton and Inverallan have reputations for lasting for decades when well taken care of.

Colors– Solid colors are usually the preferred choice for most men, but patterned knits can make a nice statement.

Knits– You can get sweaters in a huge variety of different knits from plain to textured (cable knits, Saxon braids, or honeycombs) that are lightweight or heavy.

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