The Best Men’s Yoga Shorts for Comfort

Shorts are one of the most comfortable things for men to wear when practicing yoga. There are a few excellent options that have been designed specifically for yoga practice so they will wick sweat, stretch with your body, and generally make your life more comfortable. These designs work well for any yoga style, including Ashtanga, Bikram, and Hatha. They are also designed in such a way so your clothes won’t feel bulky but both loose or tight in the right areas. Some options even include odor wicking liners that may have a bit of compression for comfort. There are several fantastic men’s yoga shorts that will work well for your practice, the following are a few of the best:

YogaAddict Men Yoga Shorts

YogaAddict Men Shorts are a very popular option on Amazon that are known for their sweat-wicking fabric and super comfy design and fit. They will stretch with you as you practice your poses, and the durable drawstring and elastic waist will ensure that the shorts won’t move out of place and unintentionally expose any private body parts when you are in a difficult position. They come with two outside pockets and are made with a material that is 94% cotton and 6% spandex to give them that little bit of stretch, so you don’t have to adjust them constantly. The YogaAddict designs will also stay in place around your legs when you’re doing a handstand, downward dog, or other inversion poses, but are loose enough to let you move around comfortably. This YogaAddict design stops at or just above the knee and is perfect for most body types. Some people find the material a little bit thick if you are doing hot yoga, but otherwise, consider these a great choice to help you enjoy your practice.

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Yoga Crow Swerve

The Yoga Crow Swerve is a popular style of shorts that is super durable with a luxurious feel to them.  The Swerve is made with a soft, flexible fabric that is easy to move in but doesn’t feel bulky or get bunched up in the wrong areas. The boxer brief liner has excellent moisture-wicking and odor-fighting features as well as a four-way stretch that gives a bit of support but isn’t as strong as a compression garment. It makes for better breathability and more comfort, and you don’t have to wear boxers or briefs under this design. The fabric is also relatively thick, but it helps everything stay in place. They have pockets, an inner drawstring, and most men find the inseam length to be perfect (neither too short nor too long) for yoga.

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4rth Men’s Yoga Pants

4rth Yoga Pants are a looser fit option that has quite a lot going for them. They are made in the USA from a custom modal fabric that is not only super soft and comfy, but it is also made a sustainable Birch Tree wood. Men love this style because it has a cuff at the bottom that comes down just below the knee, that helps them stay in place, so you don’t have to worry about any exposure like you would with a loose-fitting short. This style has lots of great reviews about how comfortable they are, and most people feel like they look great for classes. The other features that are loved are the fit, which is neither too tight or too loose, and the breathability of the fabric that works well even for hot yoga. If you want something that stays in place without binding, this could be the style for you.

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Lululemon T.H.E. Short 9″ Liner or the Pace Breaker

Lululemon used to have two of the best designs for yoga that had a comfy liner, provided a bit of support, and allowed your skin to breathe. For some reason, Lululemon loves to change the designs many of these most popular products, and often, the design changes aren’t well received. This is what seems to have happened with the latest version of both the T.H.E 9″ style and the Pace Breaker. The new liner design appears to be too tight for a lot of people,  and they don’t seem to like the new design so much. I figured I’d list both options in this post in case they switch back to the old style of the liner at some point in the future. Other than the liner issues, both the T.H.E. and the Pace Breaker are made of lightweight, stretchable, and breathable fabrics that work well for any exercise. You can also get both styles without the liner and just wear whatever you want as an underwear/under layer.


Nike Dri-FIT Yoga Training Shorts


Nike Dri-FIT Yoga Training Shorts are made with a soft jersey that is heathered with a brushed inner side to make them extra soft and comfy. The Nike Dri-FIT is a loose fit, so you will need to wear an under layer with this style to avoid exposing yourself. This design is known for its secure and comfortable elastic waistband and the exceptionally soft fabric that lets you move with a good range of motion while feeling light and breathable.

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Vuori Kore

A lot of men buy the Vuori Kore for yoga then quickly discover that they make a great all-around style for almost any kind of exercise or activity. They have a liner in them, so you don’t have to wear anything underneath. The liner is only a light compression, so they are supportive but not constricting. They’re also cut nicely for mobility, with the length being just above the knee. The drawstring keeps your shorts up, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off. The pockets are deep to fit whatever items you may need to store. The fabric is excellent for practicing heated yoga since they wick sweat nicely to keep you nice and fresh. The Kore is incredibly comfortable for almost any body type, and the stretch material doesn’t restrict movement in any way. If you need a versatile and stylish option for a range of activities that is super comfortable and looks great, check out the Vuori Kore.

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Alo Yoga Warrior

Some men love a bit of compression when working out to help keep everything in place and to avoid binding and the material getting in the way. If you like your yoga shorts to be tight, you are going to want to have a look at the Warrior Compression Short. The Warrior is designed for comfort with a 4-way-stretch fabric that lets you move into each pose without being bothered by your clothes bunching up or exposing body parts. You should be able to stay dry and odor-free as the Warrior uses and moisture-wicking antimicrobial technology in the fabric.  It has an adjustable drawcord to help ensure the Warrior stays in position. Most men find the level of compression in this style great for yoga.


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Alo Unity 2-in-1 Shorts

The Alo Unity 2-in-1 Shorts is a two in one option that gives you the support of the compression under layer but also has the outer layer that may be a better look for a lot of men. Not everyone is comfy with skin-tight options that show every bulge, and this is a flattering style. They feature roomy pockets with invisible zips and an extra-comfortable waistband. The Unity 2-in-1 is an excellent design for movement as it uses a 4-way-stretch fabric that will stretch with you as you move through your workout. If you are doing hot yoga, the material has moisture-wicking antimicrobial properties to keep you dry, comfortable, and odor-free. The liner won’t ride up and bunch up if you are doing inverted poses, but will give you an excellent level of support.

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What to Look For:

A few things to keep in mind when shopping for yoga shorts include:

Stretch – Look for fabrics that have the right amount of stretch. This will help you be more comfortable when you move.

Compression– A lot of people feel most comfortable with a bit of compression when exercising. You could wear compression underwear or wear a compression short like the Alo Warrior on its own if you tend to overheat. Some men may be uncomfortable wearing such a tight garment but love the compression so they will wear a looser style over top. Some of the designs include liners with a bit of compression, and that also helps everything stay in place.

Length-Yoga shorts come in a wide range of lengths from very short to those that fall below the knee and are almost Capri like. Very short styles can feel uncomfortable when you are doing inversion poses if they fall back and expose your parts. For that reason, some of the most popular lengths fall around the knee or even below the knee. This is good for keeping the garment in place while also being able to stretch out in different poses. If you get overheated when exercising, shorter lengths can offer the most ventilation. If you are worried whether the 3/4 length options are flexible enough, they are usually made with plenty of room for movement.

Pockets-Pockets can be excellent for going to and from class, but when practicing having items in your pockets can be a bit of a hassle. If you want to keep things in your pockets during practice, it is best to look for options with zippered closures. Zippers will stop your keys and whatever else you happen to be carrying from falling out. Or just take them out of your pockets before you start your session.

Moisture-wicking– You can get pretty sweaty during yoga practice, especially if you are doing hot types, so it is best to look for sweat-wicking and breathable fabrics. All of the designs on this list have sweat-wicking materials that will keep you dry and comfortable.

Elastic waistband – A secure waistband is an excellent feature to get on this type of short as it will help your clothing stay up, especially when doing inverted poses. You will also want a drawstring cord in addition to the elastic waistband to ensure you can adjust the waist so your shorts won’t fall down.

Liners- Liners can be a useful feature if you don’t want to wear your regular underwear with your shorts. The liners tend to be made with breathable, sweat-wicking, and anti-odor materials that may or may not have a little bit of compression.

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