The Best Camisoles 10 Comfortable Styles

Camisoles are a versatile undergarment that can be worn under clothes to help smooth out bra lines, add an extra layer under a lightweight top, or to help keep you warm in colder weather. Some designs come with a built-in shelf bra, giving you a comfortable alternative to wearing a bra. Camisoles can also be great for work under a cardigan or suit jacket to stylish yet polished look. A proper fitting and good quality cami is a wardrobe essential with unlimited uses, so it is well worth picking up a few styles. If you are looking for a ridiculously comfortable cami that you will never want to take off, scroll down to have a look at some of the very best options.

Express Best Loved Bra Cami

The Express Best Loved Bra Cami has many die-hard fans that go back to year after year. This Express option is a cute design that is loved for its comfy stretch cotton and attractive fit. It has adjustable spaghetti straps and a built-in shelf bra, so you can make sure you are getting the right amount of support. That fabric is primarily cotton with a touch of spandex, and it has a reputation for being thick and stretchy and lasting forever. People love this style because it is very high quality for a reasonable price. Since it has the built-in bra, it can be worn as an undershirt under blouses, tops, and sweaters, for extra support, or as a top on its own.

Available from Express

Amazon Essentials Women’s 4-Pack Slim-Fit Camisole

The Amazon Essentials Women’s 4-Pack Slim-Fit Camisole Adjustable is a wildly popular budget option that is from Amazons’ in-house clothing brand that seems to check a lot of the boxes for a perfect camisole. It has adjustable straps and is made of a soft, mostly cotton fabric blend (95% cotton and 5% spandex) with a little bit of stretch for extra comfort. Despite the low price, most reviews find this style to be of good quality and work well as a layer for everyday wear. It also appears to hold up well to washing and repeated wear. It comes in a wide selection of pretty colors to choose from, although since they are sold in packs of four, you may not be able to select the exact colors that you want depending on what’s available. A couple of other things to note about this design are that there is no shelf bra, so most women will need to wear a bra with it, and the length will fall at the hip on most women, so it isn’t an extra-long style.

Available from Amazon

Jockey Elance Supersoft Camisole

The Jockey Elance Supersoft Camisole is known for being very soft and comfortable. The material is a little thin but not so thin that it is too sheer, so many women love to wear it as a pajama top. There is no built-in bra, just one layer of fabric, which also helps to make this a lovely cami to sleep in. Besides being great for relaxing in, it works well as a layer under tops, especially in the warmer months. This design comes in a boatload of colors, so if you are looking for a specific color, they have many options. A lot of people find that they love this top so much that once they start wearing them, they want to wear them all the time. If you are looking for a style that has no bulk to it and is very flattering, this is a great one to have a look at.

Available from Amazon

PACT Organic Cotton Shelf Bra Camisole Tank Top

Sometimes it is a bit hard to find good organic tops, so if that is a consideration for you, check out PACT Organic Cotton Shelf Bra Camisole. It is made with a super soft 95% organic cotton that is breathable and safe on your skin, especially if you react to chemicals or synthetic fabrics. This is a basic design with a scoop neck, adjustable straps, and a supportive built-in wireless shelf bra. This garment is not only organic but isn’t made in a sweatshop and is made with fair trade cotton that is GOTS certified. The most loved features of this style are the length, the excellent quality shelf-bra, and PACT’s sustainable philosophy. The material is quite thick and not overly smooth, but it does mean that you can wear it on its own without fear of showing through.

Available from Amazon

Jockey Women’s Luxe Camisole

The Jockey Women’s Luxe Camisole is a soft and luxurious style that has a beautiful silky feel to it that won’t bind or catch on anything you are wearing it with. If you follow standard sizing (you don’t size up or down for a tighter or looser fit) has a nice amount of support that will hold things in place without being uncomfortable. Like most Jockey products, it stands up well to repeated washings, with no color fading, and the fabric doesn’t tend to stretch out. If you are small chested, some women find they can get away with wearing this style without a bra because it has a double-paneled front. The double panel also makes this a good style if you are wearing a sheer blouse or a lighter weight top. This is a design that looks great but is also super functional and a little bit sexy. It comes in several attractive color options that can change a bit depending on where you buy this style from.

Available from

PJ Harlow Anne Satin Sleep Cami


If you are looking for a sleep camisole, then look no further than the PJ Harlow Anne Satin Sleep Cami. It is a loose fit style that is comfy, luxurious, and has a long length for full coverage. The only downside to this cami is the straps can’t be adjusted. Women love this PJ Harlow style when they want to pamper themselves since the silky feels of the fabric is very comfy and soft on the skin. This is also an excellent option for warmer nights as the fabric will keep you nice and cool.  Despite the loose fit, this design won’t twist and become uncomfortable during the night as the silky texture prevents this from happening.

Available from

Gap First Layer Essentials Seamless Cami

The First Layer Essentials Seamless Cami is a style that has a versatile fit and incredibly soft yet durable fabric that washes and wears well. The slightly thick weight of the material and the length of the design make it an excellent option to wear as a layer to keep warm. The thickness of the fabric also makes it an excellent choice to wear on its own or with an open-faced sweater. Gap is now selling it in a variety of colors that work well with all different skin tones.

Find at Gap

Colette Silk Cami

A good silk style cami can be a little bit tricky to find. A great one is the Colette Silk Cami that you can find at Anthropologie. It is stylish, cute, and comes in a few pretty colors. Women love the fit and feel of this style, and it works well as a layering piece or is great just on its own.

Available from

Commando Butter Camisole


The Commando Butter Camisole is a soft, stretchy, and lightweight, luxurious choice. It is made from a mostly modal blend (with spandex) with a barely-there feel to it. People love this style’s fit and feel; it is excellent for smoothing out lumps and bumps while not being too constricting or tight. The adjustable spaghetti straps help get a good fit, and depending on the sizing, you will get a bit of shape with the design. Commando underwear is almost always well designed and high quality. They tend to make very lightweight undies that are perfect for everyday comfort.

Available from Nordstrom

Hanky Panky Signature Lace’ Camisole

If you are looking for a lace cami, a go-to design for a lot of women is the Hanky Panky Signature Lace’ Camisole. A lot of women love the Hanky Panky lace thongs but are perhaps not as familiar with some of the other underwear they produce. It may be a surprise to some, but this lace style is known for its comfort, non-scratchy feel (after it has been washed a few times). Lace can often be very uncomfortable to wear, but that is not the case with this top. You can get it in a rainbow of colors, so there is something for pretty much any kind of outfit.

Available from Hanky

What to Look For:

To help you find the most comfortable style, there are a couple of things to keep in mind before you start shopping.

Straps– Most designs come with adjustable straps; obviously, this is a great feature to help ensure you are getting a good fit, especially if you are purchasing a design that has a shelf bra, and you need to make sure you have good you have the right support.

Length– Length is a reasonably important aspect to get a style that you feel comfortable lin. Depending on where you want the length to fall and the length of your torso, you may want to pay close attention to any product descriptions that give measurements for length and compare it with the length you are comfortable with.

Fabric– Fabrics can range from silks to cotton to Lycra to stretchy lace. The most common styles are cotton and spandex/lycra blends that are great for every day. Silk can be a good option for sleeping, and lace is helpful if you want to dress up a look.

Neck Style– Most camis tend to be scoop necks, but there are a few options with v-necks, but they are much less common.

Built-in Bra– You can get camis with or without a shelf bra. Shelf bras can mean that you can wear the cami on its own and avoid having to wear a bra. If you don’t like to wear bras or find them very uncomfortable, a cami with a built-in bra can be a more comfortable option in some cases.

Sizing– Many women buy more than one size in camis, depending on how tight they want the style to fit. Somedays or with some tops, you want a nice snug fit without any bulk underneath, while other days (or when you are sleeping), you may want more of a loose fit. It is nice to have a variety of sizing options.

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