Most Comfy Men’s Lightweight Pajamas for Summer

Six of the most comfortable lightweight pajamas for men

In the warmer months, men’s lightweight pajamas help you stay cool and comfortable while enjoying a relaxing night staying in. The best summer pajamas sets are made from lightweight fabrics like cotton, viscose, or modal that make you feel good when you want to relax.

Whether you are looking for long pants or shorts styles in modern or classic fits, we have rounded up quite a few options that have comfort-orientated designs and luxuriously soft fabrics. Staying in is so much better when you’ve got a nice pair of pajamas that offer summertime comfort. If you are looking for a pair of great quality lightweight, cooling PJs for men, scroll down for our picks for the best comfortable lightweight pajamas for men.

Fruit of the Loom Short Sleeve, Knee-Length Pant Pajama Set

Fruit of the Loom Short Sleeve, Knee-Length Pant Pajama Set

The Fruit of the Loom Short Sleeve, Knee-Length Pant Pajama Set is an excellent option to start our list. They are inexpensive, look good, and are super lightweight and comfy. This Fruit of the Loom PJ is made with a cotton-polyester blend and features a button-down front shirt, so they are easy to get on and off. The waistband is elastic, and there is a functional button fly.

These are excellent cool and comfortable styles for hot weather. They have a loose fit that men love, and the lightweight material helps regulate body temperature, so you don’t overheat when you are sleeping.

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Club Room Shirt and Pants Pajama Set

Club Room Navy Check Shirt and Pants Pajama Set

One option that is popular with men looking for a traditional cotton design is the lightweight Club Room pajama set that you can find at Macy’s. This Club Room PJ has the classic spread collar, button front, and a useful chest pocket that you can expect from a standard pair of pajamas. The waistband is elastic, and the closure has snaps that give you a choice of widths.

Macy’s sells a few Club Room cotton pajamas that are all basically the same style and fabric but have slightly different fabric patterns. These are a very nice-looking set of pajamas that men have been coming back to year after year for decades. They are inexpensive, last for years, and have a comfortable fit.

Available from Macy’s

Hanes Woven Plain-Weave Pajama Set

Hanes Woven Plain-Weave Pajama Set

The Hanes Woven Plain-Weave Pajama is a popular traditional style that works well for warmer weather. If you are someone who likes to have more coverage but still likes to stay cool, this is an excellent PJ to check out. The fabric is a cotton-poly blend, and it comes in a nice variety of patterns. This is a classic design that has a loose comfy fit, so they are easy to move around in. The elastic waistband is covered and is adjustable, so it is easy to get a good fit around the midsection.

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Latuza Men’s Short Sleeves and Shorts Pajama Set

Latuza Men's Short Sleeves and Shorts Pajama Set

If finding sleepwear that has cooling, very soft fabric is your goal, you should check out Latuza Men’s Short Sleeves and Shorts Pajama Set. The material is a smooth and silky viscose made from bamboo, The top is short sleeves with a V-neck design, and the shorts have a decent inseam length. The shorts also have large side pockets that can store a phone and a comfy elastic waistband that is adjustable.

This pajama set is very comfortable, and it keeps the skin cool when sleeping, so they are excellent for summertime wear. Depending on the size you get, they have a loose baggy feel, so they are perfect for relaxing in. The material is super soft and with a little bit of stretch to them. Since they don’t have a typical pajama look, you can easily wear this style for lounging or as regular shorts.

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Gap Poplin Pajama Set

Gap Poplin Pajama Set

Gap is always a great place to get lightweight summer PJs for both men and women. Their most popular styles are sold as separates, but they sometimes sell full sets. This year, they offer the Gap Poplin Pajamas, which is a nice choice if you want to stay covered and are looking for a lightweight fabric. The set is 100% cotton and reportedly feels soft and comfortable to wear in the heat.

This style is currently only available in two colors, but they are both a classic traditional look with a patch pocket, notch collar, and button front that you can’t go wrong with.  Gap does have more options in lightweight fabrics if you just buy the pants as separates and pair them with a T-shirt or whatever you prefer.

Available from Gap

Dagsmejan Sleep T-Shirt + Shorts

Dagsmejan Sleep T-Shirt + Shorts

If you have a lot of trouble staying cool when you sleep, an excellent option to consider is the Dagsmejan Sleep T-Shirt + Shorts. Dagsmejan uses natural fibers with the latest textile technology to create an ultra-light, breathable moisture wicking fabric called NATTCOOL™. They use this high tech fabric in their pajamas to help regulate your temperature when you are sleeping. Men who own this style find that the fabric is light and feels fantastic to wear to sleep.

The benefit of the NATTCOOL™ material doesn’t wear off or wash away but is permanent for the life of the garment. This design is a T-shirt and shorts design style that many guys prefer to the traditional long cotton pajamas.

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Majestic International Cotton Pajamas

Majestic International Cotton Pajamas
A higher-end designer style that is known for its super luxurious pajamas is Majestic International. You can usually find them at Nordstrom’s, or you can get them directly from the Majestic International site.

They have a few options that will work well for summer, but a nice one to take a look at is their 100% cotton styles. It has contrast piping, a classic button-front shirt, and elastic-drawstring pants. The cotton is known for being super soft and comfortable. If you are looking for a high-quality option that looks great, check out Majestic International’s styles.

Available from Nordstrom

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