The Top 6 Softest and Most Comfortable Modal Sheets

The Best Modal Sheets

If you are a fan of modal and are wondering if this fabric is a good option for sheets, we have gathered up some of the best sets and what you need to know if you are considering investing in some new sheets.

If you’re not too familiar with modal, it is a semi-synthetic fiber that is a popular material for underwear, PJs, and T-shirts because it is cool, breathable, and absorbent. It is similar to Tencel and bamboo in that it’s made from plant fibers and is soft and stands up well against shrinking, fading, or stretching out. If they aren’t treated gently, modal bed sheets can be prone to tearing or developing holes, but with careful laundering, they can last quite a long time.

Below are some of the best and most comfortable modal sheets on the market,  keep scrolling to find out which sets are worth your money.

Premium Modal Sheets from Macy’sBest Modal Sheets

These Premium Modal sheets are one option if you are looking for good quality and durable bedding that is very soft. It is made from a blend of soft cotton and modal knit that feels like you are wrapped in your favorite T-shirt. It is comfy, and good quality, with sizing that stays put even on thicker mattresses.

If you take a bit of care when washing, you can get a decent amount of wear out of this set. Both cotton and modal are excellent to help regulate your body temperature when you are sleeping, and this collection does a great job of keeping you cool or warm during the night so you stay comfortable.

Available from Macy’s

Amariona Rayon 100% Modal Beechwood Sheet Set

Silky Modal Sheets

The Amariona Rayon 100% Modal Beechwood Sheet Set is a well-reviewed and great-quality choice that has many loyal fans. It is an attractive option that has a silky soft texture.  People love the feel of the fabric because it is soft, smooth, and cool to the touch.

Like other bedding listed in this post, you need to be careful when laundering by washing in cold water on a delicate cycle so you don’t weaken the fibers and lead to tearing. With proper care, you’ll be able to enjoy these sheets for years.

Available from

Great Bay Home Extra Soft Modal Jersey Knit Sheet Set

Extra Soft Modal Jersey Knit Sheet Set

The Great Bay Home Extra Soft Modal Jersey Knit Sheet Set has an excellent reputation with its Jersey Knit Modal Sheets. Since they are jersey knit, they are more like a T-shirt and less silky than the sateen set. Jersey is generally considered one of the softest weaves available. The fabric is 100% modal that is wrinkle-resistant, doesn’t pill, and the color stays bright after multiple washes.

This collection also does a great job at moisture-wicking, so you stay cool and comfy even on the hottest nights. The feel and the weight of the fabric mean that you can use them in winter and summer. If you are looking for a set that is super soft, stretchy, and lightweight, this product is worth checking out.

Available from Amazon

Soft Tees Luxury Cotton Modal Ultra Soft Jersey Knit Sheet Set by Royale Linens

Soft Tees Luxury Cotton Modal Ultra Soft Jersey Knit Sheet Royale Linens

The Soft Tees Luxury Cotton Modal Ultra Soft Jersey Knit Set by Royale Linens that you can find at Walmart is also a jersey knit, so it has the lovely T-shirt feel to it. It comes in a great selection of 9 colors in all of the standard mattress sizes, with a generous depth and full elastic around the fitted sheet.

The fabric is a cotton-modal blend that is naturally breathable and silky smooth to the touch. The combed cotton helps make it softer than what you would expect with regular cotton, but still gives you the benefits of a good cotton blend.

Available from Walmart

Brielle 100-Percent Modal from Beech Jersey Knitted Sheet Set

Brielle 100-Percent Modal from Beech Jersey Knitted Sheet Set

Brielle Modal Jerseys sets are made from Tencel, which is a high-strength fiber famous for its strong and silky feel made of the natural cellulose from Beechwood trees of Europe.

These sheets are another pick made with a Jersey weave, so it feels like a T-shirt, but is also silky soft and has a lightweight feel. The colors are beautiful, and if washed according to the instructions, hold up well to wear.

Available from Amazon

Tavarozzi Knitted 100% Modal Set

Tavarozzi Knitted 100% Modal Set

These Tavarozzi Knitted Sheets are also made from modal from Lenzing, so they are silky, have excellent breathability, and powerful moisture-wicking properties. Consumers find these sheets to be very soft and comfy and work well for thicker mattresses. If you are looking for a silky feel, these are well worth a look.

The colors and the sizing are pretty limited, with only three colors and one size at the time of writing this post, but they are an inexpensive option that most people find to be of exceptional quality for the price.

Available from

What You Need to Know:

Modal is a semi-synthetic fiber that is popular for making activewear, pajamas, and underwear.  It is breathable, absorbent, and silky soft. It is generally considered a more eco-friendly alternative to cotton because beech trees require much less water to grow than cotton trees. Some estimates say they need as much as twenty times less water to grow, so you can see that they make a sustainable alternative to cotton.

Washing– One of the problems that consumers run into with modal is that it wears out quickly and people get disappointed with the product. It can last for a long time, but you need to be extremely careful when laundering and follow the washing instructions carefully. Generally, you need to clean in cold water on a delicate cycle. If you put them in the dryer on high heat, it can break down the fibers leading to holes and ripping.

Feel– Modal has a very soft and silky feel to it. It can be blended with other materials, most commonly cotton or spandex.

Sizing– You must measure your mattress carefully before you purchase any type of sheets since sizing issues are generally the biggest problem with getting the right sheets.

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