14 Most Comfortable Men’s Business Casual Pants

There is no need for men to be uncomfortable when wearing business casual pants. There are many chinos or khaki styles that have soft, stretchy fabrics that not only look great, but are also unbelievably comfortable to wear. This new breed of ultra comfy pants come in modern colors and are suitable for the office environment or for casual wear when out on the town. We have found some of the best casual pants for the money, that will work well for all different body types whether you are slim, on the short side or have an athletic build.

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Bonobos Washed Chinos

If you aren’t familiar with Bonobos, they are a brand whose goal is to make better fitting clothes for men. They started by making a better fitting pant that has a curved waistband that conforms to your waist. The pants come in over 30 colors and have 5 different fits to choose from. They also have extensive sizing and length options, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a good fit.  Bonobos have free shipping, easy returns (you don’t need to pay to ship products back), and reportedly very good customer service. As far as the pants themselves, the Bonobos Chinos are made from a pre-washed, 100% cotton that can be machine washed and tumbled dry on a low heat, so they are pretty easy to take care of.

Available from Bonobos

Dockers Men’s Comfort Khaki Stretch Relaxed-Fit Flat-Front Pant

Dockers have been the go-to khakis for most men for years, and are a casual clothing staple in many work places. If you haven’t bought any Dockers for a while, you may want to check out some of their latest styles. These days Dockers offer 5 different fits (skinny tapered, slim tapered, straight, athletic and classic) and like most other big brands, they have incorporated flex and more lightweight fabrics for a more comfortable pants wearing experience. They do still offer a few styles with pleats for more classic look, as well as the more current slim and skinny styles. As far as colors, Dockers now come in around 8 different colors depending on the style that you go for, with some options being more limited in color. The most popular style for comfort is the Dockers Men’s Comfort Khaki Stretch Relaxed-Fit Flat-Front Pant. The reason that this style is great for comfort, is that it is a looser fit and it has a comfort-stretch waistband that can give you up to two inches of extra room and help you get a better fit. This pant is also wrinkle resistant and it has the flattering flat front, along with the handy slanted side and welted rear pockets that are nice and deep.

Available from Amazon

Uniqlo Chinos


If you haven’t tried them yet, a great place to get pants is Uniqlo. Most of their options are quite good quality at very reasonable prices. Their business causal pants are fairly modern, usually in a slim or skinny fit that are tapered in the leg. One of Uniqlo’s bestselling styles is the Slim-Fit Chino Flat-Front Pants. If you get the sizing right, this fit shouldn’t be too baggy or tight but have just the right amount of room for pure comfort.The flat front gives them a stylish feel that can be dressed up or down. This pant can run a little longer than what you may be used to with standard sizing, so it is often worn with the cuff turned up (or just get them hemmed). Overall they are  a good choice for all day comfort while at work.

Available from Uniqlo

Betabrand Dress Pant Flex Pants

If you are preoccupied with being as comfortable as possible at all times, you are definitely going to want to take a look at Betabrand. They make dress pants that feel like sweatpants that you can wear to the office and still look professional. They key to their comfort is a 4-way stretch fabric that is similar to what you find in a yoga pant. Betabrand pants have detailing like front hand pockets, back pocket, zip security pockets that sneakily help to maintain the look of dress pants. One of the most popular styles is the Dress Pant Flex Pant that are popular because they are thin and lightweight and have lots of room in the mid section. You can wear them casually or dress up. Most men who own these pants love them.

Available from Betabrand

LEE Men’s Performance Series Extreme Comfort Khaki Pant

For those looking for an inexpensive option, you are going to want to have a look at the Performance Series Extreme Comfort Khaki Pant from Lee. They are made of stretch material and they have a slightly sweatpants feel to them. They wash well and don’t get too wrinkled after washing. The Extreme Comfort Khaki feature pockets on the back and the side, and have a one button closure above the zipper. This style has a lot of flex in the waist line, while still maintaining a flattering fit. They are comfy, great for moving around in, and the price can’t be beat.

Available from Amazon

Everlane The Midweight Slim Chino

Everlane have good quality, nice fitted styles that are perfect for the urban dweller. The Everlane Midweight Slim Chino is a versatile option for all kinds of situations due to the style and the weight of the fabric.  They are a slim fit and as you can see from the picture the waist or rise of the pant is a bit higher than other options. They have two front and two back pockets. The fabric is a breathable cotton weave that is super comfortable and soft, with a little bit of stretch to them. These pants wear well and don’t get wrinkled easily.

Find at Everlane

Express Chinos


Express has lots of good stretch dress pants in all different cuts. They also come in multiple shades (too many to list). Since Express have so many styles to choose from, a good place to start is to check out their Slim 365 Comfort Stretch+ Chino. The Slim 365 Comfort Stretch+ Chino super light and comfortable, they tend to fit most men quite well and they are very stylish. You can definitely wear this style in an office environment.

Find at Express

Banana Republic Rapid Movement Chino


An easy to find, great quality design for a slightly more dressy business causal look are the Rapid Movement Chinos from Banana republic. Like other big brands, they come in lots of different fits with a wide array of colors to choose from.The key selling features of this style is the  stretch material that keeps its shape all day long, while also being super comfy. They also have added water and stain resistant properties that are a little bit of a more unusual feature to find in a comfort chinos.Most of the BR chinos styles have a front coin and off-seam pockets as well as rear buttoned welt pockets. The BR chinos can be machine washed and hang dried.

Find at Banana Republic

Eddie Bauer Wrinkle-Free Relaxed  Fit Chinos

If you love a classic look chino, a good store to try is Eddie Bauer. Eddie Bauer have closed a lot of their stores and aren’t as popular as they once were, but you can still buy pants on their website. The styles are not all that stylish or modern, but a lot of men will like the looser fits that are available and some of the fabrics are wrinkle free. Eddie Bauer pants are known for fitting well, being durable and keeping their shape.

Available from Eddie Bauer

GAP Original Khakis in Straight Fit with GapFlex

Another well-known place to get good, inexpensive khakis is Gap. They have been making great business causal pants for years and have updated most of their styles and fabric to incorporate the new flex material and comfort technologies. The choices from Gap can be a little overwhelming, so start with the GAP Original Khakis in Straight Fit with GapFlex. This is one of their more popular styles that has a reputation for being unbelievably comfortable  The are usually offered in a few different colors and the fit is relaxed slim but not overly baggy.

Available from Gap

J. Crew Stretch Chinos



J Crew chinos are very popular as a comfort option, especially their best-selling 484 Slim and the 707 Straight styles (they have also introduced two new fits including an athletic and relaxed).

The 484 Slim comes in 14 colors and they are much beloved by the men who wear this style. As you can tell by the name they are a slim fit. They come with a zip fly and side and back pockets. The key to the success of the 484 is that they have a little bit of stretch in the fabric due to the blend of cotton and elastane.

The other popular J Crew style is the 770 Straight.They are very similar to the 484 (come in 14 colors, a little stretch to the material, and similar pocket style) but they have a looser fit as they are straight leg not slim leg like the 484’s.

J Crew is a little pricier than some options that you may be considering, but they can be machine washed and are easy to care for. Both styles are reportedly super comfortable and great quality for the price.

Available from J Crew

Incotex Classic Chinos

If you are looking for a high-end, deluxe pair of chinos that have a designer cut and feel, Incotex may have the style for you. This is a brand that is known for the cut of the pants and the high quality fabrics that are used. Incotex has been around since 1951 and has a background in making military uniforms, so you can imagine that they make a pretty nice khaki. If you appreciate hand crafted Italian clothing, and need a casual chinos have a look at the Incotex casual pants.

Available at Farfetch

Club Monaco Connor Stretch Chino

Club Monaco is well worth a look if you are looking for a modern take on the casual pant. They are made from comfortable stretch cotton fabrics and come in a wide range of stylish colors. Most of their styles are a slim fit and made from a mid-weight cotton blend that can be worn year round.

Available from Club Monaco

IZOD Men’s Saltwater Stretch Chino

Izod are a budget brand that has a fantastic casual pant that are perfect if you need a style for work, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money. The Saltwater Stretch Chino come in slim, classic or straight fits in a wide range of colors. What is cool about this style is that the fabric has been washed and broken in before the pant is made, so it is super soft. They are also designed for movement, so you can bend, stretch, and squat and have no trouble with the pant adjusting to your body. They are also machine wash and dry-able and can be worn right out of the dryer with no ironing. The pockets are a nice size, and the build of the pant is sturdy and should last a while.

Available from Amazon

Before shopping:

Before you set off to find that perfect pair of khakis or chinos, there are a few basic things to keep in mind.


The bigger brands usually have, at the minimum, a slim, straight or classic fit. Obviously over the last few years the popularity of skinny styles has also become very popular. The other fit that is pretty popular these days is the athletic fit, which is great for those who work out, as it usually gives you a little extra room in the hip and the thigh and is tapered in the leg.


Most business casual pants are made from a cotton blend. Cotton is a good material because it breathes well and allows you to stay comfortable. 100% cotton pants could be a little stiffer than those that have the flex fabric options, but the more you wash and wear cotton the softer it will become.


The big breakthrough in creating comfortable business causal pants was when companies started to include fabrics that have a little bit of stretch. These stretch fabrics are usually just a cotton blend with a small percentage of either spandex or Lycra/elastane in the mix.

Wrinkle free

If you aren’t a fan of ironing your clothes there are a few options that are better than others. Eddie Bauer has a decent selection of wrinkle free options. Banana Republic, Dockers as well Old Navy sometimes has some options. Just be careful with wrinkle free styles, as they can sometimes have a slight plastic feel to them that isn’t comfortable.


The days of only the khaki colored causal pant being available are long gone, most business causal options come in a rainbow of colors, as well as the basics, so you can pretty much where any color of chinos that your heart desires.

Leg opening

When you are shopping be aware of the type of leg opening that you prefer. Many of the more modern styles are fairly tapered, which just means that they get skinnier as they get closer to the ankle. A regular style will just mean that the pant will get wider as they go towards the ankle.

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