6 Comfortable House Shoes for Women

When you are at home, it is nice to have a pair of comfortable house shoes to help you relax and pamper your feet. The best house shoes or house slippers are those that give you support while allowing you to slip them off and on effortlessly like a slipper.

Some people use the term interchangeably, but generally, slippers tend to be warm, and fuzzy, have a plush lining, and are sometimes worn indoors as well as for short trips outdoors. While house shoes are usually just worn to keep your floors clean and should not be worn outside.

Traditionally house shoes tend to be relatively inexpensive, and you can get them from a Chinese market for less than 5 dollars but they aren’t usually very comfortable.

We were more interested in looking for house shoes that are comfy and easy to wear that make walking on bare floors much more pleasant (including some options that are beneficial if you have plantar fasciitis). Read on for our picks for the most comfortable women’s house shoes.

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Adidas Performance Women’s Adilette

Adidas Performance Women's Adilette


The Adidas Performance Women’s Adilette are a lot of people’s favorite sandals period, but they also work well as house shoes. The key to the wild popularity of this slide is the soft cushioned footbed that makes them feel ultra-luxurious after coming home from a long day.

It does take a few days to break this slide in and for it to mold to your foot, but once broken in, you may find it challenging to go without this shoe at home. The Adilette comes in various colors, and there are sometimes different versions with slightly different features.

They have pretty good arch support for a slide, so if you have issues with your arches, they may be a good option. The other cool thing about the Adilette is that it holds up well to getting wet.

Available from Zappos

Teva Women’s Voya Slide Sandal

The Teva Women’s Voya Slide Sandal is great for around the house, especially if you have tile or hardwood floors. The footbed is a little bit soft and comfy while still having a little bit of arch support. They work well as summer house shoes that keep you cool if you can’t go barefoot.

A nice feature of this shoe is that you can adjust the strap if your feet are wide or narrow to ensure you get the right fit. The Voya is also easy to clean and wash if you spill or get any dirt on them.

Available from Amazon

OOFOS OOahh Slide Sandal

OOFOS OOahh Slide Sandal
If you suffer from foot pain, a great option to try out is the OOFOS OOahh Slide Sandal; this super popular slide is a fantastic choice to wear around the house due to its squishy, comfortable footbed. They aren’t the best-looking house shoe, but they are probably the most comfortable house shoe that you are going to find. They have great support for heels and arches and conform to your foot in such a way that it helps to absorb the impact of your weight onto your feet.

The OOahh Slide is suitable for plantar fasciitis and heel pain, such as bone spurs. This shoe is also moisture-resistant and easy to clean since they are machine washable. If you have pain when you walk on hard surfaces, there is a good chance these slides will eliminate it. Unfortunately, they only come in three colors, and they do not come in half sizes.

Available from Amazon

Nike Benassi JDI Slide

Nike Benassi JDI Slide

Another athletic slide that works well as a house shoe is the Nike Benassi JDI Slide. Like the Adidas slides, they are easy to get on and off, have a comfy footbed, and are super comfortable to wear. They also have the Nike logo across the front if that is something you like.

You can wear the Benassi with or without socks, and they have decent arch support for most people. They come in a few different color combinations, and they are usually a little bit cheaper than the Adidas Adilette.

Available from Nike




A lot of women who have plantar fasciitis love these VIONIC Samoa slides because they are supportive and still comfortable. They don’t require any break-in time so you can wear them right away. The two straps are leather and are adjustable with a Velcro fastener, so it is straightforward to change quickly if you need to.

The footbed on the Samoa is very cushioned with a flexible EVA midsole, and they feature excellent arch support for those who need it. It is also a style that is easy to get on and off quickly and easily, so they are great as house shoes, in addition to a slide that you can wear out.

Available from Amazon

Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe

Skechers Women's Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe

Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy is designed as a walking shoe, but it makes a great house slipper if you are looking for a style that is comfy yet lightweight and cool for the warmer months. It comes in a good variety of colors and is a style that is worn a lot as a house shoe because of the super comfortable footbed, as well as the ease of getting it off and on.

It has a little bit of arch support, along with excellent cushioning. The outsole is non-slip with a good grip to help reduce the chance of falls.

Available from Amazon


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