The Most Comfortable and Flattering Work Dresses

The perfect women’s work dress is a little different for every woman depending on your career and the style of dress you find most comfortable. Some women feel comfy in a fitted stretchy knit, while others prefer a fit and flare. Whatever your preference, we have discovered several excellent options from budget-friendly styles to high-quality designer picks. Dresses help make getting ready for work simple, and they can be much comfier and more flattering than pants. If you need to look polished and professional for work, read on to see some of the best modern to classically tailored designs that are suitable for most corporate dress codes and versatile enough to be worn out for drinks or dinner after work.


Vince Camuto Angled Ruffle Sheath

Vince Camuto makes fabulous work dresses, and most styles are designed in such a way that they fit nicely, are super comfy, and are amazing quality. They also generally work well for most corporate dress codes. Vince Camuto has many great options for work, but one that is a little different but very popular is the Angled Ruffle Sheath. This is a beautiful, versatile pick that is fashionable while still having a little bit of stretch for comfort. It comes in two colors: ivory and black. The ivory is a slightly thinner fabric and good for warmer weather while the black is great for colder weather. Regardless of the weather, you can also easily wear this style for a presentation at work then out in the evening for a more formal event. It is a simple design, but the peplum detail very flattering and helps to hide areas that you may not want to emphasize.  If you go by standard sizing, the fit is somewhat tailored, so if you want a little bit more room, you may want to consider sizing up, but again, the fabric is stretchy, so for most women, the standard-fit isn’t uncomfortable. This Vince Camuto pick is lined, and it has a lovely weight to the material that is not too thin nor too thick, kind of similar to a light wool crepe. If you are looking for a form-fitted, beautiful outfit that is fashionable but still office-appropriate, this Angled Ruffle Sheath design is worth a look.

Available from Nordstrom

Lark & Ro Women’s Classic Long Sleeve Wrap

The Lark & Ro Women’s Classic Long Sleeve Wrap is one of Amazon’s best selling work dresses.  It is a classic wrap design that is flattering for most body types. Despite its very low price, a lot of women feel that this is a good quality style that is well made. The chest is a little low cut if you are planning on wearing it for work, but you can fix it quickly with a safety pin to make it a little bit more appropriate if needed. Since it is a wrap skirt you need to be aware that the skirt could blow open, but that’s the case with any true wrap dress you just have to take a little bit of extra care when wearing it, and in most cases it won’t show anything if it is wrapped properly since it has a button and a tie to hold it closed. The fabric is soft and thick enough that you can’t see through it, and also it drapes nicely. The wrap at the waist is very flattering as it cinches in at the waistline to give a beautiful hourglass appearance. This design is wrinkle-free, easy-care, and comes in a vast array of colors and patterns.  If you need something easy and comfortable to wear all day, this style will provide you with a flattering custom fit that looks modern and feminine.

Available from Amazon

Tommy Hilfiger Belted Fit & Flare Midi Dress

A fit and flare style of dress is one of the most comfortable types of fits for all body types, and a perfect example is the Tommy Hilfiger Belted Fit & Flare Midi Dress. It is a flattering design that is easy to wear and looks great on everyone. It is simple, elegant, and very comfortable partly due to the design and partly due to the stretch in the material. You can wear this at work for meetings and then on to after-work activities. Currently, it only comes in two colors, black and aubergine. It can be dressed up or down, and the basic style means that you can wear it almost anywhere.

Available from Macy’s

Old Navy Sleeveless Ponte-Knit Sheath Dress for Women

The Old Navy Sleeveless Ponte-Knit Sheath is a fantastic budget dress that comes in black or a classic striped pattern. Despite being sleeveless, this is a style that can be worn year-round with a blazer or cardigan or on its own in the warmer months. The black color can be worn for almost any type of work situation, while the stripes can be a lighter look for warmer months. This Sleeveless Ponte-Knit Sheath is exceptionally comfortable and well-fitting on most body types.  This is another versatile sheath that can be dressed down or up, which makes it great for any occasion and especially suitable for the office as it is durable yet fashionable.

Available from

Tahari Tonya Pleat-Shoulder Dress

Tahari is another brand that makes excellent work options, and you can find them in all kinds of stores from Nordstrom to Macy’s or on the Tahari website. A popular Tahari option that is suitable for the workplace is the Pleat-Shoulder Dress. This is another great piece that works well for day or after hours, and it has a little bit of a unique look to it for a work style. Since it is sleeveless, most women will want to wear this design with a blazer or jacket if they are wearing it to the office. The fabric has some stretch to it, so it is comfy for sitting or standing, and it won’t wrinkle when you are sitting. Women love this style as it is very flattering, and there is enough stretch in the material to make it comfortable.

Available from

Rekucci Women’s Slimming 3/4 Sleeve Fit-and-Flare Crossover Dress


This Fit-and-Flare Crossover Tummy Control Dress is designed for comfort. The brand that makes it, Rekucci, makes some of the comfiest budget work pants going, so it is no surprise they are now making some comfy dresses. This Fit-and-Flare Crossover option is made from a thick, substantial material that has a beautiful drape to it. The design and the fabric make it very slimming since it can hide bumps and bulges. Not only is it flattering, but it is comfortable and almost wrinkle-proof.  It is an easy to wear style that has no zipper, and it is a pull on and is appropriate for nearly anyone who is looking for a classic choice that is an excellent value for the price.


Available from Amazon

Ann Taylor Sheath Dresses

Most of the sheath dresses from Ann Taylor are lovely styles that can be worn year-round for work. Sheath dresses are fitted, straight cut, and don’t tend to have a waist seam. It is usually knee-length which makes it a comfy and work-appropriate style. Ann Taylor is an excellent place to get work clothes that are classic and simple yet versatile enough that can be dressed up or down for any occasion when paired with a jacket, sweater, or jewelry.

Available from Ann Taylor

M.M. Lafleur The Etsuko

M.M. Lafleur is a wonderful brand that is a great place to check out when shopping for work clothes, as that is what they specialize in. They make pieces that are beautiful and practical and aren’t the run of the mill styles that you find everywhere else. M.M. Lafleur sells many elegant work options, but one, in particular, the Etsuko is a great investment piece as it is stylish, flattering, and comfy. It can also be worn all year due to the weight of the fabric, and you can even machine wash it. It comes in five beautiful colors and is classic and stylish enough that you can easily take it from day to night.

Available from M.M.


J.Crew Resume Dress



The J. Crew Resume Dress is such a pretty style that is not only comfy but super versatile as well.   The material stretches a little, but it keeps the shape, so despite the close fit, it is suitable for most body types. The fabric is also able to stay wrinkle-free even if you are spending significant portions of your day sitting. It has a very professional look to it, and sleeves add a modern touch. The Resume even has the most excellent feature on a dress, which is, of course, pockets. Pockets can be tough to pull off on a form-fitted shirt, but J Crew manages to do so flawlessly on this style.  This design can easily be dressed up for after-hours, or you can tone it down with a jacket to make it more professional for work.

Available from J Crew

Theory Sheath Dress in Stretch Wool

Theory Sheath Dress in Stretch Wool is a classic style that works great for year-round wear. Despite being such a simple design it is modern and feminine and looks amazing. The stretch wool provides a flattering silhouette while the flex in the material makes it easy to move around. It comes in three colors: navy, black, or charcoal.

Available from

Calvin Klein Dresses

Calvin Klein always has a tonne of great work options, one that is very popular is the Buckled Sheath Dress. It is an elegant style that has lots of beautiful detailing like the buckle. The material is thick and stretchy, so it hides a lot of flaws. The v-neck can be a little revealing on some women, but it is generally fine for the average body type. As you can see from the picture, it would be easy for this design to be appropriate for work or easy to elevate with accessories for a more formal occasion.

Available from Lord & Taylor



Talbot’s Knit Tweed Sheath Dress

Talbots often have lovely work dresses that are usually modest and straightforward designs that are made from luxuriously soft fabrics, so they are pleasant to wear. The Talbots Knit Tweed Sheath Dress is very popular for comfort seekers as it is luxe, smooth, and a little bit stretchy. It also doesn’t wrinkle, so some women love this style for traveling. You can wear this sheath for work or more formal occasions as it is a little bit on the dressy side. The neckline is a wide round shape and is on the higher side. It is an all-year-round sheath that can be worn with a shrug, a jacket, or a cardigan.

Available from Talbots

Brooks Brothers’ Pinstripe Stretch-Wool Button-Slit Sheath

You can usually find some pretty nice work dresses at Brooks Brothers that, in some cases, aren’t overly expensive. They have standard fits that you would expect from Brooks Brothers, but they also have a line that is aimed at a younger, more modern audience called Red Fleece. The Red Fleece pieces are a slimmer cut and have an emphasis on comfort. A lot of the styles are pretty cute. Check out the Pinstripe Stretch-Wool Button-Slit Sheath pictured above for a modern take on the pinstripe.

Available from Brooks Brothers

Eliza J Fit & Flare Sweater Dress

Sweater dresses are a popular option for some business casual offices, as they provide excellent comfort and a little bit of warmth but look polished enough for a work environment, A good sweater dress to consider if you are shopping for work is the Eliza J Fit & Flare Sweater Dress. This is a flattering yet cozy style that is wonderful for the colder months. The material is an ideal weight, it comes in green, aubergine, or black and it has a very subtle cut out to the top of the bodice.

Available from Nordstrom

Hugo Boss Work Dresses

If you work in an environment that requires a very formal professional look, you may want to check out Hugo Boss. They always have a beautiful selection of work dresses that are often very form-fitted, but sometimes they have some looser, more relaxed fits that are suitable for the office. Their prices are obviously on the higher end, but the fabrics and fits usually look very professional and worth the price

Available from Hugo Boss


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