The Most Comfortable Travel Wraps

Eight of the most comfortable travel wraps

The best travel wraps are those that are comfy and so versatile that they allow you to be ready for anything and any weather. They are the ultimate item to take when traveling that can be used as a scarf, shawl, small blanket, pillow, or as an accessory for dressing up your outfit.

Wraps are a must-have for those who want to feel comforted when on the road, whether it is on a plane or while walking around a new city. Most styles are generally lightweight and take up very little space in your carry-on, purse, or your suitcase.

From beautiful budget options to luxe cashmere styles, the following are generally considered the most comfortable travel wraps that work well for all of the different types of situations you can find yourself in when away from home. Scroll down to see these comfy styles.

White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wraps

White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wraps

White + Warren make the gold standard in high-end travel wraps. They come with an eye-popping price tag, but they are made from an ultra-soft and warm 100% cashmere that is to die for. They sell a regular size that is 81″ x 36″ or a mini size that is 78 x 28″. The regular size comes in around 20 colors that change slightly from year to year.

The mini has less color selection, but the colors that are offered are all lovely and suitable for most women. These scarves are very luxe in person and look elegant when worn with long sleeve t-shirts, jeans, dresses, winter coats, or just about any outfit.

Since they are such a high-quality cashmere, they are tissue soft but feature the fantastic ability of cashmere to keep you warm. White + Warren wraps are an investment piece that are surprisingly durable so that you will be able to wear them for years.  If you want a design that is super soft and luxurious, that will keep you comfortable on a plane or to instantly dress up any outfit, these designs are worth checking out.

HappyLuxe Travel Wrap and Blanket

HappyLuxe Travel Wrap and Blanket

The HappyLuxe Travel Wrap and Blanket is an option that is a little easier on the budget than the White + Warren products but still has all of the great benefits of an excellent quality design.  You can use this HappyLuxe style as a blanket, coverup, and it is fashionable enough to dress up a basic outfit. It washes in a machine or a sink easily and dries quickly when hung to dry overnight.

The weave is tight, so it is quite durable while still being incredibly soft and lightweight. The fabric weight also makes it practical to wear as a layer since it isn’t cumbersome. It does have a pocket that some people love to use for storage; some people don’t like it so much as they feel it can look awkward when you wrap the scarf in a certain way. Pockets can be a useful feature to use not only as storage but as a hand warmer.

Whether you are looking for a scarf, shawl, or small blanket, the HappyLuxe Wrap will work well for any of those functions, especially for travel since it is light enough to pack away into a bag or tie around a purse strap.

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INC Solid Oversized Travel Wrap

INC Solid Oversized Travel Wrap

The INC Solid Oversized Wrap is a soft rayon material that is thinner than some of the other styles on this list, but it still makes a handy travel accessory. It has a very short 1/2 fringe that adds beautiful detail to the design, and the material has a slight sheen to it so it can dress up an outfit.

Since the fabric is somewhat lightweight, it may not provide as much warmth as some women may require. Still, it will give you excellent coverage and a decent extra layer making it useful for traveling or adding an extra layer to an outfit. The dimensions are 35″ x 80″ so it is an ample size for both a shawl, scarf, or blanket.

Available from Macy’s

Lululemon Snap Scarf

Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf RuluThe Lululemon Snap Scarf is a slightly different style of scarf that works well for traveling as well as just general out and about use when you aren’t away from home. It is a versatile, comfortable style that can be used as a stylish scarf or coverup. One unique feature of this style is that it snaps at either end to let you customize the look and fit and allow you to wear it in many different ways.

The dimensions of the scarf are 27” x 58” so it is a little smaller than most other options on this list, so if you are tall it may be a stretch to use this as a blanket, but it is versatile nonetheless. It comes in a Rulu fabric, that is soft and comfy.

It has a few different prints that can add a little bit of a textured look to an everyday outfit.  This scarf is easy to wash and dry either in a sink or machine and holds up well to repeated washing. Some of the uses that women have found for this scarf include a sweater, a wrap, a neck warmer, a blanket, and to dress up or down an outfit.

C by Bloomingdale’s Oversized Cashmere Travel Wrap

C by Bloomingdale's Oversized Cashmere Travel Wrap

The C by Bloomingdale’s Oversized Cashmere Travel Wrap is a lovely style that has many uses. It’s large 30″W x 71″L  size allows you to wear it in almost any fashion. It is big enough that you could drape it over your shoulders as a shawl or use it as a blanket.

The cashmere knit is soft and comfortable, making this a cozy item to bring along on any trip, especially in the fall or winter. The cashmere is thin, warm, not itchy, and lightweight enough to wear indoors on a chilly day, yet warm enough to protect from the cold winter wind.

Reemonde Large Extra Soft Cashmere Wrap Scarf

Reemonde Large Extra Soft Cashmere Wrap Scarf

The Reemonde Large Extra Soft Cashmere Wrap Scarf is a super soft and highly recommended budget option that is available on Amazon. It is known for its low price and good quality material. It is also lightweight but long and thick enough to provide you with extra warmth when needed.

It is a 20% cashmere and 80% acrylic blend, but there are various types of cashmere, so for the price of this style, you aren’t necessarily getting high-end material. Regardless, most find this Reemonde style to be soft and excellent quality, especially for the price you are paying.  Many women say it is warm, large, and drapes very nicely when worn as a shawl or a coverup scarf. It can easily be hand washed and dries quickly overnight when hung to dry.

Available from Amazon

The Travelwrap Company

The Travelwrap Company

If you are looking for a particular color or fabric type and aren’t having much luck finding what you are looking for, you may want to check out the Travelwrap Company. They are based out of the UK, but they ship worldwide.

Their wraps come in a variety of colors and patterns, are handcrafted in a mill in Scotland from sustainably sourced fibers. They offer not only styles for women but men and children as well.

They also have an excellent selection of cashmere styles made specifically for weddings. You can get your wrap personalized with monogramming, and they even offer a bespoke service so you can have the product made to your exact specifications and color.

Barefoot Dreams® CozyChic™ Travel Shawl

Barefoot Dreams® CozyChic™ Travel Shawl


The Barefoot Dreams® CozyChic™ Travel Shawl is made from a soft microfiber that will keep you warm and cozy in all kinds of situations. This style is a shawl that is made with a slightly thicker fabric than other options on this list. It is 28 1/2″W x 71″L, so while it is quite long, the thickness of the fabric would make it a little bit too cumbersome to wear as a scarf.

A lot of people like this style as more of a shrug option rather than a blanket you can use to stay warm on a flight. It reportedly works well for situations where someone needs extra warmth on their upper body, like in a hospital or a wheelchair, in addition to its uses as a travel accessory. You can machine wash and tumble dry the CozyChic material, so it is easy to take care of.

One cool feature worth noting is the patch pockets that work well for carrying personal items or for warming hands. As with pretty much all Barefoot Dreams products, it is wonderfully soft and snuggly. One other notable benefit is that you can fold the shawl into the pocket to make a pillow when traveling or relaxing.

Melifluos Women’s Shawl

Melifluos Women's Shawl

Another popular inexpensive style from Amazon that is worth having a look at is the Women’s Shawl from Melifluos. It is made from bamboo viscose, so it is super soft to the touch and has a polished sheen on the fabric.

This shawl has a few interesting aspects to it, including that it is double-sided on the nonsolid color options, and you can get it in many patterns as well as solid colors. The sizing is 48 ” by 48,” and this is a style that works best for moderately cold weather as it won’t keep you really warm, it just adds a nice extra layer of warmth.

It is a design that looks elegant when wearing and has a lovely drape to it, so it is a wonderfully versatile piece to take with you when on the road.

Available from Amazon

What to look for:

Fabrics-There are some great options that are made of fabrics like rayon or viscose that are very comfy and inexpensive to purchase. If you are looking for comfort, you can’t go wrong with cashmere. Cashmere is known for its softness, lightweight feel, and warmth, of course, it comes with a higher price tag, but the comfort level can’t be topped.

Design– Most wraps are usually just giant scarves that are big enough to be used as a small blanket to keep you warm. You can find designs that are more like a shawl or a poncho or that have armholes. Occasionally they will have pockets or a unique design feature like snaps or a different cut that will allow you to style it in usual ways.

Dimensions– The range of sizes goes from about 22 inches wide to as long as 85 inches. As a comparison, an average throw blanket is 50 inches wide by 60 inches long. You can get styles that are not as wide or not as long.

One thing to consider when thinking about a measurement you would want in a travel accessory is how you will be using it. If you are primarily using it as a scarf, you don’t want to get a design that is overly wide because it will be too bulky to wear. If you think you will use it as a blanket, then a longer length is worth considering.

Weight- If you are looking for warmth, you may want to look for thicker options. You can also get cashmere which is lightweight and comfy to wear but also lovely and warm.

Cleaning-Cashmere options and some of the higher-end styles are dry clean only, so depending on what type of traveling you are doing, you will probably want to consider cleaning instructions when you are shopping. Many styles are easy to handwash in a sink and leave to air dry overnight.

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