Comfortable House Shoes for Men

House shoes are footwear that is worn inside the house. The term house shoe is sometimes used interchangeably with the term slipper, but the most common types have slightly different features than slippers. They are usually lightweight and made with soft materials. The main job of house shoes is to protect your feet against cold, hard floors and to help keep your floors clean. Some men need to wear indoor shoes for the therapeutic features they have, especially if you find it painful to walk on floors in bare feet. We have found some of the very best house shoes for men, that will keep you comfy and protect your floors.

Adidas Adilette


The Adilette has been around since 1972 and are known as being the most popular slide ever. The Adilette is quite a versatile slide, but one of its best uses is as a house shoe. It is lightweight, has a durable, wide strap, and it features a fantastic contour footbed that is known for its comfort.

The Adidas Adilette is one slide that you will see in a lot of people’s homes as their favorite footwear to wear on cold, hard floors. If you have never slipped your feet into a version of the Adilette, do yourself a favor and give them a try. They are super easy to get on and off; they come in a lot of different color options, and, best of all, they are unbelievably comfortable to wear. After wearing them for a few days, the footbed will mold to your foot, and you will wonder how you ever lived without them. They can be worn with or without socks, and they have a little bit of tread on the sole, so you shouldn’t slip in these even on a wet floor. The other thing to note about the Adilette is that they are very durable and should last for years.  There are variations on the basic Adilette with Performance, Premium and Cloudfoam plus options available, which are all just as pleasant to wear as the originals.

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OOFOS OOahh Slide Sandal


The OOFOS OOahh Slide Sandal is a fantastic option for a house shoe, especially if you have foot pain and need a lot of support along with a comfortable footbed. This slide has something called OOfoam that can absorb 37% more shock than other materials. It takes a considerable amount of stress off your feet, knees, and lower back, helping to eliminate some forms of leg and foot pain. The foam footbed also molds to your arches and gives them a lot of support.  It is a super light design that is easy to clean, you can even get them wet, and they resist odor and mildew.  They aren’t the most attractive footwear, but most men who wear this design find that the comfort and support that the shoe gives far outweigh any issues with the appearance.

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Nike Benassi JDI Slide

Another athletic slide that works great as a house shoe is the Nike Benassi JDI Slide. It is usually a little bit cheaper than the Adidas Adilette but has very similar features. Like the Adilette, it is an ultra-comfortable slide that is perfect for wearing around the house either with or without socks. The Benassi is stylish, comes in a few different color options, and they have surprisingly good arch support. You can wear them around the house for long periods and they will protect your feet and your floors wonderfully.

Available from Zappos

Ugg Scuff

If you are looking for a warmer house shoe, one luxury option to consider is the Ugg Scuff. It is a beautiful, suede slipper that has a warm, cozy lining made from either shearling or UGGpure (wool that is made to feel like shearling) that are both warm and soft.  Since they are from Uggs, you know this design is going to be comfortable. The Scuff is a great style if you are looking for an option that is easy to get on and off but is also super warm for the winter.

Available from Nordstrom

Sorel Falcon Ridge II



Another great option if you are looking for a house shoe that is going to be warm and comfortable is the Sorel Falcon Ridge. It is a much-loved style that is perfect for walking on hardwood floors, as they have excellent cushioning. They also have a sturdy rubber tread so you will have a good grip around the house, but that still maintains flexibility for comfort.  You can even wear them outside if you need to. Like the Uggs, they are easy to slip into, but they also have little lip at the heel of the slipper so your foot stays firmly planted in place and won’t slip out. Falcon Ridge is known for its comfort, warmth, and quality and they are available in five beautiful suede color options. They are a winter slipper that will keep you warm with their furry interior, without making your feet sweat.

Available from Sorel and Zappos

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