The Softest and Most Comfortable Men’s Jeans

Since there are so many options for jeans these days it is easy to find styles that not only look good, but are comfortable as well. Gone are the days of super hard, scratchy denim that take forever to break in, instead the latest styles use flexible, stretchy material and softer denim that can make you feel as though you are wearing a pair of sweatpants. We have waded through the vast options of men’s jeans and found the most popular and comfy to wear men’s jeans available.

American Eagle-AE Flex and Ne(xt) Level Flex Jeans

Stretch material is definitely something you are going to want to look for when finding the most comfortable jeans. American Eagle are a great brand if you like a lot of stretch in your pants. The AE Flex jeans are flexible and soft and have had a great reputation for being the most comfortable jeans going for a number of years now. However in the spring of 2018 AE upped their game and introduced Ne(xt) Level Flex, which is the softest stretch material that they company has used to date. They still offer their original flex options, but definitely check out the Ne(xt) Level styles as well for even more comfort. One caution about these flex styles, they are so comfy that you may have trouble going back to regular non-stretch options. They often get described (don’t let this turn you off) as being like jeggings for men, because they feel kind of like soft leggings (especially the skinny fits), but somehow they still look like a great pair of jeans. Most of the AE flex styles wash well, don’t shrink, and should last for a decent amount of time.

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Bonobos Premium Stretch Jeans


If you haven’t discovered Bonobos yet, you should definitely give them a look. They are known for their great fitting, comfortable pants that feel amazing to wear. They are a little pricier than some of the other options out there, but people who are into this brand find that the quality and longevity that you get from their clothes make the price totally worth it.  They have a few different styles with 4 different fits and lot of colors/washes to choose from. Their Premium Stretch and Travel Jeans are probably your best options for pure comfort. As we know, a pant made from a stretch material is usually going to be very pleasant to wear and the Premium Stretch is reportedly one of the best as far as comfort goes. Their Travel Jean also has stretch in the fabric and they come in a nice range of colors that aren’t just your basic denim. You can also depend on Bonobos quality to be very durable and the sizing reliable.

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Lucky Brand 363 Straight Jean

Lucky Brand jeans are another good option if you are looking for comfort. They have a reputation for using soft, comfortable denim on most of their styles. If you are looking for extreme comfort, one style to check out is the Lucky Brand 363 Straight Leg. It is a looser, straight leg fit that is made from a little bit of a stretchy fabric. The other thing about Lucky Brand pants is that they are known for fitting really well, and being consistent and accurate in their sizing, which helps make you feel good in their designs making you want to wear them. Their styles also tend to wear really well, as well as getting softer and more comfy the more they are worn.

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Levis 511™ Slim Fit Stretch Jeans

People seem to have pretty strong opinions on Levi’s. The problem with some Levi’s products is that they don’t have consistent quality and sizing through their different styles and lines.  Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, you should at least check out some of their stretch styles if you are concerned with comfort. The Levis 511™ Slim Fit Stretch Jeans are building a great reputation as a comfortable and very good-looking pair of pants. The come in tonnes of different washes and colors with slightly different styling and details. Since they are stretch, they don’t feel super tight on and you have a little bit of room to move around. You can bend and move in these pants much easier than ordinary Levi’s denim.

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Gap Soft Wear Jeans with Gapflex


With a name like Gap Soft Wear Jeans with Gapflex you know these pants are going to be comfortable. Not only are they made with a super soft premium denim, they also have GapFlex stretch technology (which just means a touch of polyester and spandex in the fabric), that is important to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Gap clothes are usually well made and tend to be consistent in their sizes. As far as shopping at Gap, you need to be on their email list and follow their sales, Gap Denim is often excluded from their general sales, but if you are patient you can probably get a deal on them at some point.

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Uniqlo denim in general is usually pretty good value, often selling for under $50, and out of the lower cost brands they are very often the best option as far as durable and quality for the price. You can also get Uniqlo pants hemmed in-store, usually for very little or no extra cost.

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J Brand Tyler Slim


If you are more into designer options, a popular style to check out is the J Brand Tyler Slim.  J Brand is one of many brands based out of LA that have been redefining the denim landscape for the last 10 to 15 years. Their Tyler Slim design are a mid-rise, slim-straight fit that are a little looser around the hips and are flattering on the leg. They are available in a few different, super soft denim options in various colors. J Brand are great if you are looking for a nice, almost custom fit with a luxurious and comfortable feel to it.

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AG Graduate Slim Straight Leg Jeans

These Graduate Slim Straight Leg Jean from AG are a super popular option if you want to look polished while still being comfortable.  A lot of men love wearing this jean with a blazer, as they tend to look great with this style. They are a little bit of a vintage looking design that comes in a dark Italian denim so they are great for casual or for dressing up. The waist is mid rise and relaxed, so you won’t feel squeezed when you are sitting down. The leg is slim and tailored, so it is narrow but not skinny or too slim. The denim has a little bit of stretch to it and is very soft so there is no need to break it in.

Available from Nordstrom

MAVI Jeans Zach Straight Leg Jeans


Mavi designs clothes that are known for being great quality, having the latest fabric technology, and being a really good fit for most men. The Mavi Zach is a straight leg style with a regular-rise fit, that are reportedly super comfy at the waist and are very well tailored on the leg. You can get these jeans in a medium or a lightweight denim that has a bit of stretch to it and they come in A LOT of colors and washes, so there is something for everyone.

Mavi also has a really good selection of sizes, so if you have trouble finding your size you may want to check them out. These are also another style that can be dress up or down that looks equally good either way.

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7 For All Mankind Brett A-Pocket Bootcut Fit

Since this list is a little slim and straight leg style heavy, it seems only right to include at least one relaxed fit option. That option is the 7 For All Mankind Brett A-Pocket Bootcut Fit.  They are a looser fit that come in a beautiful dark wash that works in a lot of different situations.  Since it is a slightly relaxed fit, there is lots of room on the hip and down the thighs, they also have quite a large leg opening at the bottom. What we like about this relaxed fit style is that it has a little bit of spandex in the denim, so there is some stretch to the pant, although you may not need it as the fit isn’t very constricting.

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