The Most Comfortable Men’s Sweatpants at Every Price Point

Men’s sweatpants, track pants and joggers are a comfortable option for the gym, traveling, or just lounging. To find the softest and most natural to wear styles, you are going to want to pay attention to fit, fabric, waistband, and style of the pant. Since you can pretty much wear sweats almost anywhere these days, it is easy to find options that are not only comfy to wear at home but are stylish enough to wear in public.

There is no shortage of great sweatpants available, and these are some of the best:

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Lululemon City Sweat Jogger

Lululemon sweatpants are insanely popular, partly due to their extreme comfort level and party because of the quality and innovation of the fabric that they use. Lululemon has many different styles of track pants, with various weights of material and unusual design features, with their City Sweat Jogger being one of their best all-around options.

If you know anything about Lululemon you will know that their clothes aren’t exactly cheap, but the brand has a very loyal following, with some people loving them so much they hardly wear anything else. What makes the City Sweat Jogger a good option if you are looking for comfort is the very soft fabric that will keep you warm, while also wicking sweat away and keeping you fresh if you wear them for a workout. They are also known for maintaining the shape of the design, especially at the knee. Overall they are comfortable, warm, and relatively fitted which makes them easy to wear at home or while you are out running errands.

If you are looking for a lighter jogger, have a look at their famous ACB Jogger

Uniqlo Sweatpants

A good quality, budget option that is worth checking out is Uniqlo’s Sweatpant. These sweats are known for being very well made and good at keeping their shape throughout the day. They are made of a thick material that is great for colder weather, and that has a cotton type of fleece lining that is very soft to the touch. They are a reasonably traditional cut, with a slightly slim fit, straight leg. The style is basic enough to go with other clothes and to be worn in various situations. They aren’t overly loose or too fitted on most body types, and they come with a sturdy waistband, so you shouldn’t have any issues with the pants drooping down.

If you prefer a slimmer fit, Uniqlo also offers a dry stretch style that is a little bit more fitted. The Dry Stretch is designed to wick moisture and dry quickly.

Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece

One of the most popular track pants, especially for the younger set, is the Nike Tech Fleece Joggers. These are made with a lightweight fabric that is great for working out since the breathable nature of the material means you won’t sweat or if you do, the sweat will be wicked away so you won’t feel it. Despite being very tapered, the Tech Fleece is designed so that you can move in it.  Some of the cool design features include a substantial zippered side pocket(along with the regular side pockets) and a dropped gusseted crotch, which isn’t for everyone, but a lot of men love this feature. As you can probably tell from the picture, they are a slim-fit, so if you are buying for comfort, you are probably going to want to be careful with sizing and maybe size up.  Nike seems to have had some quality control issues with the fabric on the Tech Fleece Jogger last year that has now been resolved in the latest version.

Available from Nike

Zella Pyrite Slim Fit Jogger Pants

The Zella Pyrite Slim Fit Jogger Pants is a great choice for warmer climates or for the spring or summer when you don’t need a heavy fleece style but it isn’t so warm that you need to wear shorts. The fabric is a super soft cotton blend that is very stretchy and easy to move around in. This is quite a fitted design so, if you like your pants a little baggy, you would probably want to size up.

Available from

Champion Men’s Closed Bottom Jersey Sweatpants

You can’t really go wrong with the old school Champion brand sweatpants. Champion sweatshirts are super trendy at the moment due to their heavy-duty thick feel, so it isn’t a surprise that the pants are also gaining in popularity. They are durable, comfy and aren’t super fitted. They come in a few different color options and work well for most body types.

Available from Walmart

Todd Snyder Slim Jogger

The Todd Snyder Slim Jogger is a popular higher-end option. The price is pretty high, but as with some of the other high-priced options on this list you are paying for quality fabrics and design features. Quite a lot of reviews describe this style as the perfect sweatpants, even among the more expensive brands. The reason for this is that the fit is perfect for most men since they are neither too slim or too baggy. They are also noteworthy for the fantastic quality of the material. The other thing worth noting about the Snyder Slim Jogger is that they have a durable feel to them, so they should last a while, and you should be able to get a decent amount of use out of them.

Available from Todd Snyder

AE Fleece Joggers

AE does an outstanding job making comfortable clothes and their joggers are no exception. They sell two fleece joggers, a regular and a lightweight. The regular is thick enough to wear when cold, but not so thick that you couldn’t wear them comfortably during spring/fall type weather. The lightweight option is better for milder weather, but not for hot summer weather. The fabric is 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex, so they aren’t quite as breathable as some cotton designs. You may find that you sweat a lot in them if you are wearing them for working out, but for most activities, they should be fine. Both fabric weights are very soft, comfortable and they have a little bit of stretch to them, but they won’t lose shape as the day goes on. The waistband has a drawstring, the pockets all have zippers, and they wash/dry well.

Available from

adidas Men’s Soccer Tiro 17

You see the favorite Adidas Tiro soccer pants everywhere, and despite being designed as an athletic soccer pant, they seem to have become the official casual uniform for men. The popularity stems from the versatile look and the light, breathable fabric. They are a pretty slim fit, and unfortunately, the Tiro doesn’t work for some body types. If you have muscular calves, you will probably want to avoid this design (although they do have zippers on the calf if you need to loosen them up). The inseam can also be a bit long for some men. If you are an average build, the Tiro can make an excellent option for the gym and for exercising.

Available from Amazon

Barbell Joggers

Another brand that has a reputation for producing comfortable clothes is Barbell, so their joggers are worth a look. The joggers are a very skinny fit, but they have some stretch to them, so they allow for a full range of motion in the leg if you are looking for a good option for working out. The Barbell Jogger is partly known for the high quality of the fabric, that is not only comfortable but also washes well.  What men seem to like about this jogger is that the fit is very flattering because there is no bulk or excess fabric.  They are also loved for their ability to move well with the body, so if you are working out, they don’t pull or ride up in weird ways.

Available from

American Giant Heavyweight Sweatpant

If you are looking for heavyweight cotton sweatpants, look no further than American Giant. It is an excellent choice for colder winter days, where you want to be warm and cozy. These sweats have a couple of features like metal-tipped drawcords, a back pocket and a channeled waistband that are worth noting. Most reviews mention that they are very high-quality sweats, that feel very well constructed and seem like they will last for a long time.

Available from American Giant

Fruit of the Loom Men’s Sweatpants


For those who are just looking for basic sweatpants that are cheap, fit relatively well, and that you can wear for hanging out at home, this style from Fruit of the Loom will probably work well for you. They are a mid-weight fabric that feels soft, sturdy, and will wash and dry fast. You can get them with either straight leg or an elastic bottom; it depends on the color that you choose what the cuff style is. They have quite a thick waistband with a single loop drawstring, which is helpful to stop them from falling at the waist. They also have nice deep pockets to keep your possessions safe and secure. Since they are fleece, you will find them to be a great option for winter, but too hot for the summer months.

Available from Amazon

Reigning Champ Slim Fit Sweatpants


Reigning Champ makes some of the best sweatpants (and hoodies) around. They can be a bit expensive, but the feel and design are very high quality, and most men who are fans of Reigning Champ say that the high price is worth it. They are made in Canada, are a classic slim fit cut, and come with hip and back pockets. Since they are made from midweight terry cotton, they make an excellent everyday option since they won’t be too hot or too cold for an average day. The trim fit is super fashionable, not too skinny, and comfortable to wear out in public. They are generally regarded as a bit more polished than most sweats styles, so they also make great travel pants. If you are buying as lounge pants, you may want to consider sizing up for extra comfort. If you order these online, be careful about sizing as they run about a size smaller than other brands.

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