The Most Comfortable Yoga Leggings and Workout Pants

Whether you wear them for yoga, working out or just for lounging, nothing beats a great pair of comfortable leggings. The best styles fit perfectly, won’t sag, move with your body, are flattering, are never see through and, most importantly, they are comfortable.

We have found the best quality leggings for the price, that have a good amount of stretch and are stylish enough for everyday use while also being flexible enough for working out.

Zella Live In High Waist Leggings

A lot of women love the Live In High Waist Leggings from Zella. They are on the pricey side, but by most accounts they will outlast your less expensive brands by quite a bit, making them actually pretty good value for not only the durability, but the luxury and the comfort that you also get. Zella’s fabric is nice and thick, so they won’t be see through, but are also soft and stretchy due to the really high quality materials that are used. The Zella Live In High Waist Leggings are designed specifically to be comfortable when you are working out, one of the comfort features is a high waist, no-slip waistband band that won’t roll down when you are moving around. The material is also moisture wicking, so you won’t overheat in this style. For the most part, they are a pretty versatile pant that look great as athletic wear or with boots and a sweater .

Available from Nordstrom

Old Navy High-Rise Yoga Leggings

One of the best budget options are the Old Navy High-Rise Yoga Leggings. If you get them on sale the price can get as low at $15, with the quality and durability of this style being quite good, making them a great deal for the price. These leggings are fantastic because they stay in place, are made of a comfy, yet strong material and they wash really well. Often the budget styles of workout pants can be the worst for transparency, but these high-rise yoga pants are not see through at all. They are thick but manage to remain breathable and won’t stretch out. The thickness also means that you don’t see anything under the pant. The waist is the very popular high-rise waist that is great for moving around and it isn’t tight. Currently, they only come in black or dark charcoal gray.

Available from Old Navy

90 Degree By Reflex Women’s Power Flex Yoga Pants

Another really popular budget option are the 90 Degree By Reflex Women’s Power Flex Yoga Pants that are sold on Amazon. The price for this brand can’t be beat and these yoga pants are reportedly really good quality, fit most women’s bodies nicely, and are very comfortable. The nylon and spandex blend fabric is moisture wicking, so it will keep the sweat off your skin when you are working out. They are thick, soft, and have good control, so you won’t have to be constantly adjusting them when you are exercising. They also wash and wear really well and should last quite a while according to most reviews.

Overall these leggings seem to be a great buy for the price. They tick all the boxes for a perfect legging and then some, including being stretchy but not at all see through, having a soft material that is neither too hot for working out nor too cold to wear outside in colder weather.  They even have a small key pocket that is able to fit some cell phones.

Find on Amazon

Lululemon Align Pant

Lululemon have a lot of fans that love the Align Pant. They are expensive, but most women love them for comfort, especially for yoga practice and for everyday wear.  What is cool about the Align is that it comes in 15 lightweight, beautiful colors and the material is very soft. The downside to this style is that you have to be pretty careful with the fabric as it has a bit of a tendency to pill, since it is so soft and thin. You may also run into issues with transparency depending on the color that you choose.

Available from Lululemon

Alo Airbrush High Waist Leggings

These celebrity favorite from Alo are a great option if you are looking for more of a high-end style. Alo are an L.A.-based brand that have a wide range of legging options from basic styles to quite fashion forward cutting edge looks.  Alo’s designs are known for the good mix of stretch and firmness, as well as the comfortable compression that they offer. One of Alo’s most popular styles is the Alo Airbrush High Waist Leggings. Women love the comfort of this style, as well as the excellent fit of this design. Currently, they come in three basic color options that have a slight sheen. The material is pretty thick, so they are able to cover areas you may not want to draw attention to. The design also doesn’t ride up or slide around if you are doing an intense workout

Find at Nordstrom

Tesla Yoga Pants Mid & High-Waist Tummy Control


Back to budget options for a minute. The Tesla Yoga Pants Mid & High-Waist Tummy Control are another much-loved style that are sold on Amazon that are great if you are looking for something comfortable and affordable to wear. These yoga pants seem to fit most women in a flattering way and work well for running, hiking, yoga, and everyday wear. They are comfortable, thick, and do not appear to be transparent since they are more of a spandex material. They also have pockets on the side that can fit items as large as a cell phone. They come in a rainbow of colors that wash and wear well.

Available from Amazon

Fabletics High-Waisted Solid Powerhold

Fabletics are a another good option if you looking for good quality workout pants without having to pay a really high price. Fabletics is a mostly web-based (although they have been opening quite a few brick and mortar stores recently) business that works on a subscription based model where you sign up for a VIP membership. If you don’t shop or opt out of buying something every month, you get charged $49.95 a month that you can use as a credit later. You can shop as a guest on Fabletics and still order the clothes, but you don’t get the big discounts. This is a good website if you wear athletic items a lot and love to get new stuff all the time.

As far as their legging go, most people agree that the quality, fit, and fabric of Fabletics are equivalent to higher priced competitors like Lululemon or Zella, but with the VIP membership you can get them at a much lower cost, sometimes as low as $20. They also make a point to ensure that the leggings aren’t see through.

Available from Fabletics

Gap Fit Blackout Leggings

If you want a good quality, moderately price black option that is thick, flexible and that will make you look great, you are going to want to check out the Gap Fit Blackout Legging. Since it is Gap you have to wait for them to go on sale, as the regular price is a tad high. If you do get them on sale, these are a great legging for winter, for working out, or just wearing with a stylish outfit. They are comfy, soft, and there is no chance of seeing through these Blackout Leggings. The material does have a bit of a sheen to it (which doesn’t show in the pictures).

Available from Gap

C9 Champion Women’s Everyday High-Waisted Leggings

Target is a great place for leggings with their C9 line that is made by Champion. Women seem to really like this line. They are inexpensive and appear to wash and wear well. One style that works as a yoga or everyday pant is the C9 Champion Women’s Everyday High-Waisted Leggings. They have a high waist, a pocket on the side, and are a nice thickness for colder weather. C9 leggings are also known for being great quality, a good fit and they come in lots of size options, so there is something for everyone.

If you love compression styles they also have a great one called the Training High-Waisted Leggings – C9 Champion® Black that is really popular.


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