9 Comfortable Men’s Briefs for Every Budget

If you are a fan of the brief, as many men are, you are probably someone who is concerned about comfort. Men’s briefs tend to be an unfairly maligned style, but they are considered by many who really value comfort to be superior to the ubiquitous boxer brief because they keep everything in place and they don’t bunch or ride up. There is a lot of choice in men’s briefs, so we have researched the most popular and best selling styles to determine what are some of the most comfortable brands available.

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David Archy Men’s 4 Pack Bamboo Rayon Soft Lightweight Pouch Briefs

An inexpensive, modern cut style with the latest fabric technology is the David Archy Men’s 4 Pack Bamboo Rayon Soft Lightweight Pouch Briefs. This is a very popular option that is a favorite with a lot of men due to it’s low price, nice cut and super soft fabric. This style is made from Bamboo rayon that is notable for its very soft feel, thinness, breathability and stretch.The feel of the fabric is very silky, so you you will hardly feel that you are wearing them. The fabric is somehow also able to keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The cut of this design is such that you have a good amount of rear and side coverage, although it isn’t a high rise fit. The cut is also much loved by the men who wear it due to the flattering pouch with a double layer front and the comfortable fit on the leg. The colors that are offered are a little limited, but should be fine for most men.

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Calvin Klein Men’s Steel Hip Brief

Those who like a a close fitting underwear will love these Calvin Klein Steel Hip Briefs. These are a great option if you are athletic and lean, although if you aren’t there is no reason that you can’t enjoy the silky softness of this particular style. This CK design has a seamed contour pouch with no fly. One of the nicest features of this style is the metallic micro fabrication logo waistband, that is ultra smooth and silky. It is a little bit wide but it helps the design to stay up comfortably. The Steel Hip Brief is known for being super comfy while at the same time being very sexy. They are a little on the pricey side, but they should last quite a long time as they wash very well and are fairly durable.  The microfiber fabric gives this design a good amount of stretch so you won’t feel constricted, but you will still have a good amount of support. The other great thing about the fabric, apart from just being soft, it is also able to keep you cool, so you won’t overheat in warmer weather. You can get this style in a rainbow of colors, so there is something for everyone.

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2(X)IST Essential 3-Pack Contour Pouch Briefs

The 2(X)IST Contour Pouch Brief is a great option if you are just looking for a good quality, classic brief for a good price. This particular style is designed with a contour pouch that offers well positioned support. The contoured pouch is the key feature to the comfort of this style, as it keeps everything snug and not squished. This means that it is a good underwear for everyday wear or for working out.  Apart from the pouch, it is a very simple style that will look good on most men. The elastic waistband has the logo detail and is reportedly not too tight, yet is able to stay up even with rigorous movement. You get three in a pack for around $34 and they come in a good number of color options.

Available from 2(X)IST.com and  Amazon

Hanes Platinum Men’s Underwear, Brief 6 Pack



Hanes have a lot of different options for men’s briefs, some a little better than others. The Hanes Platinum Men’s Underwear Brief 6 Pack are one of the higher quality options that Hanes offer. They will feel a little better due to the comfortable 100% cotton (unless you get the heathers color, then it is 75% cotton and 25% polyester) fabric. They should last a little longer than some of the other Hanes styles due to the high quality fabric. The fit is full rise so they have a lot of coverage at the back and won’t ride up. The waistband is an ultra wide, plush flex design with the Hanes logo. They wash well and are reportedly very comfortable.  They only come in assorted grey or blue color combinations.

Available from Macy’s

BOSS Men’s Underwear, 3 Pack Cotton Mini Briefs


For those who are looking for a low rise brief, you may want to check out BOSS Men’s Underwear, 3 Pack Cotton Mini Briefs. They are almost all cotton except for 5% elastane that gives them a little bit of stretch. They come pack of three in either solid colors or three different color options. These are great fitting, low rise briefs that are well made and have a modern style. The fit is flattering for most body types and they are comfortable enough to wear everyday.  They are not the cheapest underwear, but aren’t over priced for the good quality, breathable fabric type and the support you are getting. They don’t have a fly, and the material on the waistband is very soft and won’t roll over or pinch.

Available from Amazon

Ex Officio Give-N-Go Briefs


Ex Officio underwear have a reputation for being one of the best options for travel, as well as activities like hiking and camping, mainly due to the fast drying fabric and the moisture wicking abilities. This means that you only have to take a couple of pairs of them with you when you travel. You can just wash them and let them dry overnight so you can pack a little lighter. Ex Officio’s more popular style is the boxer brief, but the classic brief has the same great features in a compact design. They are comfy, cool and have lot of colors to choose from. A lot of men find them more comfortable than cotton and wear them as their everyday underwear.  Some of the other key features of this style is that they have a good amount of stretch while still feeling soft and breathable, and they provide good support. Some men do find the back of this style to ride a little high.

Available from EXOFFICIO.com or Nordstrom

Stafford® 6-pk. Cotton Full-Cut Briefs

If you are a man who just loves tighty-whities, you should check out the Stafford® 6-pk. Cotton Full-Cut Briefs. Stafford’s full-cuts briefs are a classic, that have been around for years and have a devoted following.  These are a very old school style of briefs that will sit just below your belly button. They are made of a 100% cotton that is durable and will last for years. They aren’t expensive, as they work out to a bit below $5 per pair, so you can stock up without breaking the bank. They are tag free and have a comfortable elastic waistband. The full rise brief can be the height of comfort, although be aware that it isn’t the sexiest option around.

Available from JC Penny

Tommy John Second Skin Briefs

Tommy John boxer briefs are some of the most popular and buzzed about underwear going. The Tommy John brief appear to also have quite a loyal following. These low-rise briefs are cut from a silky, supersoft microfiber with lots of stretch. They have a horizontal fly design, which some men love and find easier to use, while other men prefer a vertical fly or no fly at all.  They are called Second Skin and by most reports they do feel like your own skin, to the point that you may even forget you are wearing them. You also won’t get any riding up or bunching of the fabric, and you will find that everything stays where it should. The cost of the Tommy John briefs is around $30 a pair, so they are pretty pricey but the success of this brand shows that men are willing to pay for a good quality pair of underwear.

Available from Nordstrom

Mack Weldon Briefs

Another popular, newer brand that men seem to really like are the Mack Weldon brand briefs. They are made with a blend of 47.5% Long Staple Cotton, 47.5% Modal and 5% Spandex, so the material is super nice and supportive. They cost around $20 a pair and they come in quite a nice array of colors, some with interesting patterns. The style is a classic brief, so the fit is mid rise at the back with a good amount of coverage at the front and the sides as well. This cut is flattering for most men’s shapes, and they are a great option if you are a fan of a classic brief style. What makes this brief a little bit different is that it has mesh zones to help you stay cool in warmer weather or if you are working out. Another comfort feature that it has is a no-roll waistband, that shouldn’t be too tight and constrictive or slip down if you are moving around a lot.  If you are interested in the brand but are a little unsure if they are right for you, Mack Weldon offer a try on guarantee on your first pair that you purchase, so if you find you don’t like them they will either send you a different size or style or give you a refund.

Available from Mack Weldon

What You Need to Know When Shopping for Briefs

There are so many options of briefs available it may be difficult for some men to find their perfect style. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are a few things to keep in mind before you go shopping:

Fit-The three basic fits are:

  • Low rise -They sit just below the hip. They are generally regarded as the most fashionable option, and depending on your build they can be very flattering and sexy. They are a good option if you tend to wear pants with a lower waistline.
  • Mid rise – They go to your natural waist. They are the most popular fit and work well for all body types.
  • Full rise-They go to just below your belly button. Full rise are the least fashionable option and aren’t exactly flattering but they can be very comfy.

Leg Opening- If your legs are bigger than average, you may need to check the measurements listed by the manufacturer, or check reviews if measurements aren’t available for the leg openings spacing. If the space is too small, it can be too snug and uncomfortable for some men on specific styles.  

Fabric– The most popular and newest fabrics that men are buying these days are modal, bamboo rayon blends or microfibres. These new types of fabrics are loved for their softness and breathability. Cotton is still popular, but seems to falling out of favor a little bit with the new fabrics that are being used.  

Waistband– After a lot of wear, a waistband will start to loose its elasticity. The thicker bands appear to work better at keeping briefs up and stopping them from slipping or rolling over.

Fly- You can get vertical, horizontal or no fly options. They are all fairly self explanatory and you will know what your own preference will be.


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